Reviews for About Face
Mislav chapter 1 . 10/28/2019
Really interesting and thought-provoking story. Good universe building and an intriguing premise. I liked the idea of cyborgs/artificial intelligence conquering galaxies, without being as bloodthirsty and vicious as human beings; only to be rivaled by another artificial intelligence, manipulated/designed by human conquerors. I would like to read more stories based on this concept. My favorite part was: "Towards the end of its empire, the Subjugator's intelligence found the source of the Insurgent. It was a similar being to the Subjugator, at least at first. However, one of the remote colonies had found it, and reverse engineered it. The colonists knew of the Subjugator, its conquests, and its probable agenda. They adapted the probe's AI to defeat the "newer" Subjugator uploads, instead of deferring to them. Thus, the Insurgent was literally built to take the fight to the Subjugator's home turf.

In the years that followed, new powers arose, despite the war between them never technically ending. The Subjugator and Insurgent used almost identical tactics, including in governance. To those living in colonies or existing as digital beings, the entire conflict seemed like feud between to pieces of identical AGI advisors. While battles between their self-replicating fleets continued for thousands of years, and still do on the cosmic frontiers, they are largely irrelevant to social functioning, save as a hazard to avoid or a popular subject for betting. In the end, the Subjugator arguably both won and lost against itself, because of a single about face." Keep up the great work, you are really talented.