Reviews for Addiction
BentleyBro chapter 1 . 9/30/2019
Okay, going into this, I was thinking: "Okay, the addiction's gonna kill him in an abnormal way apparently" because I know that no matter what you're addicted to, it'll kill you if you don't start doing it less or quit cold turkey (on that note, I've gotta start drinking less soda at some point lol). However, when whatever that thing that was made of chocolate was had been brought up, I thought: "Okay... I wasn't expecting that..." However, the story was just passable until after the body was found. Then it became really good. Saying that Rick died because the junk food didn't like to be ignored (in other words, he was killed because he QUIT his addiction) was a pretty good twist. You wouldn't expect an addiction to kill someone in that way. And as soon as the officer avoided reaching for his cigarette, I was like "Yeah, that's probably going somewhere after the story ends..." Nope. The final sentence made it clear, and it worked as a final sentence in my opinion. I really liked this story. Good job :)