Reviews for A Bus Ride in the Evening
Woedin chapter 1 . 2/29
Wow I only wish that I'd read your poem, before attempted to write "Thrice", I know it would have been so much better for the lessons learned by me just now. This offering, made it so refreshing to find that there's another author out there that can rap into their words the very atmosphere surrounding the moment they write of. And of course in such a way that it puts the reader right in that place as they read of it for the very first time. This is simply amazing and effortlessly flows together in your piece showing a masterful skill. I will take note, and I have. I only hope that the reading helps me to sound a little less like "Dr. Seuss in the Cat in The hat", and a little more like "Geoffrey Chaucer, in Roundel". ~Simply Loved It~
The DarkCat chapter 1 . 10/6/2019
Beautiful. I liked the vivid imagery, which was painted here, and the instances of a mysterious old places: "Aging concrete goes forever beneath me..." It creates a mysterious and slightly dreary aura, a want to know beyond the darkness which surrounds. I adore this kind of feeling. And the ending is fabulous, it brings more questions then answers oh, and I love the autumn atmosphere. You created a mesmerizing poem here, thank you.
LilyWoodlin chapter 1 . 10/2/2019
Beautiful! I love the imagery of the details of street lights flickering on. Something I found most relatable towards was coming home after a long hard day and just wants to sleep. My favorite part is the 4th stanza.