Reviews for I've Done It: I've Found the Worst Book
Sir Scott chapter 1 . 12/23/2019
That could be a sign of times, our times, and not the 1800's attitude towards sex. With newer scientific evidence we are learning that sex is only for reproducing and could destroy your whole personality and mental abilities for it is overused. Telsa credited his greatness with his practice of celibacy. With a little fine tuning and reworking Holly could be made into the hero of the story.
Picture this: Al makes fun of Holly for being a virgin. But, Holly is now in great physical shape because she exercises daily and practices a clean lifestyle. So when Al makes fun of Holly, she grabs Al's arm, twists it behind her back and tells her if she ever makes fun of her again that she will yank her goddamn arm off and beat her to death with it.
Of course, Holly can't be raped either, because she carries a knife and cuts off her would-be rapist's penis and throws it to a dog.
Truthfully, Walter is attacking virtue by making Holly the victim. He is suggesting that if you are a Holly, then you have something to be a shamed of. And that she deserves to be a victim, because of her virtue. He probably has this anti-hero complex that everyone has now and the villains are the characters that he has sympathy for.
~Sir Scott