Reviews for The Cycle Comes to Sakroth
Mislav chapter 1 . 11/1/2019
Really creepy, interesting and well thought-out story. Your characterization of Basil was especially well done, you made him utterly despicable. The description of the fire at the beginning, and the ritual later, were chilling. The twist at the end was cruel, even for the character like Basil, but clever and appropriate. To spend the eternity buried alive, and unable to die... horrific. My favorite part was: ""Dharma's a bitch," the intruder said, squeezing the weapon's trigger. "You don't think I won't remember, Basil?"

The second crossbow bolt entered Basil's eye. For a moment, the world went black. To his surprise, he found himself staring at the ceiling. To his left and right were the walls of the casket. Beneath him was the athletic chest of Subject 8. He began to wonder, if perhaps his apparent death had caused the ritual to complete itself. The intruder's hand reached into the casket and revealed otherwise.

The intruder lifted the onyx stone out of the corpse's mouth, and he held it before the hand mirror. It took Basil a second to realize his soul had been trapped there. The ritual had indeed freed his soul from his body, but trapped him in a prison of polished black stone. The intruder smiled to himself, as he pried a cobblestone loose from the floor. The necromancer realized what his would-be murderer had in store.

Basil would have screamed, but he possessed neither lungs nor a mouth. The intruder placed the stone into the hole, and he began covering it with dirt. Clods of soil blocked what little vision he had from the rock. His fears of premature entombment came rushing back, amplified by the realization of what his enemy intended. The last thing that Basil saw was the man grinning like the bust of Veclus. To complete the burial, the intruder pressed the cobblestone back into position.

The last thing Basil heard were the intruder's words. "See ya 'round, partner.""

Keep up the great work. I always have fun reading your stories. And happy Halloween! I wish you the best.