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total.boron chapter 13 . 1/26
So after reading this chapter I realised I'd missed the last chapter, and everything made a lot more sense once I'd gone back and read the previous chapter!

I have to say, groping etc. is a problem in clubs, but ESPECIALLY in gay clubs. I remember, when I was at uni, one of my guy friends said about how him and his mates had gone to one of the gay clubs and he was at the bar and this random guy came up to him, looked him dead in the eye and grabbed his crotch. Then, when my friend just LOOKED at him, the guy turned around and walked away. It's terrible, but I have to admit I found it kinda funny. I mean, the sheer shamelessness to go up to someone and do that!

Anyway, I felt sorry for Nate when he describe how he'd been outed, but then I'm glad that he owned his confidence and genuinely got to a place where he's okay with himself. Hopefully some of that confidence will rub off on Luke...

Aw man, I'm looking forward to their next date!
Guest chapter 11 . 1/12
I have a really, really bad feeling about this :/
Thanks for the update tho :)
total.boron chapter 11 . 1/12
Not gonna lie, it does frustrate me that Nate doesn't take more control over situations like at the end of the chapter. The same thing happened when his friends coerced Luke into staying at their flat. Why he didn't just say a firm "no" and then begin walking away with Luke frustrated me! There's nothing they could've physically done to make Nate and Luke go with them. I appreciate Luke's bravery in defying their expectations and saying he'd go, but at the same time he's put himself in a situation that a) he won't enjoy, and b) will give Nate's friends even more opportunity to bully him. I don't expect this to end well and I hope at some point either Nate or Luke will actually be able to say no to Nate's friends.

The time Nate and Luke have together (alone) is really nice though and I feel like Luke is definitely warming up to the idea of something more between them!
GayBoy247 chapter 1 . 1/11
Cool chapter, I'm loving this already.
Guest chapter 10 . 1/6
Hey, this is actually really good! I love your unusual vocabulary and overall storyline, sucked me right in :)
Can't wait for your next update~
total.boron chapter 10 . 1/5
Literally as SOON as Nate said "Nobody kisses for the first time like this in real life" I KNEW where it was going. And Luke really was saved by the bell. As IF Nate didn't intend on actually going through with the kiss! The tension's really ramped up now that they both know the other is single...I wonder how long they'll be able to hold out before one of them makes a move. Also, I cannot believe Richard is Nate's ex. I cannot imagine a worse situation than living with your ex. Especially if they're a dick. The sooner Nate's out of there, the better.

Nice update! :)
KrissKringle chapter 9 . 1/1
Luke, I'm intrigued as how Miss Summers explains to us the classic story structure and the correct progression of a book. A nice outline to see if and how you follow her guidelines! Hopefully giving us 'the happy ending'. Also this rouses my curiosity, what will be the something that ruins everything? Way to go Luke for holding your ground with Nate to complete his dissertation. Especially nice finish with the interlocking little fingers binding them along with Nate's look!
KrissKringle chapter 8 . 1/1
I'm happy to see Nate and Luke spend a bit of time together! A good chance for us to get to know more about them. Nate confides a 'secret'. Luke discloses a vulnerability. I find it reads nicely and keeps my interest. Beautiful description in the scene where their hands gently brush against each other!
total.boron chapter 9 . 12/30/2019
I suppose it's good that Nate entered Luke into the writing competition, but at the same time I'd hate for someone to put that pressure on me! I'm sure Luke will figure it out, though. Who knows, he might even win! The writing classes will be good for him, I think. Also, it's a bloody good thing Nate's forced to write his dissertation now. There's really no avoiding it.

I spotted one typo near the beginning: "Las nigh he didn't reply to my text..."

This was an eventful chapter! I'm keen to see where things are going. Keep up the good work :)
total.boron chapter 8 . 12/23/2019
I can sympathise with Luke - I also hate being around drunk people. At least a positive mood was able to come back once they were out of Nate's flat! Also, the absolute mood of forgetting every single book/film you've ever read or seen when someone asks you which is your favourite. I wonder why Luke's convinced no one would want him. Because of his dyspraxia? I'm glad that he's finally (albeit tentatively) letting himself realise that he might have feelings for Nate.

Nice update!
KrissKringle chapter 7 . 12/15/2019
Thanks for starting out with the snippet from the sci-fi story. I was able to get a sense of Nate's room. And a sense of Nate as well having put the photographs around his bed to keep his friends close. enjoyed the descriptions of very intriguing. Absolutely loved the gut hurting, can't stop laughing, hard to breathe exchange! Disappointed the flyer wasn't an actual invitation for a date, it's close to one, Nate is at least sure to see him weekly. Thanks for the introduction to the flat mates. Reminded me of my university days in the dorm living with the jocks from the hockey team! I asked Siri your question, he answered "I don't know how to respond to that."
total.boron chapter 7 . 12/15/2019
Slightly disappointed that Nate didn't personally escort Luke out of his flat after his flatmates had arrived, since it's pretty obvious that Luke was not enjoying himself and keeping him around Nate's friends would only make things worse. They seem like a particularly horrible bunch of people (in my experience you don't actually come across many nasty people of that calibre at uni) and Luke's just unfortunate that they happen to live with Nate. I suppose going back to Nate's place is now off the table forever. Also, nothing good is going to come of Richard snooping around Nate's stuff and I dread to think what's going to happen there. Anyway, I hope the angst isn't going to last long!

Nice chapter as always, keep up the good work!
KrissKringle chapter 6 . 12/9/2019
The chapter is a good read. Read with eager anticipation and not disappointed.
Graduation angst, a great confidence to disclose. A peak into Nate’s inner life that exposes his vulnerability!
The subtlety of the breath on the neck, it must have taken Luke a lot of effort to focus on that page!
Story line note: I noticed Nate comes around the table, bends down, so he’s standing? The two of you continue to do some editing and even add a paragraph and some time passes. Is Nate standing next to Luke that whole time?
typos: In the paragraph that starts: He must notice my eyes…Would you like to ear them?
He’s in the loo, …dictate some incoherent message talking as quite as possible.
total.boron chapter 6 . 12/8/2019
Oh god, the idea that anyone should have their life together by the end of uni...that's an absolute myth! I feel for Nate, not getting on with his dissertation. By the time I was done with mine I absolutely hated it and never wanted to look at it again. But it's true that final year was by far the best year of uni and it definitely felt less frantic.

Nice update, I look forward to reading more! (I really hope Nate has good motives for being so interested in Luke's story.) Also, these were two typos I spotted:
" I just seat on the chair across from him"
"If they're a way to improve my story, they're more than welcome."
KrissKringle chapter 5 . 12/7/2019
I would like to hear you really are working on a sci-fi story while you’re writing this memoir or is the sci-fi writing just a story within a story? No obvious errors on this one. I was truly engrossed with the chapter.
Talking to his flatmates? Wow having his story in print is doing a number on him!
Are you asking if you’ll regret you agreed to meet him at Starbucks or regret your decision to let him write down your thoughts and fancies?
I enjoy the way you continue to keep us guessing fact or fiction? Is this story playing out in real time?
One sign of good storytelling for me is when I’m right there with the character, like I was with Luke, hyperventilating, only slightly!
Still hard to figure out what is going on with Nate. I’d like to see something revealed at Starbucks about his interests. Keep up the great work Luke!
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