Reviews for The Fire Pit
RainbowBoy365 chapter 1 . 10/8
Incredible. I really love your story, it's so beautiful and funny at the same time. :)
Me in Heaven chapter 1 . 10/2
Where am I? You’re in Heaven Nia! I was shocked who said that? We got you! The Boys laughed no way I can’t believe this You’re the Three Hebrew Boys! I have read about all of you in my Bible at home in my room . You have read about us? I have and I cannot believe that you were really brave to stand up to what’s the name of the King who threw the three of you in the Fire? Nebuchadnezzar . I gasped No not Him! He’s the one that threw you in the Fire? Yes . No I have seen the SuperBook Episode Rescued and I have to tell you that the part where He throws you in the Fire always terrifies me when I was at home in my room watching the clip called the one where Chris and Joy encounters you I was so terrified of seeing you thrown in the Fire! You were scared? I was why did that part scare you? Because I didn’t want to watch you guys get thrown in it. That made me so frightened! The Hebrew Boys smiled at me and told me that I didn’t have to get scared because they were alright. You don’t have to get afraid of us Nia we’re alright nothing happened to us. You mean you’re okay? I asked them yes we are can I touch you? Yes you can No way! When I touched you I didn’t feel anything on you not even a trace or scar of the Fire got on you! You know I watched your story a lot of times and I can’t get over it. You like our story? Off course we all love your story! It never fails to make me feel happy! Don’t you like any other Bible characters besides us? I like David Daniel Moses is good Joshua just a little silly! You all heard about the time He walked around the Wall Seven times and shouted so loud? No we haven’t heard of that Story before can you tell us. You know I can really tell you about everyone in the Bible if you want me to you have to tell us about our stories please do we would love to hear you tell us our stories! Really? Come on we’ll all sit together around you and you tell us our stories about ourselves! Alright at first I hesitated and since my favorite Bible characters wanted to hear me tell them about their stories I decided to tell all of them about their stories. Then the Boys told everyone else that I was going to tell them the stories about themselves and they said Guys Come on sit around Nia She’s going to tell all of us the stories about ourselves! Then all of the Bible characters came over sitting around me waiting to hear what I was going to say. And I told everyone about their stories some of them I saved for last instead Daniel David and The three Hebrew Boys were all ready for me to tell them about their stories they kept silent saying are you going to do us now? And I said yes! I am! I saved all three of you guys for last. And I told them their stories the way I wanted to say it a little different from everyone else saying it . And we had a good time.
T F P chapter 1 . 7/24
Where am I? Liv asked is this Hell? She thought to herself. Three young men come to her wearing handsome tunics that were nice and colorful. You got tricked Liv! One of them said tricked? She asked how do you know my name? I’m Sh the second one said I’m Bed the third one said and I’m Mk the first one said. Liv couldn’t believe what she was seeing Are you The three Hebrew Boys? Yes we are! We tricked you again They laughed No way! She said now she was a little stunned at meeting them I have heard about you before I want to ask you something is it true that you made out of the Fire Alive? Yes it is what! No way you made it out of the Fire Alive? We sure did and we survived What you survived? Get out you survived? How could that be? Doesn’t the Fire destroy you? No it doesn’t that would happen if God didn’t save us then the Fire would’ve destroyed you? It would . I heard that there’s a new SuperBook Episode called Rescued! And you’re in it! I have to watch the new episode of SuperBook for myself I can’t believe that you’re in the new SuperBook Episode we are even Daniel is in it to no way Daniel? He’s in the new SuperBook Episode to? Oh now Liv was getting very excited at hearing that Daniel will be in the new SuperBook Episode you guys will be awesome in the new SuperBook Episode I know you will I can’t wait to watch it when it comes out!
T F P chapter 1 . 7/23
Evie didn’t know where she was where am I? You’re in Heaven. Who said that? I’m God it’s wonderful to have you here have you read anything in the Bible? No not really I haven’t. Don’t worry I won’t punish you He said smiling at her. Have you read the Bible Stories in there? There are stories in the Bible? She asked shocked off course! Some are about siblings family friends villains and heroes if you have heard of them. No I didn’t Everyone is here you can meet them. No way I can? Yes God I heard about a new SuperBook Episode it’s called Rescued! What’s that about? In this Episode Chris and Joy have past encounters with Daniel Jonah and the three Hebrew boys no way get out the three Hebrew boys? Are in the new Episode? Yes they are no are they here? Yes they are Daniel is here you can meet them I’ll let you. Daniel this is Evie she wants to meet you hi I haven’t heard about you before everyone has talked about you He smiled at her I’m Daniel I survived the Lions Den no way you survived? How could that be? She asked God was with me He closed the Lions mouth. That is truly amazing! I like you already Evie you asked me if the three Hebrew boys were here right? Yes I did are they here? Yes they are come on You’ll be excited to meet them. Evie these are the three Hebrew boys hi you’re very handsome You were so brave to stand up to King Nebuchadnezzar I couldn’t even be that brave! If I was you I would be scared to say something really? I would not say anything to him. I’m Rack this is Shack and Benny hi no way! God told me about y’all He did? Yes how you made it out of the Fire Alive was truly amazing! I can’t believe you made it out of there alive
Bookwormgirl64 chapter 1 . 1/27
I liked it! I think this story proves an interesting point: no-one is perfect, not even Christians - but as long as you truly do believe in God and that He sent His son to die for us all, then we really will go to heaven one day! (I promise I'm not trying to be the preachy Christian girl here, this is just what I got out of the story...) :)
On another note, I don't think it's irreverent for you to try to imagine what heaven will be like before you're even there - I think everyone has tried to imagine what heaven will be like at least once in their lives! :D
aquamystery chapter 1 . 1/27
I like this! I really thought she was in Hell! It drew me in and was hilaroius! You have a future as a writer. Will there be more to this story?