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My Name Is Trouble chapter 18 . 2/22
Every now and again this chapter just sneaks into my mind and I start hoping yet again that Edouard and Kieran will get out of it all safely and healthily... oh god, please let them be well.
Also, GOOD ON ELEANOR! Smart cookie. She’ll do perfect at court one day.
chibikodo chapter 18 . 2/7
Wow attempted assassination, talk about bold. Eleanor is quite knowledgeable and I am sure her relationship with Antony will progress. It is interesting there are so many different factions plotting against the crown.
Ford123 chapter 18 . 2/7
Thanks for the chapter !

I wonder how the papercut was able to circumvent kieran's protection spell ? Shouldn't it have been blocked by the spell since it was an attack on edward ?

Looking forward to the next chapter :)
EtherealBlue chapter 18 . 2/5
That was surprising! & what an interesting use of prophecy...
Jan1 chapter 18 . 2/4
I love this chapter. Especially the dreamcasting part, it was beautiful! Looking forward to punishing the bad guys _ And a toast to our hero, Eleanor!
Sapphire2619 chapter 18 . 2/2
So happy to read the newest update!

This chapter was amazing! I love how the bad guys plan did not work properly all because of Kieran 3

And the dreamcasting scene was perfect!
willow-catkin chapter 18 . 2/2
Ohh, these two have been through so much . I am not a violent person, but Mederlane should be permanently disposed of and this young prick as well.
yahni chapter 18 . 2/1
Oh noes! Please update soon... I am dangling off a cliff on tenterhooks.
Anafiel malachai chapter 18 . 2/1
Holy crap. This chapter this chapter.
Guest chapter 17 . 1/29
Oml i need the next chapter. I waited for months so I could read a bunch of chapters at once and now im just. I can't wait. I need to hear what the king and queen think of antony and Eleanor courting.
Jan1 chapter 17 . 1/1
I find this chapter a very good point for The Alcasins introduction both as high esteemed nobles and as a royalty candidate (tho we all know Eleanor will be!). I think that King Eduoard is starting to realize 'the politics' being played by his kids, and may confront them of it in the near future. He is still very sharp! Inasmuch as I don't want to hate Mariah, I find her pettiness a turnoff. However, I hope she will realize soon that the royal family are not just for show but have duties too. Otherwise she will eat dust hehehe.
This is a nice transition from the heart crunching intrigued. It gives the impression that something is brewing in the background.
Thank you for the update! Happy new year!
chibikodo chapter 17 . 1/1
It's cute how Eleanor and Antony are verbally dancing around one another and flirting. It would have been nice if Geran had joined them for dinner. And yes, Mariah has much growing to do.
Sapphire2619 chapter 17 . 12/27/2020
Another great chapter! Loved the interaction between the characters 3
EtherealBlue chapter 17 . 12/27/2020
Mariah's pride must have been really dented on that evening. She doesn't read or study, she neglects/hates her music lessons. What I find interesting is how she seems to pin all her negative feelings on Eleanor.
Ford123 chapter 17 . 12/27/2020
Thank you for the new chapter ! I Love your story and it is always a highlight when a new chapter is released.
I can't wait to read the aftermath of the dinner, hopefully Edouard and Celi liked Eleanor.

You named Lida twice when spliting the group for cards. I think you meant to pair Edouard and Vincent together.

Thank you for the chapter once again :)
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