Reviews for In Defence of the British Jury
Sir Scott chapter 1 . 1/15
Pretty interesting. It would by hard to change trial by jury in America, because it is guaranteed in the Constitution. If I remember my Civics class right, a person does have the right to be tried before a judge if he feels that an impartial jury cannot be found. Trial by juries are cool, because even if you are guilty as hell all you have to do is put reasonable doubt in the mind of one person. That's better odds than any lottery, that's also why the system also tries to talk you in to a plea deal.
The easy way this debate would be that if anyone wanted to use a German system; instead of American system, is simple. Most Americans when they hear the phrase German government think of Hitler. So you can win any argument by playing the Hitler card.
There are some futurists who believe A. I. is better at the job of deciding cases than human beings.
As far as funding goes, it takes the production of capitol goods to raise money and with the left leaning socialist agendas ruling the day makes this difficult to do.
~Sir Scott