Reviews for The Firebirds
AvegaLil chapter 1 . 5/4/2021
You write a really great novel. Loved it! Will recommend to all my friends. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to or
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 3 . 3/14/2020
The three women's ordering style is very similar to mine. I also hate lettuce so Josie is waifu material jk lol it's not that I wouldn't order something other than a cheeseburger and fries or a chicken related thing but if i order a steak i think i could just make that just as good if not better than the restaurant but obviously if i was out and about with friends or whoever else and they wanted me to try something new i would. We're all creatures of habit and with American food you'd think because it's the whole worlds cultures we;d have more options but really it's less.

And I get that they live in a small town I know the city and small town country life but holy fuck i hope they don't start listening to that song Small Townby John Cougar Melencamp. That song gives me cancer XD. And i dont even hate the southern plains midwest buty i bet hes from one of those states like Nebraska or some shit.

Literally just saw a meme about the frybread and stew wtf LOL I'll have to post it when im off my ban.

I completely understand the way you see it with the Seminole and Msogee thing. If any mainstream Creeks hate on Seminoles you can always point out that Seminoles held out longer against the white man. I know it's petty and it can kinda be divisive but I think when a skin of another tribe is trying to act like their tribe is better I mean if I just point out a flaw in their tribe even if they see it as me insulting it hell even if I did it's like don't dish it out if you can't take itr and a lot of my fellow northerners get mad at me for defending southern tribes but if they can sit there and say fuck so and so tribe like the Maya or whoever I can say that about their tribe and the difference is I wouldn't actually hate that tribe I just would see it as giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Also isn't this only really an issue with Florida Creeks or wait do Creeks even live there i forgot I know Choctaws do. I guess Florida and Oklahoma Seminoles and Creeks could potentially fight about that buyt I just wonder if a Creek from a state like Louisiana or Mississippi would stay out of that argument or not simply because it's not a state where Seminoles also are? I find this incredibly strange but you're teaching me about this division but it's not even like Seminoles and Creeks fought each other as rivals also did they? If they had it would make some sense but all you've seemed to indicate was that they just were once the same people. I know that you are proud to be both but it's kind of unfair of those Creeks who do act a certain wayu because it's like you want to represent both but then they're forcing you to defend your Seminole side motre and they're probably gonna look atiu t like you're only Seminole. There is nothing more frustrating than an ignorant NDN. I keep trying to remember what Seminoles reeal word for themselves was but i forget i apolgize.

I notice the teenagers meeting up as adults is a common theme in your stories :) not sure what to make of that.

yeah Chufki was smart tolook away when he did don't get caught with your pants down lol women are way bettetr generally at giving dudes a once over and then not even have you notice but men are more likely to get caught staring that's one difference observed.

I mean i can check someone out fast but i also think eye contact is overrated unless im trying to intimidate somebody but thats different the Cherokees had it righteye contact is disrespectful. At least prolonged anyway. It's natural to look away here and there inconvo and aspies do it even more it's just a thing.

So Lindsay is tri racial well LOL we know which side she got the first name from xd not that i can really talk but some efven english names sound whiter than others.

Wait a minute...Josie's a Seminole and Chufki's Choctaw. Now it makes sense eh. A lot of people also would assume or agree that isnt from Oklahoma that they were the same tribes even if they're not most assume that they're even the same language family. Wait...just looked it up they are Muscogee language family too. So you're like cousins after all the tribes?

And Chufki getting 5 dollars well the only thing to say to that is don'tsnitch on yourself LOL

I uh...don't get why a lot of dudes want women to still cook for them as far as partners. It's the 21st century. If men are comfortable with the idea of being asked out which is a good thing then maybe somethiungs gotta give on the breakfast expectation too.

Though that bacon breakfast sounds better than cereal.

As for Josie and amanda there is something to be said for not forgiving. Idk what your policy is on forgivness but whatdo you think about people that have the menatlkity that they wont forgive even one fuck up and that also if they fuck up if they hold themselves to that same standard they dont expect it? I guess why i ask is i just have seen too many people abuse the forgivness thing.

Also Chufki is correct about cofvefe. It is disgusting.

Wait so Chufki is meant to replace the friend moving to Califas? Seeing him between those three should be interesting. I've just seen that situation before when it's one dude and three women and it should be like a little bit of talking to eerybody but the dude often ends up all eyes on him it's kinda comical./

Also it's interesting not only to have you go back in time but you justl..i guess you gotta wonder what these different areas of the country looked like in bygone eras. Gotta think whgat areasmight hae been better back then and what would suck more sorry about the typos it's really coldhere
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 2 . 1/31/2020
As far as the feeling weird eating too much about eating like Josie was in front of a man you like we are the same way at least i am. I mean maybe when there's comfort we been together and if she cooks you something really good i might wolf it down but my ex gf neverf cooked for me so i missed the bus on that one im almost thinking she maybe didn't even know how to cook any time she got me food she paid for the date at a place to eat me I cooked when i didnt have any money but yeah I would be nervous about it too so i try to slow down. Supposed to be 20 bites per chew lol

Ah goodf old Foghat. The kind of music an evil monkey in your closet can roll a joint to and listen to.

You know at your mention of commodities that is something us urban ones know nothing about sometimes I fee;l even illegitimate as an urban Native just because I'm urban but on a tribes land that isn't my own at least if i was in Albany or NYC or Syracuse or Toronto or Montreal it would make more sense. I mean i know Im preaching to the Seminole choir but your people didn't choose to go to Oklahoma you were forced. My family they just moved west cause they were retarded
t it was interesting sereing a hoirse you jmust see a lot more of those in Oklahoma

So Chufki sneaking up on Josie tells me that there's some trauma there if that reaction happened

Outta curiousity why did Josie tear up in that conflict? Was it genuine fear or adrenaline because sometimes the latter can happen too. I once cried after a fight I WON it was the weirdest fuckin shit and im not bragging to sound tough cause i lost some fights but honestly who when bragging is gonna say they cried after a fight they won XD

Josie's rage against sheeple who can't form their own opinions is very relatable. Even just like how in this country people think they hae to watch MSNBC, Fox or CNN. I'm like just watch Al Jazeerah you idiots believe it or not their reporting on American stories are somehow more accurate and unbiased Z (Well at least as far as left vs right goes) they're the ones that released the fact that Natives die from cops more than anybody else.

But yeah that reminds me of a friend of mine who has a daughter thats like 4 and she also has a granddaughter thats the same age shes the one with ten kids and her youngest daughter has a young daughter but sometimesa when hergrandaughter misbehaves her second youngest daughter the 4 year old copies her and she rages at her for being a follower cause technically that's her niece.

Now this chapter brings the interesting question up as I finish up the review. Who will make the first move. I mean I wonder who you normally have make the first move anyway but your fiction press stories are pretty new and some are set in the past when you didn't date you courted.

Even your Probition era story i know dating technically was a thing byu then but it stil feels like courting/. I guess in my head I don't see shit as dating until it gets to the 1950's when a couple could share a milkshake or go to a drive in is that weird?
addledwalrus chapter 2 . 1/26/2020
That was an amusing glimpse of her family life at the start and it was nice that they got to know more about each other.

I was a bit scared for Josie towards the end, because those three really did seem to be on the verge of doing something horrible.

That said, I wonder what secrets are in the black book...
Onkwehonwe Kashatstenhshera chapter 1 . 1/21/2020
Nice that you got an 80's setting. I may have asked this before i mean we briefly touched on doing past decades but \maybe not when you pick a specific year in a bygone decade how do you decide which year it's going to be? I mean if it's before you were born would it just be a random pick, a year significant to maybe your parents or m aybe certain music or technology or moies that you want to show on the sides as being out or just new that year?

Also it looks like you got facial feature descriptiomns down just fine.

like a conversation we;'ve had before lol

Weird question is the name Josie short for anything or is it a stand alone name? I ask cause i never used to know women named Stevie was short for Stephanie. And then i realized theres a lot of names i used to hate both genders that i now think are good names and vice versa

Abelardo all im gonna say to that is hmmmmm...I am surprised he ends up being the hardest worker though

This story's desciptionn looks ambigous though so ill have to stay tuned to know what im in for
addledwalrus chapter 1 . 1/19/2020
Sparks really seem to be flying already. I can't wait to see how this childhood friend romance plays out.