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Washington Irvin chapter 1 . 2/6/2020
Hey Inoe,

I've read most of your stories now (3 out of 4) and it was mostly just because I was bored at work. I don't regularly go on this site so I'm sorry ahead of time if I never review another one of your stories. I just wanted to tell you that they really are very good.

The Peppermint Candies one got me at first and then I had to binge read the rest. I like how you use food/drinks as the focus and then taper off into other emotions. Dulling the past, longing for family (the good family you once had and not the thoughtless family that soon replaced them), and unrequited love.

Life is hard and coping with food is hardly ever because you like food. The coping lasts insofar as the feeling lasts, and the feeling never lasts. That's why hunger works and pain works and anticipation works. There's kinetic energy and all that. But fullness just feels bloated.

Anyways, I really enjoy your writing and I think there's a million little lines from every piece I fall in love with. The whole bit here about letting your parents take something from you so that they would forgive you. Holy Cow dude that just fits so well. If you can't give them your hand or your voice, you'll just try to give them the rest. Powerful stuff and powerful parallel.

I'm very glad I was bored at work today. Keep up the good work and take care of yourself. Or at least get others who will do it for you. Have a good one Inoe.


Irving Washington