Reviews for The Unbeatable Trickster Suzuki
Grimnir Esjay chapter 14 . 3/31/2020
Suzuki - 38 Tanaka - 9
Suzuki - 40 Tanaka - 10, Sorry Tanaka you may be able to prevent further embarrasment but you were too late to pick up on the situation.
Suzuki - 40 Tanaka - 13, Yes Tanaka gets extra points for actually being the first to run towards her.
Suzuki - 42 Tanaka - 15, Allow me to put it bluntly. Just Date already!
Grimnir Esjay chapter 13 . 3/31/2020
Suzuki - 36 Tanaka - 7, one point for well getting Tanaka into trouble and another for that little jumpscare on him.
Suzuki - 37 Tanaka - 8, Let's be real, Suzuki planned it off as a low key attempt on confessing to him as well as getting him to admit he loves her as well. I love how Suzuki is practically trying to tell him to man up and ask her out too.
Suzuki - 38 Tanaka - 9 again both gain points here cause not only Suzuki helped Tanaka in cleaning up but also managed to tease him about it.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 12 . 3/30/2020
Right sorry it took me ages to continue reading this, now then back to the scoreboards:
Suzuki - 31, Tanaka - 7
Suzuki - 32, Tanaka - 7 I mean technically she's not wrong and Tanaka you basically jinxed yourself
'Am I not a nice girl?' uh yes but actually no
Suzuki - 33 Tanaka - 7 Welp you really are too easy to Read Tanaka.
Suzuki - 34 Tanaka - 7 That's a Flag I see.
Suzuki - 34 Tanaka - 7 Fourth Wall - 0 Yup that needed to be mentioned, but joking aside yup it's nice to know that everyone is pretty much aware that the two have a thing going on
Suzuki - 34 Tanaka - 7 TanaSuzu Shippers - 1, that needed to be done since let's be real everyone at this point ships them.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 11 . 3/6/2020
Suzuki - 31, Tanaka - 7, she got him from that little bit there but come on Tanaka, at least by now you should have figured it out that gambling against her only ends in defeat
Suzuki - 36, Tanaka - 7, technically counts as one point but given how she outsmarted him into confessing just grants her five extra points xD
Grimnir Esjay chapter 10 . 3/6/2020
Suzuki - 24, Tanaka - 7, Tanaka's Pimple - 1, Because why not?
Suzuki - 25, Tanaka - 7, I mean it's unintentional but it's no surprise that she managed to pull one on him without her realizing it. Though it's nice that despite her teasing she actually cares for him (unless of course she only needs him to be in good health to be teased)
Suzuki - 26, Tanaka - 7, She pulled a sneaky on him, not bad kid xD
Suzuki - 27, Tanaka - 7, Oof looks like she had you figured out your Move Tanaka?
Suzuki - 29, Tanaka - 7, She strikes again with both her kindness and making him think she's being nice
Suzuki - 30, Tanaka - 7, Not gonna lie, Tanaka you had the chance to actually score a point by taking her off guard by saying that you're thinking of her.

General Overview:
Right since that is done, looks like we have Suzuki 30 and Tanaka still at 7, come on man try to catch up xD
Grimnir Esjay chapter 9 . 2/23/2020
General Overview of the Scores:
24-7 yeah not gonna lie that's how most of my conversations began, me just popping out of nowhere and surprising the one I'm talking to.

25-7 yeah ever heard of the phrase 'don't jinx yourself' Tanaka? hahaha

Glad to see that the 'Everyone can see it' trope is in effect, after all this isn't a RomCom without that haha
Yup, I knew that little Fortune Telling was bound to reference him and Suzuki, and how about that, the two were able to run into each other but still though damn it Tanaka she's obviously dropping hints.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 8 . 2/23/2020
General Overview of the Scores:
17-5 for managing to get him to blush just at the thought of holding hands.

18-5 For reminding him about the Blushing Queen Futaba song, nice reference to the actual series if I may add.

19-5 It doesn't count but the fact she manages to read his intentions fully and him giving it away was funny that she deserves an extra point.

Also Koyanagi - 1, Tanaka - 0 cause why not?

20-5 For taking him by surprise.

21-5 For distracting him, gotta love this girl and her pragmatism.

22-5 For being able to figure out yet again that he's gonna take a snapshot of her.

22-6 As her 'Dere-mode' had been triggered with that pic.

23-7 For all that teasing we were able to get the hint that both of these dorks are very much in love with one another especially with this whole Kaguya-sama styled challenged they have on one another.

Yup I'd say Tanaka still has a lot to catch up in scores but all that aside more flags are opening up for him.

Also, please stick to one PoV you're switching from third to first so much it's a bit confusing.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 7 . 2/15/2020
Suzuki - 16, Tanaka - 5
Wow, Tanaka sure is catching up with the wins he's getting so far. That and the fact he triggered a flag now.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 6 . 2/15/2020
Alright so I did a reread on this one and concluded with the current scores:
Suzuki - 14, Tanaka - 2
To be fair I'm counting the Coin toss wins as one but I have to admit, I like how his own plan backfired at him so quickly.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 5 . 2/12/2020
Right so uh if I compute the incidents I'd say it would be Suzuki - 9 and Tanaka - 0

Not gonna lie during the Soy Sauce thing I half expected she'd reveal that her family owns the place or something that's why she knew but well played as usual.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 4 . 2/12/2020
I was honestly hoping he'd get the upper hand but wow she turned the tables on him as usual, to be fair Tanaka is way to easy to read.

Oh and the score would be Suzuki - 7, Tanaka - 0, though I'd like to point out that you switch between First Person PoV and Third Person, I suggest sticking to one PoV to make it less jarring for the readers.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 3 . 2/10/2020
Suzuki - 6, Tanaka 0.

Joking aside, it's quite amusing to think that everyone is very much aware of the fact that Suzuki and Tanaka are attracted to one another, and the fact that they occasionally ask one another for advice.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 2 . 2/10/2020
okay so if we're keeping track for this Chapter the score is Tanaka - 0 and Suzuki - 4 (including the previous chapter) this and the other chapter sure went out a lot faster than expected that it's pretty cool.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 1 . 2/10/2020
Yes, this chapter has been reviewed.

Joking aside this is a pretty timely story to release, with four days left before Valentine's Day and all. I like how the premise is that the MC is a rough and somewhat intimidating guy when in reality he's easily stomped by Suzuki, in a way it kind of reminds me of the anime Takagi-san with the MC kind of reminding me of the MC of Senryu Girl (though I haven't watched both just random clips of it) and I'll definitely look forward to this series.
test10012 chapter 1 . 2/10/2020
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