Reviews for Night Shadow Issue 5: Nagini the Viper
TGN chapter 11 . 4/8
The battle seemed to be in favor of the villains until Monsoon Gal used her powers to eradicate the venom. It was a noble sacrifice, but thank God she made it out alive. Not only that, it was relieving to see Mason/NS back to normal. Of course, if it wasn't for Bertram's antidote, the city would've fallen under the hands of Nagini, Techno, and the Void League. But it was a satisfying ending to put stop them in their tracks.

Now, it seems that Mason's parents are still unaware of their son's secret identity, and Darla probably hasn't changed her stance on superheroes. It'll still make me wonder if they'll ever learn about the secret. It seems doubtful, but anything is possible with your creative thinking.

Phew, I'm finally finished with this issue! Speaking of Night Shadow, on a mostly irrelevant note, I somewhat referenced your character in my LM3 rewrite. But you'd have to play through the game and then read the story to see what I mean. Of course, there are more important matters to deal with as of today.

Hope your studies aren't kicking you in the ass because online learning for me is feels very unmotivating. I also wish you the best to stay safe during the pandemic. Take care, and I'll see you whenever - either on a new edition of Night Shadow or on Fanfiction.

TGN chapter 10 . 4/8
A lot of drama, action, fighting, and emotions. There's a good blend of all these aspects in this penultimate chapter. The biggest surprise for me was when NS got completely infected and turned into a serpent-like beast as well!

And while it looked like the cure for treating the infection was complete, it seems as though there's some unfinished business between the heroes, the villains, and Mason's parents. Guess I'll have to see how the ending will unfold.

(Also, sorry for taking this long to get back into this story.)

TheGameNguyener chapter 9 . 3/11
Holy shit. A lot went down in this chapter, and I'm stunned!

The water was the reason for all of those infections? I wasn't expecting that at all, but it's quite a plot twist now that the cat's out of the bag. With Frosty Beetle and Monsoon Gal, it was good that the former apologized for her actions. And she was able to encourage MG to forget the past and carry on towards what's important. The same thing goes Sydney and Pyro, as well as Night Shadow, we had some more heartfelt convos to experience. All these apologies are bringing the gang back together again.

For Mason, it hurts to block people that he's been with for a long time, especially when they're a part of his family tree. But he did what he thought was best, and I can't say his decision was bad. Sometimes, it's tough to do it, but if they're going to negatively influence his life, he has to draw the line. This is such a relatable topic to the real world we're right now, and it hit me deep.

This was a great chapter as we got to know the real source of the infections as well as the heroes reconciling after their previous arguments. Of course, it's not over yet with Nagini and Technolocity together. Hopefully Darla will also get some character development to appreciate the heroes, whether it's in the last few chapters or a future issue. Unfortunately, I have to get some sleep now since I got work tomorrow morning. I'll try to finish this story whenever I can.

zm chapter 11 . 3/13
Great ending
zm chapter 9 . 3/13
Clueless, that's what the villains are
zm chapter 8 . 3/13
Oh dear, hope Bertram doesn't have anything bad planned. Technolocity's as fun as ever.
TGN chapter 8 . 3/8
Damn, not only did Night Shadow suffer an infection, he also went through a transformation. Plus it nearly got him killed! I guess the only positive was that he prevented Nagini and Technolocity from nearly stealing their powers. But NS's life feels a lot more endangered now with his infection getting progressively worse and his enemies still on the prowl.

TGN chapter 7 . 3/4
It feels like ever since Nagini attacked the city, everyone on the protagonists' side is starting to crumble apart. Night Shadow's snake bite has affected him and caused a little bit of tension between him and his friends. Pyro is still distressed over his brother. Lyra's relatives have fallen victim to the snakes thus causing a fight between her and MG. Darla still doesn't trust the help of the superheroes. And now Nagini has formed what I presume to be a temporary alliance with Technolocity.

Yep, thissss is not looking good for...

Oh, shit. Am I infected now?!

TGN chapter 6 . 3/2
Damn, that escalated pretty quickly. After the snake bite on Night Shadow, things have been pretty stressful for Steven with his brother stuck on the back of his mind. Sadly, Sydney's rant made things worse as she crossed a line. Can't say I blame Steven for his reaction.

Speaking of the snake bite, it must've taken a toll on Mason, one of Steven's students, and possibly more. With the large army of snakes, this is not only a dangerous situation, but a creepy one!

TGN chapter 5 . 3/1
Now I see what Melody's flashback is all about. Meanwhile, I understand why Technolocity is getting himself and his team involved with the snake chase. It's definitely something that a villain would do to get some benefit out of an endeavor like this.

Sadly, Darla is stubborn that Night Shadow has re-emerged, especially with his band of heroes, or whatever they're called. Now I see how NS got infected by Nagini. Just the thought of a snake bite made me quiver in fear. I do NOT like snakes! Not only that, poor Pyro is being mentally tortured after Nagini's words got to him. With both heroes AWOL, I wonder where they all went. Great use of suspense and action here!

TGN chapter 4 . 2/29
With Nagini's new plan, I have a feeling she's going to target Night Shadow as an act of revenge. And if she's successful, this could worsen the conflict to a head. At least the other heroes are aware of the snake, but they'll have to watch their backs.

I'm not sure what Melody is remembering, but it sounds pretty traumatic. Maybe it has to do with her past with Mason before she joined Techno's team?

And, Nelson... Really? Are we gonna have to deal with this shit again? XD

TheGameNguyener chapter 3 . 2/29
I actually read this a while ago, but I forgot to review since I had an exam earlier this week.

Like with Mason/NS, we get to see the other side of Pyro and Monsoon Gal as normal people with normal professions. I wonder if that flashback between Steven and Billy will be relevant again for a future plot point. Aside from that, I'm curious to see their reactions when they encounter Nagini.

zm chapter 5 . 2/26
Wonder where they were washed
zm chapter 4 . 2/25
zm chapter 3 . 2/25
Going well so far
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