Reviews for The Rubble Heap
Mislav chapter 1 . 2/21
Pretty interesting and thought-provoking story. The Highwater Citadel of Sithan sure sounds like an interesting town. I especially liked the way you described the Government Square, and the river: "Ingea wordlessly followed the others through Government Square. Monuments to long-dead Emperors and Empresses rose alongside august heroes of folk-legend and history. She saw the First Empress looming over the plaza with folded hands, her legendary cynicism enshrined in stone. She saw the Great Engineer facing out towards the manufactories and workshops of Eastport, where his artifice inspired the foundation of the Transcendent Order. The Wayward Admiral looked out over the Grand River, owing to the departure point for his expedition that discovered the Shatterlands six centuries prior. There was a more recent statue, carved in the Kirn style, but bearing the face of the current Governor. She did not bother to learn her name, given the apparent vanity of the project.

Ingea beheld the chasm beneath the bridge she designed with a blend of awe and horror. The cliffsides were sudden stone drops, hewn by the river over the passage of eons. The Grand River itself was a braided river, meandering across its bed based on the melting of winter snows. Its dark blue waters were different than the brownish murk it became as streams merged with it at the confluences near Eastport. On the opposite side was the greatest star-fort of the Kirn Dynasty, protecting the Southside of the city with its raised walls and ample artillery. Between the grim crenellations of the southern fortress and breathtaking cliffs was a travesty she immediately disowned."

Ingea sure was in a tough spot. Finding out the truth about the bridge must have been terrifying. Of course the Master would blame her. I liked how the story ended with her getting ready for battle. I hope she wins. Keep up the great work. I enjoyed reading this story.