Reviews for In History Class
Whirlymerle chapter 1 . 2/23
Hi there! This piece made me think. On one hand, there's more protective laws nowadays to attempt to curb overt prejudices. But hate crimes stemming from antisemitism, racism etc still rear its ugly head in pretty horrifying ways (the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh came to mind when I was reading this). So you know there are people out there full of hateful prejudices, just not who.

The line where the speaker's mother advises against wearing their star necklace is particularly poignant to me. Because even if one might argue that there's fewer atrocities now than before, to what extent are people feeling more free in fully expressing who they are? Also, I empathize with the speaker here. I've received similar warnings from my mother about not speaking too loudly in a non-English language for fear that some stranger might behave antagonistically towards me for it.

Thanks for the read!