Reviews for Darkest Hours (Poetry Collection)
Woedin chapter 1 . 2/26
Well it was indeed an honor to read your offering, so I thank you for sharing your work here. The emotion runs deep within these lines, full of feelings of experienced abandonment, and despair. The words absolutely feel like a fervent prayer, to not be forgotten. You've painted such a picture of your protagonist's despondency, that their pain is still echoing in my mind even as I try to pen these few thoughts. I do believe there is something selfless in the sharing of such poetry, and I commend you because not only can an artist's writing be cathartic for the creator, but a refection for those who might've thought themselves alone in similar circumstances. A true mirror that is the refection of empathy, In my mind an emotion that runs deep and lasts. Juxtaposed to that of sympathy witch is when not sincere, a more fleeting thing of a the moment and often a more shallow response to seeing suffering. People who empathize can remember that pain, can feel it, and will react to it. And far to often people that sympathize in the moment are sad enough to cry, try to look away, and want to forget what they saw. "I wont forget" I look forward to reading more of your works. ~fond thought, and good fortunes always~