Reviews for Mama Bird
Mislav chapter 1 . 3/2
Very interesting, fun and thought-provoking story. Using "weaponized empathy" to defeat the enemies, making them experience what they put their victims through, sounds like such a wicked and ironic, yet effective idea. I guess it was about time that even empathy was weaponized. Greenhand sounds like a pretty poignant and likeable character. Having the leader who values all of human life, but is still willing to protect her people at all costs, is rare and admirable. I would like to learn more about her. Symbiotes feeding on cosmic rays was a nice touch. Taylor Tai's fate was so sad, and disturbing. To be crushed to death and dissolved in acid... I'm glad he was avenged, with the help of his own memories and suffering no less. Keep up the great work. I always have a great time reading your stories.