Reviews for Card Force Infection
FacultativeActivity chapter 36 . 7h
Lighter chapter, but just as enjoyable. You mentioned you'll return to shorter chapters and I'm okay with that, I like to read a chapter in one go, and this way it's easier to read one between daily activities. Of course monstre chapters has their charm too.

As a first impression, Veilfle is easy to interpret as a reader-insertion, he sides with the heroes, but his motivation is to be enertained and to know more about the characters.

Funny that in this chapter they technically played an extremly high stakes game wit a deity, but it seemed more easy to manage for them than the heavy personal stuff last time. Well, of course there was serious personal stuff too, but they were just so... adult about it. Guess that's one of the things I really like in this story, despite being teens with various issues and traumas, they still manage to handle it more healthy than many (most) adult TV show and anime characters I can recall. I think when people criticise a work for "too much personal drama" they often don't realize that what they really don't like is the unhelathy, sometimes toxic ways those characters are acting about it. Of course I'm not to decide what others actually like, but just reading about this gang talking about their doubts and isuues, and doing their best to help each other and do better can be so refreshing to me.

Yesterday I forget to scream about the mention of Ω tier, so now I let you know that I'm intriguied :D

So, Yuu have a 100% win-rate against the only known 3* God in existence, guess that establishes him as the single most powerful entity in this universe as things are now. Well, at least as far as cardgames involved, but that's what matters. Honestly, I can't blame Fletcher for being that jelaous about him, but knowing that Naota still leaning to prefer him over the wiping-the-floor-with-God's-ass Guy, that should be a serius boost for his self-esteem.

I love Hikaru's joke about Gatcha games, that's exactly what I tought the first time, when X Star Gods were mentioned :D But anyway, I think that's a pretty good way to introduce power-levels to your story without arbitrary numbers. "Here's this powerful McGuffin/Phlebotinum, the more you have it, the stronger you are".

I'm looking forward what they can do with their new powers. And I wonder, how this deal works, now they can call upon Veilfle's power like "the" God's and the Devil's servants, or they have this power for good? I mean, if say Veilfle would be out of the picture 'cause some other God defeats him or something, the power would be gone too? Guess we'll figure it out sometime.
FacultativeActivity chapter 34 . 1/18
Before the Omake, I had the impression, that the polyamoric relationship is more like Naota's idea to make Fletcher happy without Erica and Arc breaking up, but if it's gonna work out for the four of them that way, that could be just ideal for everyone. And well, if Naota's curse gonna be removed some day, also there's Yuu and Aron. BTW, and the Big Chain Of Love (an expression what Aron used to describe how they all related to each other by being love interests, I hope I remembered it correctly :D) is became a catchphrase with my QP we use when we talking about resolving love-triangles and shipwars by shiping all the participants as polyamoric partners. Like from Bleach "Soi Fon, Yoruichi and Urahara are all parts of the big chain of love" :D I wanted to add this to the last review, but of course I forget.

I really like the mythos you introduce in this chapter, it's straight-foward, gives a good grasp on the nature of Gods but not over-simplistic. The whole thing with the magical dust and the fake monotheistic God reminds me a little to His Dark Materials, but your version has magical Godpower-Stars and Gods playing deadly chess-games, so I lean to like your version more.

It's good to see everyone's taking their time to relax and talk out the crap they went trough. Guess next time it's time to meet up with Veilfle, hope I can find time to read tomorrow too, because it's exciting.

Wow, I didn't even know about the plural community, it's so good to learn new things about people and their communities.
FacultativeActivity chapter 33 . 1/18
Oh, I really like this kind of insgiht. Also I started to re-read the first arc, to got all the important details I might missed, but then I got into The Untamed, and just didn't got trough all, so the reminders of characters and cards are also very good before starting on the new arc. The implementation also very appealing for me, I'm all into breaking the fourth wall, it's my weaknes. But I guess, it's harder to do it this way, so if further omake-chapters really going to be just long author-notes, don't worry, the information itself worth the reading, the characters first-person comments just added to it.

Theodore was a chef, he even made a subtle comment of cooking Fletcher's nuts. Now he might to fight with Sonya to get them :D

For Skills/Effects you might could go with the term Powers? It fits both Crafts and Units, but Effects also cool, if I remember correctly, it's used in Hearthstone too, so it's not specific to Yu-Gi-Oh.

You imlying that there are Units above Tier X, just to finish the sentence with "nevermind" the second time :D First I completly belived that it was only Fletcher forgetfullnes, now I don't know if it's a mythos-gag, you playing mind-games with the readers, or just a reference to something from an eralier version of the game.

Oh right, if you into making video-games, there might be eventually a real, actual Card Force digital CCG? It would be so cool, to try out the game for real, even if I'd be suck in it :D Well, I'm sure you at least had thinking of it, but based on me messing around with Godot and similar sotware a little, I fear to think about how much time and effort would it take, both the base engine, then all the cool cards, effects, etc. But if you do planning something like that, I'm rooting really hard for it :)
FacultativeActivity chapter 12 . 11/23/2020
Theodore: *trying to stab Naota's crush*

Also Theodore: Wait, why am I hearing Megalovania?

Or something like that was my first impression on this chapter :D Naota is cool, vulnerable, relatable, and still badass. It was a good idea to re-read the novel, now I understand much more from the game itself. Like, in this chapter I actually stopped to think, because I didn't get, how Theodore loose only 1000 energy, then gained back 2000 when he couldn't have more than one animals in his discard pile, then he explained Rage Boar's skill. That trick, and many more just flew over my head the first time, who knows, eventually I might even get a knack for cardgames :D
FacultativeActivity chapter 11 . 11/20/2020
One of my favorite chapters, about time to write a review if I haven't the first time I read it :D I actually love how clueless Fletcher is, I mean he's 14 and not the type who's main goal is to find a relationship. That means less experience and messing up a lot, but at the end of the day he's only motivated by his true feelings toward the other, not some internalized rush to find a significant other. In my experience that trade is more than worth it.

I also remember how good it was to find out more about Naota, and seeing how all of her family supports her. We also learn a lot about her background, and it's ballances really well with the nice, feelgood, slice of life stuff. I think for me personally, this was the chapter where things really started get going, and the novel took the shape that I really like it for.
FacultativeActivity chapter 3 . 11/13/2020
Hey, I decided to re-read the arc from the begining, since it seems like I either missed or forgotted some potentially important bits, and I planned to do that at some point anyway. Now it's really occuring me, how much your style and narration developed: it was already good at the beginning, but I like how characters personal feelings and thougts get more emphasised later, and chapters feels more planned and self-contained nowdays too. It's really good however to go trough again the beginings, now all the foreshadowing in this chapter and the Prolouge makes much more sense :D
FacultativeActivity chapter 32 . 11/7/2020
Oh, I like these moments so much, when everything gone south as much as possibble, everyone in despair, then someone mentions an one-from-a-billion chanche thing to fix things, and the heroes suddenly more determined than ever, and you realise that things just got a lot more interesting. I'm also happy Maxwell get his bother back, he can be annoying, but he's a good guy and don't deserved to be left alone like that. I just realized he's reminds me a lot of Ishida from Bleach, I'm not sure why :D

The guys have a lot of things to do, get a power upgrade or two, save the world from the devil, free those who traded their souls, and finish that kiss between Fletcher and Naota. I wonder what the exact order will be.
FacultativeActivity chapter 31 . 11/6/2020
Wow, I had a feeling that a god eventually gonna make use of Fletcher guilt, but I didn't think it's gonna be so soon. I swear I didn't read ahad, maybe it's because all the Supernatural I was watching before I expected a twist like this :D Also as a Supernatural-watcher the one resurrection per person limit is warmly wellcomed. Well, I guess that's bad news for Naota, so we'll see.

This four-parter was hardcore with all the battles, but it had to be, maybe it's just me, but I think it's a sign of good writing when the reader can feel the exhaustion of the characters from all the crazy and dark crap they wnt trough. I can't imagine how exhausted you were however after writing this :D

About card variety, I'm obviously not a tcg-person, but I like how you handle it. Every character has their uniqe set of cards serving their strategy, but often-used cards like Crystal Iris or Cherry Blossom makes it feel more like they play the same game. If everyone had tehir own variation for reviveing cards for example, that would make it feel more like they're superheroes their own set of powers instead of persons playing a game. I liked when Billionare's Fortune is reappeared in Maxwell's deck, and also that Donovan uses a bird deck too, things like that bring the game aspect feels more real. It also could be cool to see I think if the Knighst sometimes included cards they saw from opponents, because they realise they'd work well for them as well. The normal cards I mean, not the infected ones :D

Guess that's it for now, hope I can read the Epilog tomorrow, then I'll be up to date again. Thanks again for your work, I read you weren't always well, hope things get better soon. Make sure you get enough rest, so you can enjoy writing :)
FacultativeActivity chapter 30 . 11/5/2020
Woah, that will haunt Fletcher like a lot. I wonder if he'll try something crazy to fix it, like making a deal with a deity himself to bring Kyle back.

I finally realized, why it is, that I don't like Maxwell as a person, but I still feel like I'd probably took his side against the Knights in most of the time: because the reason I don't like him is not his actions but his arrogant attitude toward others. I mean man, you can aknowledge that tehere are better cardplayers, even among the Nephilim, that not makes your cause to defeat them less rightfull. Using a hand-down cursed card is another interesting topic what we barelly adressed until now. Why I have the feeling that there are multiple tipes of infection and not all can be noticed by the Knighst? Well, Sonya already sayed something like that, so I think it's not my theory, but I'm sure the devil wouldn't let him use one of his card if it's not serves him some way or another.

I don't know why I like Logan, so far he has the least justifiable reason to make the deal, not like it's not understanable or anything. Maybe I just like that he thinks he deserves to feel better, and still not pictured as a selfish villain, just a normal, even nice guy.
FacultativeActivity chapter 29 . 11/4/2020
Oh no, not a cliffhanger! Well, technically I could continue right now, but it's 4.42 in my country, and I didn't slept much yet, so guess I better get some sleep and continue tomorrow :D

These battles are tense, I wonder if everyone will be able to manage a draw. I like Fletcher's reaction to Kyle's bs, I mean I'd probably react the same manner if someone tried intentionally piss me off like that. I can't ditch the feeling tought that it's only Kyle's method to prevent Fletcher from going easey on him. Or he's actually a jerk, I can't tell at this point really, but I like the fantasy RPG atmosphere of his deck.

Oh, a suggestion, I'm not sure if it's only a problem for me, but maybe it would be better to change the energy-counter's style to italic from bold, because my eyes tend to jump to bold lines first when I'm scrolling, and it's sometimes spoiles the outcome a few paragraphs early. Little thing really, and maybe I just should practice self-controll, haha :D I just tought to mention it.

I'm courious about Maxwell's battle and how he will approach his opponent. Also poor Naota is probably sick worried about Fletcher. It's a really mean move to separate them like that, also somewhat wasteful, because if I understand right, the devil only have to win one battle to breake free, right? Well, I guess he doesn't care potentially loosing some people in vain, if that means he could be free a few minutes earlier. And Kyle not-so-subtly suggests that Yuu's boss who's holding Naota's soul is far worse than the devil. It's gona be interesting.
FacultativeActivity chapter 28 . 11/4/2020
Goodness, I missed so many updates on this story. I was busy with my personal projects, but I'm gonna write my rewievs as I read the chapters, just like I did before, so these my original, unspoiled impressions.

I" starting to really like Donovan, at the start he was way too suspicious, almost irritating for me, but now seeing he's in the same shoe as Aron and Yuu, I kind of understand he's trying to act like that.

You're really good at writing conflicts, it's really hard to side with anyone - which is good, since they all supposed to be the good guys. I still understand Max's behaviour, but Alicia is not in an easy situation either, I mean, it's pretty unrealistic epecting her to break up with Thuy, when she become a Nephilim. Honestly, in Max's place I'd probably fed up with the conflict of interest long ago, and gone on my own way, but then theres Nayuta, who tries to make the Knights working... so it's hard to decide who's right, and who's should change tehir ways. Good job, sometimes not even professional writers can write such relatable conflicts, and arguing between main characters easily can become tireing, but not here. The same goes with Fletcher, Naota and Alicia, Alicia's anger is completly understandable, but also Fletcher being upset, knowing, how prone Naota is to self-blaming.

I'm super proud of Fletcher by the way, he worked down his confession build-up time from several years to a few months, and even diaster waited him to finish. Too bad for the kiss though, but that probably would be too smooth. Still, Fleota getting real, yay!

Nayuta's dad... what a jerk. I mean I don't know much about their relationship (I really shuold re-read the flashback chapters after such a long break though) but I really doubt that sacrificeing her for surviving would be justifiable. And forcing her to do such a choice also pretty jerkish of him.

Thanks for working on this novel, it might take me a few days to catch up, but I'll rewiev all chapters all soon as I read them.
drcakey chapter 18 . 10/26/2020
I see card games, I click.

I'm not very good at giving feedback, or really I'm only good at giving one kind of feedback...but let's see how I do.

The premise is good and simple. Even though the inspiration is Yu-Gi-Oh!, the setup in a lot of ways is more like JoJo - hanging out and having a regular day and suddenly having to fight some violent stranger is Diamond is Unbreakable in a nutshell.

The cast is pleasant and likable overall...Maxwell is one of my favorites for some reason. Maybe I just like his deck. Naota is probably my favorite; their shyness is very #relatable. As important as the characters themselves, they have a web of relationships with one another, which is good.

On the critical side, one odd thing is that I can't tell who the protagonist is? I assume it's supposed to be Fletcher, because he feels protagonist-ish, but he doesn't feature much more prominently than the rest of the cast so it's fuzzy.

There are two key issues with the story, as I've read it so far: one with the plot, one with the card game.

The plot issue is there's very little sense of progression. I was trying to figure out how to explain why this was hurting my enjoyment of the story, because obviously there are plenty of stories (basically all TV and manga) that don't 'progress'. I brought up JoJo earlier, and every JoJo Part is full of fights that don't advance the story at all and are just there to be interesting. I could lay out a bunch of theories where I'm like "well Duelist Kingdom does this and season 1 of 5D's does that, and therefore..." but that would be a lot of text and I probably wouldn't end up making my point very well anyway. So instead I'll say this: characters have the same conversation multiple times. "Maxwell, it sure is mean of you to put the Nephilim in comas", "I wonder who the devil is", etc. And the reason the conversations recur is that there isn't new information for them to talk about.

Well, they can talk about Scrubs, I guess. (It takes me a long time to write anything so I've already read the next chapter lol)

Now, as excited as I was to start reading a story about a Children's Card Game, I'm going to admit that when a, a card fight?... when a game of Card Force starts, I tend to skim. The reason I made my first comment on this chapter specifically is that this was the first game that I was genuinely intrigued by, because of how back and forth it was. I have a LOT of ideas about how the games might be improved, but this has been both long and critical already, and I want to think them over a little more, so I'll save that for another time. I will say there is nothing bad about the core design of the game: building towers to use as a resource for summoning units is a great idea, and the use of Bond as a way to balance cards is good, too.

That's what I've got.
ArcadeRabbit48 chapter 28 . 8/30/2020
What a magnificent catastrophe. To think, everything started out so well for everyone. With all the lead up, I was a bit worried but no. No, this is perfectly done. Loving the new character, loving the various interactions, and I am absolutely loving everything falling apart in just the right away. Tensions running high, all leading up to this moment for Lo to look up from her table and see everything on fire. Magnificent. The foreshadowing for everything was wonderfully executed as well.

Very kind of you to give people canon ship names. Shame Hikaru had to come in and ruin it.
ArcadeRabbit48 chapter 27 . 8/29/2020
That last one. The 26th. It feels oddly ominous for some reason. Like the final sentence of a creepypasta.

Really like the diary idea. Makes a great excuse for a character to just outright say what they're feeling, while also serving as a handy way to move the timeline forward and skim over the not-as-important details. Poor Fletcher is really struggling with everything that's happened to him though. I feel for the poor guy, and I hope things improve for him. Likewise, Donovan had a surprising moment of vulnerability here. It was a nice new look at him.
wingedcatgirl chapter 28 . 8/29/2020
So if the loser of the battle will die, my first thought is play to draw, right? No loser, no death. Assuming that doesn't count as a win for the devil... then again, I don't think anyone specified how or even if the devil's escape is contingent on the outcome of the battles? hmmm
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