Reviews for Card Force Infection
FacultativeActivity chapter 27 . 8/5
Finaly read the Omake! Better late than never I guess :D

I think you did better job with this diary-chapter than you gave credit yourself for, it didn't feel weird or awkward for me at all. It also seems a good way to turn up the speed: guess normally almost each of these entries would take a whole chapter. I like that instead of just skipping a whole month, you kind of fastforwarded it, still showing the important stuff trough Fletcher. I'm glad he's started to recovering, and could open up about his trauma. I'm still hoping he manages to ask Naota to the dance as friends, but after all the stuff he went trough, he really deserves a break. Well, everyone does, but I don't think the devil is gonna care about that.
Write4UrLife chapter 1 . 7/31
Wow, that was a really exciting start to this series! It definitely got my blood pumping, and I am very excited to read the other chapters. As a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, this series definitely shows its influence, but also manages to be creative and original in its own unique way, that leaves you feeling satisfied and hungry for more.

A brilliant start!
FacultativeActivity chapter 26 . 7/30
Aw, I'm so slow sometimes, up until this point I didn't realized that Yuu's boyfriens Aron is the same Aron from the prologue. I'm really bad with names, which can be awkward sometimes, in the other hand sometimes it's creates new dramatic twists :D (It made Princess Principal much more interesting, hehe)

So Renee is the type who is a jerk, infection or not. I hope we find out more about how the infection works. TJ's behavior was also weird, not just he was pretty harmless, but if I recall right, he even questioned his actions while being infected. We usually don't see the infecteds' viewpoint like he's, but it still seems weird. Like the infection didn't had such a strong grasp on him.

Oh, Fletcher. Actually. Did it. :o It took time, a lost card battle, and Naota had to spent a fortune on him, and he was refused, but still, he said the words, and the refrigerator didn't fell over in the last moment, which honestly, wouldn't be surprising, he really don't have luck with confessions and such. Now I think he has to do it again, with Naota :D I hope it goes well, and I hope they get a few cute moments together, before Hell's Gate opens in the middle of the dancing floor, and they have to cardbattle with the devil. (No idea what's gonna happen, so this is my headcanon until we find out :D)

Don't know when I can read the Omake, but loking forward to it. Thanks for your hard work on this novel, I'm really enjoying it :)
FacultativeActivity chapter 25 . 7/24
Finaly I got the time to read this - it was a great chapter, both in quality and quatity :D I still feel for Fletcher, but at this point I'm not sure if he's not trolling himself purpufuly. I mean he genresavily averts most of the traps of the fake date plot, but don't realise that they _always_ ends with an emotional mess for both party? But it was a super-cute chapter, so I don't mind. I wasn't feel that the smalltalk was overboard - well maybe I'm a little biased since it was all about my OTP, but generally I really enjoy this random everyday dialogs between chararcters, partially because they always contains some funfacts I wasn't know about.

I guessed that Naota might be autistic since chapter 9 where she was uncomfortable touching raw meat. A lot of his behaviour can be expalined with anxiety, but sensory issues are quite unique. He's a great representation, so I'm happy his autism got confirmed. Honestly, it's quite awkward how otherwise pretty progressive works stuck with the holywood autism, it's just refreshing seeing a 3D autistic character who easily could be someone from our forum. (And he's so cute too. Yeah it's kind of unrelated, but I had to add it :D)

This behind the scenes stuff is cool. I noticed that Justin kind of started as a major supportive character, then he kind of stand aside, but there's always someearly instalation weirdness. I think it's better this way, having the protagonist struggling with his feelings and being unsure about his orientation is bring the whole thing closer. I'm really looking forward the omake chapter with moreof this.

Also, I wanted to mention, it's so great to see Fletcher actually seeking of professional help. I hate when a protagonist keep worrying about everyone, but completly refuse to ask for help for themself. It's a sadly reaslistic behaviour, but if always the big H Hero acting like this that brings a pretty unfortunate message. Like what Naota said about the independent heroines. Yeah, a hero should be competent, but with reamining relatable. I don't think his nonchalance about being gunpointed is honest by any degree, especially after almost getting a panicattack by the mere sight of a real gun, but at least he talked about it with an expert. He's probably still repressing the actual shock, but I hope he's gonna open further later, when he's ready.
wingedcatgirl chapter 25 . 7/22
Aaaaaaa cuties ! ! ! I really hope Fletcher gets up the courage to ask Naota out for real soon!
ArcadeRabbit48 chapter 24 . 6/27
Another heavy chapter, but at least a bit sweeter than last time. Many skeletons are tumbling out of many closets. Not only everything with Montana, but also Aron at the bottom there too? But its hard to say if he's necessarily betrayed anyone, or what exactly the motive there is. Again, I really feel like there's a lot of setup going on. A good mix of immediate payoff, and slow burn.

Donovan continues to be an entertaining ass, so that's fun. Seeing him "ok boomer" his... cohort? Boss? Friend without benefits? is always fun to see.

All that said, getting some kinda shippy vibes from the two blonde ladies this chapter. Hoping that goes somewhere, but also possibly not and it could just be genuine concern too. And hey, Maxwell isn't being an asshole kinda!

Wonderful chapter overall, very much looking forward to the next.
ArcadeRabbit48 chapter 23 . 6/27
This was a very heavy chapter, but I think you did very well with it. Hikaru is suffering and lashing out in a very believable way. I admit, I wasn't expecting things to go to quite this extreme. I do have to wonder though, what's the villain's plan? Corrupting people is one thing, but to drive them to these extremes starts to feel counter-intuitive. But then, there's probably something more to all of this infection business.

I appreciated the recap and catch up early for all the previous characters. Some are doing well, some are clearly not. That, what happened here, and the conversation on the nature of infection makes me think things are going to be coming to a head soon. Very well done.
ArcadeRabbit48 chapter 22 . 6/27
So normally I'm incredibly not a fan of love triangles, but this chapter went incredibly well. You introduced the new rival, actually made him likable, and did a wonderful job of showing the new relationship blossom. And you did it all without it feeling melodramatic. Erica has a choice to make, as does Fletcher. Time is put in to highlighting why the characters feel the way they do and where the struggle lies, without feeling over the top.

I appreciate you keeping everyone on equal footing. Fletcher is suitably upset, but he's not really done anything overblown or horrible. Erica knows she has a choice to make, but she hasn't made it yet. So her getting closer to Arc isn't framed as being dishonest towards Fletcher. And Arc isn't an asshole! Its an actually well written love triangle!

(Fletcher really should just confess tho)
FacultativeActivity chapter 24 . 6/24
And it took me only two days :D After the heavy stuff in the last chapter it's good to see the characters taking their time to deal with the trauma and helping each other to do so.
So Yuu have a boyfriend who helps the devil's men, but also seems to be on Yuu's side...? It's a little confusing but I guess we'll get every detail in time. However, now with Aron (now I have to make an effort to not picture him as a muscular seahorse) and Arc in the picture Fletcher and Naota seems to be the best option left for each other, at least for now :D But even if by some miracle Fletcher would confess at this point, that still could be unfortunate because of the timing.
Oh, right, seeing the younger Naota was super cute. And with the all Magical Girl roleplaying, now I understand Hikaru's choice of deck even better. I like this kind of story-building: show an established team with clean roles, then show the details of their past.
So Hikaru opened up easier for Loano? I don't know if this is future ship material, or they just gona be really close friends, but their choice of program (slacking off and watching TV) seems great. Maybe I'm gonna check on Scrubs because of this novel.
Wisp chapter 22 . 6/23
Oh my - a three chapters update, just in time when I ran out, and I got mentioned in the notes! I'm really glad if my reviews gave genuie encoruagement. However make sure you get enough rest and fun time too, you do a great work.

Chapter was cool, I like these slice of life breather segments, especially becuase you put a lot of effort to the details. I mean the foods and places you introduce, and also now the hawaiian culture facts - I wonder if you go out of your way and make research, or you just include things you are interested in anyway.

Poor Fletcher, jealousy is a nasty little feeling. He seems to handle itt well, but I have a feeling that the good face he put on won't last forever. I'm afraid that with the infection around he plays with fire hideing his true feelings like that. Oh well, he's still far more self-reflective than I was in his age, so I can't really judge him.

By the way I self-expected that Arc turning out to be infected, but the guys probably would noticed that. He really seems a nice person, sometites a little too much so, but it's okay, it keeps up the tension. Just like Yuu, if you make someone look cool enough they don't even have to do anything suspicious :D

Now I have to decide either to let in instincs and bingeread the remaining two chapters, or try to shedule them for a few more days :D

Oh, I made a prorper account for this site yesterday. The name Wisp already was taken, so I'll post further reviews under the name FacultativeActivity.
FacultativeActivity chapter 23 . 6/23
Wow, this one is really a wham chapter, but the darker themes always swimmed near the surface in this story, and I was expecting something like that happening eventually. I think you did a great job with handling the topic without breaking the story's flow. Also, I feel like I have a better picture of Hikaru's character now. With two other people we run a community site for autistic people in Hungary, and sometimes we also run into the dilemma, that as non-professionals what we can, and what we should do for helping others, without crossing eiter their or our own boundaries. Somehow the cheerfull Magical Girl pack fighting with the dark, demon/fire themed one is seems a good representation for this. Sometimes you can help and you feel like a superhero, then sometimes you realise, you are a limited human being with a world full of darkness.

It's great that writing help you with coping. I think as long as you put content warnings like here, it's okay to write about anything, especially if it helps you with your own issues. And on the top of that, you're a good writer, and using topics you're personally related to is a good way bringig forth your full potential - of course until it not get intrusive to yourself.
Wisp chapter 21 . 6/22
For the first time, I wished for Fletcher's defeat, haha :D Confessing for two person is a frightening tought, especially if you hide your feelings from one of them as long as he did, so maybe an unbreakable magical contract would be the push he needed. It's funny he thinks that it's either magic or luck that Juri knew about his situation, when Zara could tell her about it.

I'm happy that Naota did get some more focus again - all the characters are great, all of them deserves the spotlight, and of course it's impossible for everyone to get it in every chapter, but I can't help, I'm pretty biased with him :D I think he would be happy if he'd knew that Fletcher have feelings towards him, even if not exlusiveley. However maybe he'd feel guilt for drawing his attention with his confession - I totally can imagine him accusing himself for giving Fletcher a hard time, and even endangering his potential relationship with Erica. But despite this it's still seems better for him to know.

Undertale references, yes! :D Since I found that game I run into it even if I don't search, but it's totally okay. I think if actually there would be some magical, reality-warper games, UT would be a good candidate with all that... you know. I won't write spoilers under an unrelated topic :D And Deltarune seems great so far too.

Sorry for not referring directly the duels and the game, it's not like I don't enjoy them (quite the opposite) I just don't have enough knowledge about the genre to really compare them to anything, so I usually just lay back and enjoy the tactical twists way above my level :D But what I noticed is how much your mid-battle dialouges improved in a short time. At the begining, it was almost just explainig rules and card effects, which is sureley necessary for this genre, but know they are engaging and lifelike, while they still give every information needed. And I love the puns. Great work :)
Wisp chapter 19 . 6/21
Haha, I love what have you done with the very end. So the eclipse will be during the schooldance... a minor fact for the characters, but a clear sign for us readers to exept some crazy things happening. Also I'm strating to get some slight Stranger Things vibes... can't tell exactly why, but definitely a good thing.
Wisp chapter 18 . 6/20
Poor Max. He clearly can be a jerk, and I doubt I would be his friend, but it still feels bad that no-one in the team seems to be in his side, when if I want to be honest, I probably would do the same... yeah, saving the world from the invisible Big Bad is important, but until then, there are actual people taking away innocents' freedom, just because controlling their condition would be too inconvinient. It kind of tragycomic that probably the blades agreeing the duel are the closest to understand him.

Hm... my faveroite character so far is obviously Naota. He's adorable, you feel sorry for him, but still a huge hidden badass when it comes to the game. It's good to see that he actually got confidence himself when playing, because otherwise he seems to have a lot of problem with selfesteem. I ship him with Fletcher - I want him to be happy, and I can't trust in Yuu just jet, however my opinion may change on the later topic. However shiping them (or shiping Fletcher with Erica) feels a litle like saying that you have to opt for your first crush, despite you probably know yourself better when you fall in love in the second time. But maybe it's just me, clearly there are childhood romances not based on only the lack of options, and Fletcher and Erica surley would be cute too, I just prefer FletcherXNaota.
Wisp chapter 10 . 6/15
Oh my God, you made Naota way too cuto for me to handle :D I hope she's get lucky with Fletcher (since she don't seems to use singular they to define herself I'll just stick to the last noun used in the chapter I guess).

Now, for the overall story, I really enjoying it so far. I watched Yu-Gi-Oh and Duel Masters as a child, but never really getcught up on CCG-s, so its more like a story genre for me. This story bring back the childhood memories and exitment, but it's not feel at all like it was writen especially for children. Maybe card battleing seinen not the most accurate term, but that's was my forst tought. I'm happy I find this when so many chapters was already out, I looking forward to bingeread it, and keep up the cool work :)

(Also, I noticed a few errors not connected to the game [those, if were, probably whoosed over me], mostly minor typos and a few confused names, like Jet called Joe or Jimmy. Maybe I post a list later, I hope i's not seems cavil.)
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