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tr chapter 14 . 8/2
Two updates at once, Thank you! This kind of answered questions, yet made even more. I have to ask, are the books handwritten or are they printed? If they are printed then that means that there are quite a few in circulation and that means there are more magic users than they expected. What kind of things are in the books? Are they spells or magic theory? Is it prejudices that is keeping Nicolai from actually seeing what he is reading? He has been reading those books for a while and he should have seen something useful for helping people already.

I have a feeling that the sister of the witch had another reason for trying to take out her sister. Where did the sister get the sand if she is against magic? Who gave it to her and should they not be trying to find that person? They should be getting low on the sand, what are they going to do when they are out of it? Also where did the witch get those books? Is there a magic shop somewhere? It really feels like they are just traveling around and not really sitting down and thinking things over. Why hasn't Nikolai tried to use any of his networks he has built over the years to try to find any information? He was talking to one a few chapters before and never asked anything other than where the witch was. The king sent out some of his people to try to find info, have they had any luck?

How many people know about the missing kids? It was a bit weird seeing people celebrating when disaster just struck.

I can understand why Nikolai does not want to go home, but I have a feeling that he is going to have to go back again. I also have a feeling that a lot of the magic users happen to be in his home country. The magic we see successfully being used were demonstrated by those from his country (him and the witch) I have yet to see it work for the others.

I am a bit worried that we have not had much screen time with the two other knights or learned much about them. That is a big warning sign and it usually means they are disposable or untrustworthy.

Additionally, Ben alluded to there being a family reputation that was destroyed. What was that reputation for? What did their dad do for work? Was he someone important? Nikolai said that they were not given money for food, that does not mean they were a poor family.
T chapter 14 . 8/1
I'm so happy you're back to writing, I've loved everything of yours I've had the opportunity to read. You've been a long time favorite author of mine but I've never left a review, I thought it was time to rectify that.

You have such an amazing ability with words, every one of your stories has been so enthralling. As soon as I start reading I can't put it down—the cliffhangers are killer, but so masterfully done that they leave me just wanting for more rather than upset. Getting the email that one of your stories has been updated makes my day, I read them as soon as I can because I have to know what happens next. I hope you continue writing for a long time, and hope you find the same joy in it that I get reading your works. 3

I love the budding relationship between Nikolai and Vidar, the sweet/teasing moments between them are truly a treat and feel so precious right now. I'm excited to see their relationship grow. And that ending, aaah! I can't wait to see how Nikolai and the others react to this revelation.
tr chapter 12 . 8/1
Dun dun dun...

It seems like anyone who is not a victim of Nikolai in the past tends to really like him. Well except his brother. I still do not like Ben. It really does feel like Nikolai has gotten the short end of the stick most of his life. Hopefully things are going to turn around for him soon. Perhaps he will get a little lucky with a certain knight? Wink, wink.

I have to wonder how their learning of magic is coming along. Did they try anything in the books yet? Are they all going to use it or is only one of them going to? Or is there another character coming along that can use magic? I also have to wonder how the royals are going to react to learning that magic is real. Are they going to start a war with magic users, or are they going to try to use magic to their advantage? It seems like the royals we have meet so far have strong enough morals, but that does not mean that the next royal would. I guess it really matters on why the kids are being kidnapped. Are there common children being kidnapped too? That could change things a lot. Also the kidnappers believe that their victims' families do not know that they are using magic, so I have to wonder how they are going to react when they find out that they are found out.
tr chapter 10 . 8/1
I had a feeling that I would not like Ben from the beginning, but after reading how he turned his back on someone who was his protector that easily really wants me to revive him and kick his butt. There really has to be more to this. I can understand him being in shock, yet he continued to ignore his brother for fifteen years. He must have really not liked his brother even before all of that all happened and this was the last straw. For all of Ben being a Goody Two Shoes to most people he really feels like an ass in hiding to me. In addition, the thought of such a closed minded person in charge of a young child and keeping that child safe from the dangers of the world is scary. Actually, I do not think I could live around people like these knights. I would probably end up in a loud verbal fight with them in less than a week over their ideals.
Alices Wonderland7 chapter 12 . 7/15
Omg yes! I almost lost my mn d when I saw the emails that you'd updated! And I'm loving this new world! Its got its hooks in me!
Anne578 chapter 9 . 5/8
... I. I don't like a cliffhanger :'(

I didn't visit fictionpress for a long, long time and was very happy when I saw that you still write. So, I have to change this bad habit and check here more often. The story sucked me right in and I look forward to more of Nikolai and Vidar. Thank you :)
adlkg chapter 9 . 4/22
I’m loving this story so far and I can’t wait for the next chapter! Thanks!
foldedmaze chapter 7 . 4/8
Your setting captured my interest from the start. I love the knights & guns combo. And airships! Other things I liked about it: you took us to different climates and settings within the first few scenes, which makes your world feel richer and fuller. Each location is distinct. I particularly enjoyed that you played with foreign language being a factor when they get to Volozny. I'm looking forward to more of that (but I'm a sucker for language-barriers and culture shock showing up in fantasy stories).

Your descriptions are to the point, and give plenty of detail for me to picture. Your characters are well-executed and feel distinct from each other. Vidar's a favorite of mine already: he's a good knight, but he seems able to do that without being totally blind to realities that would make an idealistic knight uncomfortable. The way he and his companions react to things is very telling. I like.

The way you introduced supernatural elements was an unexpected but welcome treat. You took your time developing Nikolai's character as a lethal mercenary- and THEN let us discover how much magic unnerved him, even though he initially scoffed at it. That is how you do it! His uneasiness makes the magic itself seem way, way cooler than it would have if he just shrugged it off as glowy and inexplicable. Seeing a competent character get shaken a bit is powerful tool for upping the stakes. You did that extremely well.

I have my theories about Nikolai's past with his "baby brother." You've roughed out the shape of it and made the aftermath very clear, without actually spelling it all out, which I appreciate. I loved the twist of Nikolai's physical appearance and how the knights reacted to it- and continue to react. It makes me wonder if someone is going to forget for a moment and call Nikolai the wrong name out of habit.

I am enjoying how Nikolai and Vidar play off each other. Please post more soon!
Guest chapter 6 . 3/23
Cliff hanger so mean but I love it too. I’m so excited!
Guest chapter 5 . 3/9
Loving this. I’m curious about how to pronounce some of the names you’re introducing though e.g. Ragnhild
Guest chapter 4 . 3/4
So excited for your new story. I know you said that this is your focus at the moment but I hope you decide to go back and finish the others sometime soon.
Saki-parle chapter 3 . 3/3
I love it! This is a great start for this story! I can't wait to learn more about Nikolai and Vidar!
Saki-parle chapter 2 . 3/3
I like Nikolai! He's straightforward (with a knife xD)! Can't wait to see more interactions between him and the knights!
Saki-parle chapter 1 . 3/3
It looks promising! I was surprised to find that Otto was a child! I was pixturing a grown-up in my mind x)
And I finally discovered that Yule mean Christmas! So thanks for that! (I don't think there is any equivalent in french other than the Christmas' translation...)
averisimilartale chapter 3 . 3/3
Another chapter! I love the details and the memory, oof. Even though we’re only a couple chapters in, I’m already attached to the characters. Can’t wait for more :)
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