Reviews for Mutism
AutumnDew chapter 1 . 6/8
This is a wonderful story!
Marina x Machina chapter 1 . 3/4
hi! i'm a chinese american speech and hearing science major.

the tones thing is...yeah, it's accurate, it's kind of something everyone who speaks chinese knows. one time, a man wrote a whole paragraph using nothing but the word "shi" in different tones. very fascinating. maybe ask your teacher if they've ever heard of it/would like to try doing that.

there's actually an interesting study done on deaf taiwanese children who try to speak using the different tones. i think they learned how to differentiate the tones based on length, not actual tone. i don't know if this would work on nondeaf adults since accuracy was not 100% for the deaf children, but it is pretty interesting to see how they adapted. also, the same person who did the study found out that children who get their hearing implants later in life have more difficulty distinguishing "emotional" tone in voices.

i'm curious as to why haydn has servants. is this story set in the past? cause i thought it was in the present because of the coronavirus.

also is zayn trying to say that "jay" sounds like jie jie? it's actually pronounced a little differently like "jee-eh jee-eh" if i recall. but i mean, if you have a super american accent, they probably will sound the same lol.

i'm kinda confused as to why jay thought "Had they become racist?" just because they weren't able to speak to aeron. could you explain that part? I don't really see why they would come to that conclusion. i'm asian, i've been hurt/rejected plenty of times by various members of asian communities, and "Do they hate me because they secretly hate asians?" is not really something that would occur to me as a reason. don't get me wrong, asians turn on each other - chinese on filipinos because they're dark-skinned, koreans on japanese sometimes because of historical tensions during world war ii, or because some asians want to integrate with white people and leave the rest of us behind. but people usually don't suddenly wake up and go "now im racist"

i've only been to hong kong, not china, but i find it funny that a woman was so offended by the word horse that she was willing to commit manslaughter. i don't think most people would really react like that. it's very funny though.

i just wanna say, i really appreciate that jay uses they/them pronouns and the little note about not being racist to asians :) i'm tired of people joking about the coronavirus. it's nice to see someone stand up for us for a change.

good luck! keep up the good work.