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Katherine Queen chapter 22 . 10/26
For a little bit, I actually believed Deirdre's fears that Gerard had loved someone else, but then I remembered that a few chapters back, he actually confessed his love to her. I felt that Anna was the star of this chapter, especially because of her trying to convince Deirdre that the love Gerard had for her was true and it was very much clear to her that Deirdre had been in love as well with Gerard.

I definitely enjoyed the conflict brought on by her insecurities about Adela. And, I also loved it when Gerard swooped in to show her that Adela meant nothing to him. And, I especially loved the ending to the chapter. This chapter was so beautiful and so romantic. Loved it so much and I hope to be able to read more pretty soon. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 21 . 10/21
Seems like Gerard had some other secrets to share with Deidre. I really thought that the painter having once painted nude landscapes of women was quite an interesting look at the type of painter Moscinski was. Still, I enjoyed that moment when Gerard and Adela reveal to Deirdre that they had once purposely painted each other to look ugly, which was quite interesting to read.

But, for me, what topped it all was when Quinnelly made an appearance in front of Deirdre before disappearing back in the crowd. It seems like there still some plans he has for her. And, based on her reaction, it is proof that she still feels something for him. Or, if not, then he scared her in la very big way. So, I guess the next chapter should reveal what Quinnelly has planned for her. Can't wait to read more. Love this story so much. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 20 . 10/20
Very lovely chapter. It seemed like Deirdre has finally made her decision and is very much in love with Gerard. Perhaps, there's still some doubts in her, but maybe she will be able to go a little bit further into this story before the ending arrives. I am sure that Quinnelly still has a part to play before Gerard makes the announcement of his wedding, but I guess I will have to see what happens during the next chapter regarding his announcement. Still, I hope that Deirdre will be very happy, no matter which man she chooses in the end. I hope to read more soon. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 19 . 10/18
I really, really loved how you described the dress that Gerard selected for Deirdre to wear. It was like I could see the dress. Learning about Gerard's past the way the maid remembered it was quite the fun read, but I do understand both sides. Gerard's side, because only he could tell the story correctly. Deirdre's side, because dwelling into the past may not be easy for the person who lived it to tell it without some fears.

I also enjoyed the letter that Gerard wrote and I especially loved that Gerard managed to forgive Deirdre, despite the mistake she made. It really shows just kind and gentle he really is. This story continues to amaze. I love this love affair so much. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 18 . 10/17
Looks like Quinnelly isn't done with Deidre, but with the way he acted earlier, I would rather have nothing to do with him and it seems like she feels the same. Still, absolutely love Gerard and I am very glad that Deidre wants him as her love. Very special, elegant and beautiful. I can't wait to see what comes next when the wedding between Deidre and Gerard becomes reality. Love this story so much, looking forward to the next chapter. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 17 . 10/16
Gerard sleeping with her to keep Deidre safe and sound. Awe, how sweet. I am certainly loving this new side to Gerard, it seems like he clearly cares for her and it is so heart warming to see him treat her with such tenderness. Sure, Deidre has made her mistakes, but maybe she will be able to see that the prince Gerard truly means what he says by loving her. This love affair between the two of them is so elegant. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 16 . 10/15
Lots and lots of drama in this chapter. First, Gerard confesses his love and Deirdre finally realizes that there might be more to him than she thought. More to him that remind her of Quinnelly. Then, Quinnelly shows up and dances with her. Perhaps, even planning some other things, until he finds that Deirdre has accepted the ring that Gerard gave her. Then, out of the blue, Quinnelly loses it and it seems like he vows to never see her again. This story with Deirdre dealing with men that she is having conflicting emotions with is quite a fun read. This story continues to amaze and delight. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 15 . 10/14
At first, I didn't like Gerard. Well, I adored him during the dances and when he proposed. But, once Deidre is caught under the same roof, he was not an easy man to like. But, he keeps growing on me and I like that a lot. It makes me so happy that he is trying his hardest to win her heart. And, it is very clear that Deidre is slowly getting used to him, which I would say is going in the right direction in their relationship. This story continues to impress and I love it so much. Can't wait to read more of this elegant love affair. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 14 . 10/13
Looks like Gerard is finally getting through to her. With Deirdre finally telling him why it had been so hard for her to fall for him, this is likely the moment when he finally knows what she wants from her new home. Maybe with this new knowledge from her, he will finally be able to treat her with the love he actually feels for her. It should be very interesting how he goes about treating her this time. The quality of this story is so top notch, very beautiful and elegant. Very much in love with this story. I hope to read more soon. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 13 . 10/13
It seems clear to me that Gerard does have feelings for her, otherwise he wouldn't be doing things like this, but he just does not know how to express how he feels. I just think that he just isn't going about it the right way. But, I imagine there should be something to look forward to in the next chapter.

And, it is clear that Deidre wants nothing to do with him. So, I understand that what he is putting her through is far more than what she is used to. Never lived in a lap of luxury, so being in one is so foreign to her, it is a very new experience for her. One can only wonder where she will ever be able to adjust to all of this. But, I am sure that I will see it in the near future as the story continues. Can't wait to read more. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 12 . 10/12
It is becoming clearer and clearer that Gerard and Deidre may not be meant for each other after all. At first, I was rooting for him to win her heart, now I am not so sure if he is even capable of love. It shows a lot about his character when he is trying to buy her love every chance he gets. The grand desire of this chapter for me came from the visit by Quinnelly.

For him, Quinnelly, it is becoming clearer and clearer to me that he and her are meant for one another. So far, Deidre is doing things around him that suggest that she likes him. Sure, she is carrying some doubts about him and it is true that there is plenty for her to think about, but it seems like there is something special between the two of them.

When it comes to that ring that Gerard bought for her, that is the mere proof in itself that he is only interested in winning her heart, latching her to him, by buying her, by bribing her. It is just plain wrong that he thinks that women can be bought. Wow, there is so much conflict going on in this story and it continues to show me just how much work went into this. So far, really loving where this story is going. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 11 . 10/11
Really enjoyed how you focused on both Gerard's and Deirdre's feelings for each other. It was quite fun reading the opposing views of love and whole lot of other things. I especially loved the time spent on the ball scene. How Deirdre saw all of this comfort as foreign to her was unique to her character. It was quite good when she needed some time to adjust to all of this, which is fine. But, even better, it seems Quinnelly hasn't given up on her. Can't wait to see what happens next. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 10 . 10/10
Looks like Deidre wasn't pleased, not at all, to have an announcement of marriage, of her being his bride, right in front of an entire crowd. Especially, with her not feeling the same way about him. And, his reaction when she told him how she felt about him was not pleasant, not in the least. So, it seems like she is in really deep now that he knows her true feelings. This Cinderella twist continues to amaze with every chapter. Really love this story. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 9 . 10/10
Wow, was not expecting Gerard to all ready have marriage in his head for Deidre. That was really fast. It only proves just how much she captured his heart. There were no plans for him to say goodbye to her, not in the least. Instead of saying goodbye to her, he wants her all to himself, for the delights of marriage. I wonder how Deidre is going to react to all of this. Can't wait to read more. Love, love this story. Great job.
Katherine Queen chapter 8 . 10/9
With it like Deidre not actually being there while doing all of those things for the Braggs merely proves just how much they don't respect her. Very sad seeing that happen to her. I liked how Gerard made his entrance while Deidre was distracted, very fun.

Okay, finished the chapter. I enjoyed the dancing, including the talks during the dancing. It seems like the old Prince Gerard and Deidre are perfect for each other. At least, so far that seems the case. Hopefully, it stays that way as the wonderful love affair continues. This is such a wonderful romance story and I love it so much. Great job.
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