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thejas horrious chapter 27 . 12/17/2020
Happy to see finally they both together
Kurono Kuro chapter 27 . 10/14/2020
That unexpected cross over (although they only shared names) made me cracked a laugh. I don't know why you did that but it's quite a new element added so good one there. Damn. Even Flameclaw? XD I can't stop laughing there. I'll look forward to Haruka's side as well.

This was an action, and events filled chapter. So I see that third years are already well recognized for their abilities, but that's not that important in this chapter as the main subject here is the gas. I liked the way you ended this chapter. It felt like I've read an end of a volume, or an end of a movie as the screen turned black. Freedom-4's last speech nailed it.

So far, this is the biggest event in the whole story and it kinda seems big enough for a plot's turning point. Goodluck on revising it, or on the continuation someday.

-Freedom-4 said as he and Freedom-5 and Freedom-4 made their way through the Eastern side.
Kurono Kuro chapter 26 . 9/29/2020
I was surprised at that start. It made me think twice again if he's really gone for or not, late on the thought that it is most likely a trick, like he had been replace by a robot or something. I wonder why I didn't thought of illusion that time. So he was the minister from the very start. That sudden shift of his demeanor made me think that "Minister, are you perhaps a good person despite shooting Thomas?" turns out he was Thomas himself though XD

The attacks in Thermus explains the lack of police force. It would make sense that most or almost all of them would be sent to Thermus or other cities that have been targeted with attacks. And so, it isn't weird anymore. The police have just made a process of elimination and selected what have presents a higher prioritization, of course it isn't Lissa's wedding.

Desmond was a character I didn't expect. I thought he would not hesitate to kill civilians for their goal but it seems it was not the case. The ending of the chapter was really surprising. This short wedding arc certainly was able to become an opening act for the next big event that is coming to them. The progression felt smooth, at least for me, and it amde me thinj that this whole incident makes sense now. Credits for Desmond and the police for the revelations in this chapter.

Man, my expectations that they are going to make up have been Betrayed few times now so I won't expect too much in the next chapter anymore.
Kurono Kuro chapter 25 . 9/20/2020
I thought for sure that Lissa, in this chapter would be the focus and that she would confess to Thomas already given what happened in the last chapter. Instead, she choose to let the ceremony proceed while having a plan to ruin it. It's really a problem if both person end up giving up midway just because of a mistake.

So we're actually crashing the ceremony. It's a relief that Thomas came after being convinced by the Guys. And that's a bit of something of a cliffhanger. I suspect that Thomas isn't actually hurt though and that this is just a diversion.
Kurono Kuro chapter 24 . 9/12/2020
I read this last night, I just didn't had the time to make the review right away. Anyway, here we go.

Being helped by other people in relationship matters seems awkward to write, (I just imagined myself writing such scene, you see.) But yeah, since their relationship is that much in shambles, they need someone to meddle in. They won't be able to solve the whole thing otherwise.

When she said the word "love" I was surprised there. Didn't think she would honestly admit that herself. But well, this would mean that they she will make the move now? And if she die stell her feelings to Thomas, our Thomas might just say something like, "Stop it. I don't need to he consoled" or something. He'll become a bastard again and make it harder for Lissa. We'll see how it proceeds though.

On Thomas's side. Yeah, Ren could have had punched him and I wouldn't complain or anything XD. Is the title a payback or something?
Kurono Kuro chapter 23 . 9/5/2020
Love potion is kinda a nice topic to tackle. It became as a "relaxant" as Skye described it but it's still a good topic nevertheless. But well, if we're talking about Love Potion, I'm pretty sure it would work as some sort of suggestion, or what you took here, as a stimulant. The latter would be probably easier to resist though.

I am surprised about Nina, thought she didn't have any interest for Oscar at all XD. And also the process where her circuits or whatever inside her head can process that relaxant. She has a sense of smell, so I'm guessing that her brain must be very similar to humans in structure for that to have effect. This aslo means you can't count on her if some sort of psychological attack would be done though.
Kurono Kuro chapter 22 . 8/28/2020
Oh right, They (except Oscar) doesn't know she's an automata. Given that Jun had been able to guess that she's a robot correctly makes me think that the others might have figured it out too. Well, I can see no reason why they wouldn't know about her, since, it seems that named characters are part of the main casts, along with Nina. Unless, there'll going to be a traitor or something among them.

The guns and the various equipment makes it more to have the vibe of sci-fi, and action so I think this is effective. Hmm. I won't question their friendships but going so far for Lissa is quite weird. I can understand Ren since he can't refuse Jun but Oscar, I don't know why he would risk his life on a seemingly hard mission at first glance, since you haven't described how the soldiers behave, if they are non slacking then it would be really hard, I guess. Well anyway, I mean, that much of gears of the armed men would make them think "should we pull out?" or something wouldn't they? And then they'll both agree that something is definitely fishy so it's worth the risk and continue with the job. But without that kind of conversation, all I can see in them in that part are kinda one-directional (not sure what this means but it seems fitting so.) character that doesn't change its thoughts once they decided on something. Ren's mental note in the end made it better though.

Ren sneaking really seems like COD. Since I am familiar with such situation (given that I played some) I get the image of him hiding on some spots, proceeding to move on while listening to some armed men's conversation quite clearly. Actually, the whole thing felt like I was watching COD all of the sudden XD.

-"[Ending] the Mansion right now," - Entering?
Kurono Kuro chapter 21 . 8/23/2020
Damn Thomas, he's still going at it. But since he's steaming from that, this really proves that she likes Lissa (which he is aware somehow, given that the narration stated as well that he is interested in her in the last chapter). Well, anyway, he's not fully aware yet.

His pessimistic thought, damn, I bet this is how you felt when you read Aki's monologues. Worse, all of his thoughts are wrong about Lissa, and that's damn frustrating. You know, like the moments in some Shoujo Manga where everything goes wrong and I can't wait for the part where they make up again.

Man, they all seem going gloomy. Where's the usual lively bantering of the characters XD? The engagement aslo makes Thomas and Lisa's relationship worse. Yeah, going downfall which makes it even better when they started to rise again

Now on the engagement part. Lissa said herself that it was suspicious and I think so too. Probably, this man is a member of the ALC or something that goes along those lines. Or maybe one who is affiliated with the guys who destroyed Niltria. Anyway, the engagement will definitely be canceled.

Okay. So I'm going with this story, that man Desmond knows that Lissa is Arios's daughter. If he's from Niltria then they might use Lissa to continue the experiment of making super soldiers. Thomas will have recovered a bit and will learn about this, and he can't stand to do nothing of course. He will try to convince Lissa to revoke the engagement and then they wil confront the man together, Thomas saying, "I am her boyfriend" or something. And then "Oh, we can't do that." AND SO THE BATTLE BEGINS! XD Hahahaha. Lol, I tried to make a theory. I suppose this might be possible. This will lead to them to have a better relationship than before probably.

Professor Pryce, whoa, so she learned about it after all. Despite that, she still lkept her distance. She has probably something in her mind ath the moment.
Kurono Kuro chapter 20 . 8/23/2020
What the hell Thomas, he became pessimistic right off the bat. Lissa was not sure of herself either when Thomas asked her, which made it all complicated. Actually, I am expecting that Lissa would blow away some of Thomas's insecurities. Didn't thought you would end it that way. I am also curious what happened to Thomas after, but I guess he just went back to reading and overworking himself more.

Lol. I had my suspicions the moment I heard that title but I just thought that it was just your preference or something. After seeing their surnames, I am convinced that The Lady Immaculate and Lord Scholar is a someway or another referring to your story. And by the way, The Lady Immaculate and Lord Scholar (Movie and Drama), and The Lady Immaculate and Lord Bookworm (What Petra was reading) two different stories?

Very well, I have net XD So I went to play the song. But sure, two songs were taxing. I suggest you might want to put the titles of the sing before the chapter starts so that I ther reader won't have to pause reading by going to search in net. Well, this is only one of the few time I really read with the songs so I might not have the net nor interest to do next time.

That was the engagement? Whoa. Damn, that's one kind of bomb you dropped. He'll yeah Thomas, go and crush the party! And what's with the shipping? XD the pairings are very much obvious.
Kurono Kuro chapter 19 . 8/23/2020
Hmm. Well, I don't know the pysical appearance of Andras and Arios, so it is most likely the two of them. Aniel, hmm. This might be the name that Arios meant to give to his daughter, who is now named Lissa. I doubt Arios instructed the woman who raised her to name her Lissa, after all.

Ohohoho. Lissa agreed to Petra's plan to take Thomas in a date to help him recover, both the mental fatigue and mental damage. I bet she's been told to try to cheer him up, despite everything that happened. We'll, this could be most from the desire to help but really, I think she doesn't mind having a date with Thomas at all.

-The Man said as he made his way towards a nearby spot as he sat down [] placed his sword down- [and]
Kurono Kuro chapter 18 . 8/2/2020
Ah damn. Yvonne, that's harsh of her. I can understand where she's getting from and it's kind a hard to blame her here for acting that way. It's inconsiderate though.

Okay. The hints of Thomas becoming a dark hero is not yet appearing, instead, a hardworking but self-blaming hero is coming into view right now. I do hope his efforts will be rewarded though. And one thing I'm looking forward is how he will become in the future.

The short story of Charl and Alice plotting something in the dark really shows that the two countries are not at peace whether against each each other or against the ALC.

Right now, it seems that this story will focus on the conflict with the ALC in the future. The things are still in the process of building at the moment, focusing the story in the students in the academy, making it an academy focused story while it will go into deffrent direction sometime like what had happened in the Embassy and Nina. Thomas and the rest are still inexperienced students. The earliest they will be sent to confront the ALC again will be in a mission or an unexpected event that will happen that'll drag them without having any choice in the matter.
Darth Zannacross chapter 17 . 7/28/2020
So...filler arcs eh? Long as its not like Naruto or Bleach's filler hell should not be to bad lol.

Oscar keeps trying to get Nina to understand humanity...nearly reminds me of Aegis from Persona 3 or KOS-MOS or something, we will see if it gets as intense as those instances.

Well, Nina is not flunking the quest for friendship so far, long as she does not get to trigger happy. We will see, but till next time best of luck.
Darth Zannacross chapter 16 . 7/27/2020
Nina's being a tad difficult, when she learns humanity hopefully she grasps manners well to. Well, at least Oscar is teaching her a few things such as friendship...long as its not a trap, we will see.
Darth Zannacross chapter 15 . 7/26/2020
This test gets rather explosive fast, the clones don't mess around, guess having the DNA of legends will pull that off. Thomas and Lissa seem to be bonding well, hopefully Nina's probing won't throw a wrench in that bonding. Guess we will see soon.
Kurono Kuro chapter 17 . 7/25/2020
Nice. I like this topic since I may someday encounter such topics. What does it mean to be a human or something.

Oh so that's the reason why she accepted Charl as her new master that time. The two are sparring again. Sure they do love doing that. By the way, what happened to the secret revealing part about Lissa being an illegitimate child? And Thomas still shouldering his guilt? It's probably because of the shift of focus that diverted the narration to Nina's side.

Now, now. Oscar knowing the secret Headmaster is supposed to hide means that Headmaster isn't aware of the bugs? Although circumstances vary from one another, the academy might have actually a lax security given that they don't have countermeasures against that. If not, Oscar is just that good? Welp, anyway, I'm leaning on the former.

And here I was wondering what Ren is doing all this time. Now he comes back again, with a girl having a crush on him.

I saw one typo "attacked" which is supposed to be "attached" my browser si not working properly and the copy, cut, select options doesn't show.
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