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Kurono Kuro chapter 18 . 8/2
Ah damn. Yvonne, that's harsh of her. I can understand where she's getting from and it's kind a hard to blame her here for acting that way. It's inconsiderate though.

Okay. The hints of Thomas becoming a dark hero is not yet appearing, instead, a hardworking but self-blaming hero is coming into view right now. I do hope his efforts will be rewarded though. And one thing I'm looking forward is how he will become in the future.

The short story of Charl and Alice plotting something in the dark really shows that the two countries are not at peace whether against each each other or against the ALC.

Right now, it seems that this story will focus on the conflict with the ALC in the future. The things are still in the process of building at the moment, focusing the story in the students in the academy, making it an academy focused story while it will go into deffrent direction sometime like what had happened in the Embassy and Nina. Thomas and the rest are still inexperienced students. The earliest they will be sent to confront the ALC again will be in a mission or an unexpected event that will happen that'll drag them without having any choice in the matter.
Darth Zannacross chapter 17 . 7/28
So...filler arcs eh? Long as its not like Naruto or Bleach's filler hell should not be to bad lol.

Oscar keeps trying to get Nina to understand humanity...nearly reminds me of Aegis from Persona 3 or KOS-MOS or something, we will see if it gets as intense as those instances.

Well, Nina is not flunking the quest for friendship so far, long as she does not get to trigger happy. We will see, but till next time best of luck.
Darth Zannacross chapter 16 . 7/27
Nina's being a tad difficult, when she learns humanity hopefully she grasps manners well to. Well, at least Oscar is teaching her a few things such as friendship...long as its not a trap, we will see.
Darth Zannacross chapter 15 . 7/26
This test gets rather explosive fast, the clones don't mess around, guess having the DNA of legends will pull that off. Thomas and Lissa seem to be bonding well, hopefully Nina's probing won't throw a wrench in that bonding. Guess we will see soon.
Kurono Kuro chapter 17 . 7/25
Nice. I like this topic since I may someday encounter such topics. What does it mean to be a human or something.

Oh so that's the reason why she accepted Charl as her new master that time. The two are sparring again. Sure they do love doing that. By the way, what happened to the secret revealing part about Lissa being an illegitimate child? And Thomas still shouldering his guilt? It's probably because of the shift of focus that diverted the narration to Nina's side.

Now, now. Oscar knowing the secret Headmaster is supposed to hide means that Headmaster isn't aware of the bugs? Although circumstances vary from one another, the academy might have actually a lax security given that they don't have countermeasures against that. If not, Oscar is just that good? Welp, anyway, I'm leaning on the former.

And here I was wondering what Ren is doing all this time. Now he comes back again, with a girl having a crush on him.

I saw one typo "attacked" which is supposed to be "attached" my browser si not working properly and the copy, cut, select options doesn't show.
Kurono Kuro chapter 16 . 7/25
A new character introduced again. And we have a development in Nina's side as well. Turning her into a human, eh. So it'll somehow turn out into the people who lost their family to have a personal attendant (Automatas) to help them coping their problems.

The ladybug bots is troubling though. Perhaps Oscar also knows about Thomas and Lissa's paternity now? And the fact the faculty doesn't mind it is something else. I really doubt they failed to notice any of Oscar's bots, you see.

-[Petra] and the others who also ventured into the Niltria Lab at the Culthos Mountains that they first found her in her heavy armor and was actively killing them until [Petra] forcibly reprogrammed her causing her second form to be deployed, - [Charl]?

Quite a few chapters with no nitpick so here I am again!

-Thomas shrugged and then smiled as he stood up and [left] and then turned to Louis. "Try to get that looked, she's surprisingly a powerful kicker."

And with that he [left,] for a brief moment, the two continued to tease Lissa for a bit until they noticed a braided cord on the table. - Left will mean he entirely went somewhere, which means he won't be able to talk to Louis. If it's a typo, I'm guessing [Left his seat/the table
Kurono Kuro chapter 15 . 7/25
Whooaaa. She's really impulsive. Damn right, she just hugged him there, and yep, dense. Nice. That's just girly, and I like that!

Lissa, acting on her impulse, is more honest and straightforward than she usually is. Kind of cute as well actually. More so, since zshe still gets embarrassed. I'm surmising that she'll be recalling this scene again some time and getting flustered all by herself while our hero, Thomas is completely oblivious, since judging from the last sentence, he's more of a dense than her.

Thomas and Lissa scene in this chapter overshadowed the sparring, and even thw revelation of the figures of light. (in my opinion.) This gives more pieces to the image and answers the question in my review in the last chapter. But then, again, it raises that question (again) why he did not made sure to observe the two as they grow up without showing himself. In my viewpoint, he just made a blunder there.

The mother being told about the situation excites me. I'm wondering what they will do, and how will they approach their child.

Good chapter. Especially about Thomas and Lissa XD
Kurono Kuro chapter 14 . 7/25
Alright. There's the explainatiin I am looking for XD. I mean, the story why they became and adopted son and an illegitimate child. That somehow explains it now. Professor Bell and Pryce huh?

Hmm. So even the two mother doesn't know where their child went? Since if they did, then the must be aware of Lissa and Thomas. Parents, who cares for their children, usually will monitor their children, probably. The two father must have quite resolved theirselves to hide the two from the public to this much of a degree, if they are the one who hid them. But if it's the mothers, then I couldn't really fathom why.

The thought of the two having half-sibling have a kind of fresh, or maybe a bit melancholic as well. Dunno, I just kinda somehow felt that vibe.

Welp. Honestly I couldn't think immediately of something Thomas needing to compensate after Lissa said it. And then I read Thomas's reply and staring at her chest. So probably it was Thomas who interpreted it as *that*. But oh Boy, if that was deliberate, Lissa has some "bad" side XD.

It's still early but well, I'll ship Petra and Kyle hahaha!
Kurono Kuro chapter 13 . 7/25
Indeed. Thomas and Lissa is flirting, no doubt! Espc Thomas, he's on roll repeating his line about Lisa's smile. However this time, it seems that Lissa didn't take it bad too much. Hs just shrugged off his claims. Before, she would have said about him trying to hit on her on something.

Hmm. The story is going well now. So they officially confirmed now that both are really the children of the heroes.

But still... I'm not yet fully convinced! Someone give me more detailed explanation of the whole paternity of Lissa and Thomas! Lol.

Headmaster seems to be thinking of something, and an idea pops in my head that maybe if he reveals to the public about the parentage of the two, both of them might be affected quite large (Like they are going to be forced to become their own country's heroes and then fight each other.)

Nurse Slate seems to know more than Headmaster based on the dialogues. I won't be surprised as well if someone close to the heroes knows about the fact that they had children. Since, it would be weird if the nurse knows about the two should the two heroes decided to hide the existence of their own child to the public.
Kurono Kuro chapter 12 . 7/25
Hoho. Man, that scene makes me grin for some reason although she just only applied bandage XD, and I grinned further when I learned Thomas was happy about it hahaha.

Nina is really helpful and she seems a nice character. Although I'm having a bit of mixed feelings with the name. Welp. Happens sometimes.

I suspected it but seems that the two are really the actual descendant. But with the number of clues you wrote, I think anyone will catch up to it though. Still, I'm not yet full convinced as I'm waiting for more explanation.

And about the clone again, if the only process to remove the deterioration of the clones was to add blood then I think the whole problem wouldn't occur in the first place since whoever made them must have thought of a simple solution already, especially (not sure about this) if the the clones are made in the time of Andras and Arios. Again though, since there wasn't enough information regarding the part of the exact possible cause of the deteriorations. Is it the DNA forced into them rejecting their body, the alterations on the brain, physical enhancement through drugs (which damages their bodily functions or something), or basically all of the reasons. So we can't be sure what's the actual reason why the blood is necessary. And one more thing to note is that maybe there is something more to the process than just dropping the blood into the serum.

-But her most notable features were these series of wires that [] - the next part is missing.
Kurono Kuro chapter 11 . 7/25
I take it that the day when Petra and Kyle collapsed is also the same day of the mission so it isn't weird that only the six of them are able to go immediately (since Charl and Arthur can't get combat personnel or supports from their families) I'm gonna ask but why only now that Arthur and Charl thought of finding the medicine, or even Petra and Kyle. Had they never thought of doing the search before reaching that state? If they had, they would have been able to get more enough time to prepare for the mission.

That aside, the humonculi grabs my attention and I'm excited on the encounter. Maybe, she will become their comrade after all but weapons? Well, maybe she'll fight them beforehand or something though or perhaps meant to guard the one who activated her.
Darth Zannacross chapter 14 . 7/22
Seems we got a friendly duel ahead to test what people really have inherited. Well, off to a intense start so this should be fun.
thejashorrious chapter 15 . 7/13
I thought nurse slate was a
Darth Zannacross chapter 13 . 7/14
Paternity is always a tricky subject, double so for clones, just ask Jango Fett lol.

Another tricky subject, at times, relationship drama.

Looks like the real drama is if Petra and co will come clean, guess its still not decided, we will see how thigns go next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 12 . 7/10
Ah, been delayed but lets get back into the Axis, were we got some compromising going on. Well, getting robots on your side can be rather helpful long as they don't turn on yah.

Still, not sure what this revelation will lead to but doubt its going to end well, ruh oh.
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