Reviews for The Zilos Chronicles Volume Three: The Vengeful Inferno
Nerissa-McC chapter 17 . 16h
Zandoris can emit radiation?! 0_0 I hope he hasn't used that power before, or hundreds of innocent people could have gotten cancer because of him :o Wow, Queen Helena sounds like a real piece of work! I hope she's really dead and isn't going to come back too 0_0
Flute Ocean chapter 17 . 10/27
Hmm...I expected more of a reaction out of Ares over Morganna, but I guess he's really just some hate-filled mad dog.

Zandoris was the one who was really surprising in this one. So for all of his coldness, calmness, and collectedness, he's really just a "Super Steiner" when push comes to shove? Heh, I almost want to look back through volume one to see if he ever looked down on Steiner back then, knowing now that he really wasn't any better than him. The only difference is someone came along and gave him a cybernetic body when he died. He didn't even have to work for it.

Interesting tidbits on the old queen, though. I guess we can see where Raphael gets his side.

Not sure if the ending means that Xorgoth is already on his way or not. Guess we'll find out soon... Although if the Dragon Zomas definitely aren't differentiating between Jinn Cadre and protagonists, I wonder what makes Ares think Xorgoth won't simply crush him like an ant if he shows up... Then again, he might not care either way. Like I said, it's pretty clear he's just a hate-filled nut at this point who wants everything to die and doesn't care how.

See you next chapter. :)
Nerissa-McC chapter 16 . 10/16
Yikes, it must have been horribly hot if even Greymont was bothered by the heat 0_0 Thank goodness Morgana's dead! That's one less threat for Richard and his friends... even if they now have to face yet another one 0_0
Guest chapter 16 . 10/16
Deacon actually met his fate with some dignity. I was pleasantly surprised. It's a bit more puzzling why Morganna went out the way she did, though. She was so crazy she even said that killing people she actually liked would be doing them a favor. She claimed she was paying Richard back, but...that's kind of weird considering all the crap she was talking about him plus the fact she still wanted him dead and believed Ares would kill him instead. It seems more like she just didn't want the fight ending with her being "taken alive".

Two more down. Only Zandoris is left of the Jinn Cadre, and he's up next. I honestly didn't expect Orion to get another "shot at the title", so this should be interesting.

See you next chapter. :)
Flute Ocean chapter 15 . 10/1
Oh boo hoo. Let me play for these omnicidal maniacs on the world's tiniest violin. I just realized they're the epitome of entitled. They're not going "Mr. or Mrs. X owes me", or "this country owes me", or even "society owes me"...they've gone full wacko and are saying "the human species owes me". How grotesquely conceited.

Anyway, now we're well into the final act of this volume and, most likely, the entire trilogy. Time for the biggest climax yet. This will probably be Deacon and Morgana's last hurrah, but seeing as only the king has shown himself capable of taking on a Jinn Cadre one-on-one, Richard could be in trouble. The big question now for me is if everyone else outside will finish cleaning up dragon corpses soon enough to join in.

Well...that and one other thing that concerns me. Those Rakthia guys still have quite a few nuclear weapons on them. I wonder if one of them will get skittish and pull a move that will be a game changer...

See you next chapter. :)
Nerissa-McC chapter 15 . 10/1
Even though they're dangerous and trying to kill Richard and his friends, the undead dragons are so cool! Oh no, I hope Richard finds some way to escape Morgana before it's too late 0_0
Flute Ocean chapter 14 . 9/15
Well, the hits keep coming. As bad as that conference went, the Aurino forces might find themselves caught up in a two-way or even a three-way war when they get there even not accounting for the Iblis Corps.

Kristen's got a good point. Really, Morgana isn't better than any of the Jinn Cadre, and she's just as much of an omnicidal maniac and a sadist to boot. Richard should just focus on taking her down as quickly as possible regardless of Kristen's private motivations.

I'm a bit surprised to see everyone so casual and optimistic. As near as I can tell, they can't even take down a guy with one Dragon Helix Emerald, which means they've got no chance of success now that they have all of them. And considering that every attempt they've made to stop the Iblis Corps has ended with either failure or defeat, I really wonder what makes them all think they'll somehow succeed. And all of this means that the end of the world is inevitable. If I were them, I'd be crossing my fingers that the villains can't control Xorgoth when he gets revived, because they might as well hope he takes out the bad guys and they end up breaking even. :P

See you next chapter. :)
Nerissa-McC chapter 14 . 9/15
Yikes, Miriam's cinnamon turkey sounds almost as dangerous as Ares and co. 0_0 Poor Richard and his friends can never get a break; they've just survived one battle and now they have to fight another :( I hope they all get a holiday after they defeat Ares! *crosses fingers*
Flute Ocean chapter 13 . 8/29
Interesting to get a bit of new lore at this point in the story, although I'd say in the grand scheme of things it doesn't change too much from the perspective of humanity. It DOES, however, make humans much weaker than what they give themselves credit for if they were only able to win last time with the support of other dragons.

Another glorious defeat for Richard and company. :/

See you next chapter.
Nerissa-McC chapter 13 . 8/29
Aww, so poor Greymont still hasn't found his parents :'( I hope he finds out about them soon! *crosses fingers* Oooh, so he might be able to take a human form too? Can't wait to see that! :D
Flute Ocean chapter 12 . 8/16
Hardly a moment to rest, and already on the next stage of their adventure.

Oh boy...Morganna's around. And unlike Richard, she knows who he is and that she needs to kill him and the rest of his gang. This doesn't bode well...

Big surprise at the end. Turns out not all the dragons got killed by that virus after all, eh? Next chapter promises to be an interesting story...assuming Morganna doesn't cut it short with her own move, of course.

Nice chapter. See you next time. :)
Nerissa-McC chapter 12 . 8/16
Wrynis sounds so cool! I love the idea of a place being covered with coral; it's beautiful and also a bit eerie :) Yay, Greymont isn't the only dragon after all! *punches air* I hope the other dragons are as adorable as he is :D Though that last line is very ominous 0_0
Nerissa-McC chapter 11 . 8/14
Sorry for taking so long to review this chapter; my computer stopped working and I had to get a new one :/

The fight between Voltaire and Kill-Zone is so cool! Oooh, is Greymont going to learn what he really is soon? *crosses fingers*
Flute Ocean chapter 11 . 8/1
I was honestly surprised at Kill-Zone's true identity. Might be seeing more of him now that he probably can't rely on Electro Ball as his chief source of income. Same thing with Jekyll, although he's apparently the type with more than one "secret identity" lying around to use.

Some pretty nice fights in this chapter. :) But it sounds like from what the Don blabbed that they may not be ready to call it quits on foes from Rakthia just yet. It'll depend on what all awaits them in Wrynis, although I think it's a safe bet to expect more of the Iblis Corps.

See you next chapter. :)
Nerissa-McC chapter 10 . 7/19
LOL, you know Greymont's really worried when he stops eating XD Olba's death creeped me out 0_0 Yikes, Jekyll's terrifying! I hope he's defeated soon 0_0
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