Reviews for Angels Creed
Zukafu Chiriamoto chapter 1 . 4/8/2020
I rather enjoyed this start. Bit of humour and really highlights Uzaki's slightly grey character - not all pure and innocent but also not too dark either. A believable person who's committed a few sins but nothing too major.

I am very curious about one thing in particular which I'm sure will get hinted at and brought up at a later time... How did he die? It's not clear if Uzaki knows himself or not as he doesn't ask about his death or anything like that. Still, it's a little intrigue to have this ambiguity - whether intentionally done or not. I hope to read on and figure it out.

The best advice I think I'd give from viewing this chapter is to work on some of the descriptions. The scene and specific actions get very little mention. It would help to balance the text heaviness of the chapter and help ground this new and exciting world with some imagery a little more.

Very much enjoyed. Will have to make a point of continuing.
All the best,