Reviews for Isekai Administrator
Epsilon Tarantula chapter 1 . 4/8/2020
Name: Umed Tilak

Age (At the time of this writing): 27

Race: Dragonvian (Draconic-humanoid species), with coloration based on Indian genotypes from family.

Sex: Male

World of Origin: Agartha

Reincarnation Status: I have never once reincarnated.

Prior Contact with Administrative Figure: No.

Bio: I started out as a student being trained by the military of the inter-dimensional empire known as Agartha, but did not live up to my father's expectations until a teacher from another world himself, Stephan Ainsworth, helped figure out what was wrong, and thanks to that, I began to excel in my studies and training. I was fourteen then, and have since spent the past thirteen years assisting that teacher and his allies, whom I consider excellent teachers themselves, in their own goals, as similar corruption is running afoot in my world, and I aim to help stop it. Due to the work which my world's leader engages in, I fear that there may be harmful side-effects that could cause devastating effects on reality. Due to confidentiality, I hope you can appreciate that I too, wish to keep the specifics to myself for now until formal communications are established. I am interested because I fear that there may be a link between what my world's ruler is engaging in, and this troubling revelation that I have received. Considering why I should be picked, I do not think it wise to boast of my abilities/skills/personality traits, as these are irrelevant. However, I have grown to see the beauties and flaws in my home, and have gained a desire to protect and nurture it. I desire to protect it at all costs, and I fear that this threat of additional monsters outside of my world could have devastating consequences concerning the work that I have sworn to stop already. I do not consider this a distraction, but just another aspect to my mission, and what I want for my home. However, if you do desire an ability-set, while I am indeed a card-game user, this translates to rather powerful summoning magic on my end. In the right areas, I can use inherent fire-based combat magic, and have an excellent amount of durability and stamina to boot.

Best way of contact: Telepathic communication.

Now I, the man in charge of this man (Seriously Don, thanks, I've got a name for him! WOOO!), shall ask Admin the following question:

Q. Is it possible for the residents of a world to strike back against the administration? Whether that world be mundane or fantastical? Are admins constrained by the physical laws of a specific world, and/or become vulnerable in such a case?