Reviews for Moonlight: Crimson Moon
noveltealover chapter 1 . 4/14/2020
Hii there!

Just gonna say now that this review will be me rambling and sharing my overall thoughts lol. First off, the description caught my attention when I was browsing through Updated Stories today. You had me at 'werewolves' lol and I've always been a sucker for werewolves in fiction/TV shows. As I was reading this chapter, it gave me Teen Wolf vibes when I recognized some references/inspirations like Morgan having the surname Hale, Paul Vincent being a coach of the lacrosse team and the Lancaster family being hunters. And then lo' and behold, you mentioned TW at the end in your a/n so now I'm totally invested in wanting to read more hahah. Especially since in the world you created, wereanimals seem like the norm in society and humans are aware of them which is cool! Unlike the usual, I guess, where the supernaturals have to hide their presence from humans? And there's even like organizations on opposing ends like Human First and Alpha Luna. Curious to see how they'll play a role in the story.

Next, we're introduced to a wide cast of interesting characters, and I liked Daniel and his BFFs Sahira and Heather instantly. Enjoyed their dynamic and banter. Also, Sahira trying to play Heather's wingwoman to help Heather get together with Daniel ahaha. I love that Daniel's also a bookworm/geek. Soft spot for nerdy protagonists cuz they're relateable lol. I liked the scary story that Daniel told at the campfire, like a twist on Little Red Riding Hood. Morgan was a badass too when Roland confronted her but she dodged his punches with ease ahah, although not certain if she's also a hunter or something else after the Lancaster twins were introduced. And Veronica is suspicious but that might just also be your intention to throw a curveball at who was the wolf that bit Daniel at the end.

Anyway, great first chapter and I enjoyed it! Looking forward to what happens next and adding this to my alerts! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14/2020
So, you wanted to create a unique story...

I don't see it.

I see: an average main character, his bossy best friend, his smart best friend, a bully, a girl that was obviously leading him into a trap of some sort, and some lady in the government(?) that could either be a bad guy or totally irrelevant. Nothing else.

I'm sorry to say this first chapter felt "meh."

But there's hope. The writing can be understood though there are some mistakes, I didn't get bored reading, and it ended around a spot which kind of makes me feel like coming back if this is to be updated.

Overall, this first chapter could be improved, but it's definitely far from bad, and I see potential for this to go completely in a way I didn't expect.