Reviews for Finding Faith
SilkPeach chapter 8 . 5/17
Nice chapter - similar to the last one. I especially enjoyed the third paragraph detailing what chunks of Faith's childhood Rebecca had missed. Pulled at my heartstrings! Sometimes I wonder why you separate your narration into individual chapters, as opposed to integrating them with your dialogue/action scenes? Sometimes I feel the emotions that are written here would be more impactful if they were. Nevertheless, I liked it a lot.
Lots of allusions to faith/the Christian God, as well. Christopher and Rebecca don't seem like they're the type of people to question their God... at all. I have to wonder if this differs in Faith. As a growing child, she might have a lot questions regarding the reason she was taken in the first place. Would a kind and benevolent God allow her to be separated from her family, to allow her to suffer at the hands of an evil person? I can't imagine that assimilating into her family unit will be at all easy for her.
One part that also interested me was how she looked at her family prior to finding Faith - "3 people who lived together." Did this have any affect at all on how she treated her son and husband? Were they more of an obligation/responsibility to her than people she genuinely wanted in her life? Did they lose their meaning to her when Faith disappeared? My interpretation may be incorrect, but after reading this chapter I can only assume that Faith mattered more to her than anyone else in the family, that Faith was the keystone in forming Rebecca's identity as "mother" and "wife." If this is true, this would definitely be an interesting concept to explore. If not, then, of course I'm still excited to see how everything plays out regardless.
Great read. Looking forward to future updates.
SilkPeach chapter 7 . 5/15
Great narration. Christopher's relief really shines through in this chapter, as well as his doubts about himself as a parent. As harsh as this sounds, I enjoyed learning of his insecurities as a father, and him wondering whether Faith's disappearance was a punishment for his past sins. It makes me wonder if there really is a darker side to his past, or if his grief over his daughter led him to believe he was a bad parent. What piqued my interest in this chapter was a descriptor regarding Christopher's efforts to be a good father to Tyler - "unnaturally so." What does this mean?

Anyway, great writing. Looking forward to more as always.
SilkPeach chapter 6 . 5/2
This is definitely a lot to process! After four years of searching, Faith just appears out of nowhere! There are going to be a lot of questions that will need answering in the upcoming chapters.
This chapter was pretty sweet, especially the part where Faith meets her brother. I'm willing to bet that there was a bombardment of emotions being felt by all the family members, though they weren't described much in this chapter. I hope we'll get the chance to see them sooner than later.
It's a great relief that Faith was found! I hope her and her brother will get along, and I hope Rebecca and Christopher reconcile with the fact that they've missed out on years of their child's life. Looking forward to more!
SilkPeach chapter 5 . 5/1
I liked this chapter! It was a nice, heartwarming scene to remind us that Rebecca and Christopher try to be the best parents they can be despite the emotional turmoil they're in. The "God bowling" bit was really cute! My favorite part, though, was how you showed the anger Rebecca feels about the situation - toward herself, fate, maybe even God himself? The fact that Tyler incorporates Faith in his prayers must indicate to Rebecca and Christopher that her disappearance has affected him deeply. I wonder if they ever feel guilty because of that?

Nice work. Looking forward to more as always.
SilkPeach chapter 4 . 4/29
Loved this chapter. It's great insight into Tyler's mind as a child in the midst of a very stressful situation. It broke my heart to learn about how hurt Tyler feels - jealousy of his friends, loneliness, and longing. Your approach to characterization is improving a lot! I hope we can get this sort of thing in all the upcoming chapters.
To improve your writing style, I suggest you try to vary the structure of your sentences. There are a lot of back-to-back simple sentences in this chapter. To spice things up, you could occasionally integrate some more clauses in some of your sentences just to add a bit of diversity! It would definitely make for a more interesting read.
As always, looking forward to more!
SilkPeach chapter 3 . 4/28
This chapter was pretty good! Rebecca's emotions really came through, and understanding her was easy. The anxiety and fear she feels are things I could really sympathize with. Also, Christopher's lamentation of his daughter when looking at her picture really resonated with me.
I was left wanting a little more, though, especially after reading the last paragraph. Rebecca and her husband had involved the entire community in their search for Faith. How has this affected the couple? To what lengths are they willing to go to find her? Has searching for Faith disrupted their routine, relationship, stress level? This is only the third chapter, so I can only hope future chapters will answer my questions!
I'm so excited to see how this story evolves. Can't wait to read more!
Ribeiro chapter 2 . 4/25
Good job kid
SilkPeach chapter 2 . 4/26
Another great update! There are a lot of wonderful things here, but I think my favorite aspect of this chapter was the tone. You really conveyed the panic and stress Christopher and Rebecca feel when they learn of Faith's disappearance. Christopher definitely seems like the anchor in his and Rebecca's relationship. From his dialogue and actions, it seems like he is able to maintain a controlled demeanor even when faced with challenges like this. He's a source of stability and rationale, so it makes me curious to see how he copes with this situation by himself, when he doesn't need to be strong for his wife or other child. Rebecca, from what I've read so far, is like his opposite. As expected of a mother, she openly worries, cries, and expresses her emotions. It's a nice dynamic that feels very familiar.

I'd strongly recommend you review this chapter for grammar, though. There are few lines of dialogue here that have missing/incorrect punctuation or incorrect quotations. Although these are very few (and I might just be nitpicking), correcting these will make the reading experience a lot better, I feel!

As always, looking forward to more! :)
SilkPeach chapter 1 . 4/24
A nice beginning to an intriguing story! I liked how you introduced the characters - Rebecca with her optimism, Christopher trying to be her anchor, and innocent little Tyler.
I'm interested to see how Faith will be found (if she ever is) and what Tyler thinks about his relationship to his missing sister. Has Tyler been living under the tension brought by Faith's disappearance his entire life? How does he feel knowing that he has a missing sibling? Does he even know that he has one? These are questions I hope will be answered later down the line, but alas this is just the first chapter.

So far: good set up of characters and tone. Can't wait to see more :)