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RainbowPearls chapter 30 . 2h
Awww, the last part was so sweet when he kissed her and said that she's precious for him too! Matala seems fun and there seems to be a big adventure, a palace and an axe awaiting for them! And I'm sure they'll have a nice jounery clinging close to each other on the bike. Lol, That was funny when she said she was good at maths anyways and was the star kid just because if the teacher's look? Anyway I agree, I was not a fan of history too except in grade 10th that is, ;P
Now the history teacher was indeed sounded like an old geezer! XD lol.
Nick has some real adventure to offer them and thos really looks good ahead!
Looking forward to more, dude! Update soon!
RainbowPearls chapter 29 . 4h
Woah woah, Sal need to calm down and take a break. XD that super long sentences and so many adjectives in there starting from amazingest was so was Nick's reaction and constant clueless shrugging at Ruth. Well the universe exploding at the intake of coke just got me laughing but thank god, Sal didn't manage to explode. Seriously, Sal seems frisky, high,vibrant and in full blow to give Nick another doe of her wonderful presence. And how sweet it was when she just hugged him! :'D
Well,I'm totally intrigued for Nick's 10 on 10 plan now!
RainbowPearls chapter 28 . 4h
Haha Haha! Absolutely humorous this was. Especially Nick's reaction of being so thrilled and Ruth getting horrorer after she mentioned that Al busters kind of around him. I'm glad that Nick opened up in front of Ruth and spoke about Jen and Sal especially admitting that might bait would have been different if he met Sal first instead. He clearly has a dysfunctional relationship with Jen. He should really take some step and he should ask Sal out. Knowing that Jen is stubborn and she kept on coming back to him and nagged him for moving on,I'm bated to see what Nick does. Its time he rips off the plaster for once and all. Nice chapter. Onto the next
RainbowPearls chapter 27 . 10/20
The sunburn! I almost thought that Izzy collapsed! But anyway nice together and fun the girls had. I laughed when Sal lied about Izzy how they were kindergarten friends. XD The shin thing was funny!I like how Sal genuinely mentions Fay is her best friend. Ann is very daring. I must say. And plus Sal blushing up like that at their imaginations of picturing the guy that way really was so amusing to read. I was like Sal and blushing? But aww, how nicely they consoled her once more. Also I admire Sal's character in the way she tries to hide her feelings for Nick, saying that he should find someone better.

You know," Pat began, sweeping Sal's hair back from her face with one hand and kissing her on the top of her head, "since we know that Jen has hidden feelings for another guy, maybe Nick also has hidden feelings for someone else," she hinted.- This was definitely deep line.

I'm all intrigued for NickSal returning back! And oh ho, the surprise by Nick will be disastrous, I'm sure :D
RainbowPearls chapter 26 . 10/20
Such a fun filled sweet chapter! Seriously Sal takes no time to brighten the environment and ambiance around her with her cheery persona and friendly nature. I like Izzy too and her shock over boyiece, mind shattering theory was hilarious! The women did have fun I must say. And now, Izzy will probably be working at airport together with them! Just great.
Now Izy got a goodd company and a bunch of warm friends too, that's sweet! :)
RainbowPearls chapter 25 . 9/23
Yes, Nick has been helplessly infatuated and besotted, may I say, whipped after Sal. And that line, : She was comfortable in her own skin and what a beautiful skin that was. Indeed Sal is confident and cool, with her awesome appeal most of the times, but that flashback of past was something funny and say, oceans-deep-crush of first sight. I can't believe he woke up gain after getting a bare sleep and he just had to open the photos of her FB to see them again and again and over and over. God, I pity him. Like girls used to be flustered even just by talking to him and here he, in the complete opposite shoe XD Sal has had an infectious effect over him.
And talk about Sal, I think she had juts woken up to gave some Aspirin o treasure hunt, eat it and sleep back and the mission to Pat and Ann worked as a bait for the Aspirin to be found and gulped XD
Update soon :'D
RainbowPearls chapter 24 . 9/23
Well, I can imagine that totally happening. You get over curious, OVER SUPER EXCITED when your crush or close friend texts you and all you can do is madly smile and re read a couple of times XDAnd the same thing goes for the profile and their posts! So this felt so close and damn, relatable. Lol no
And Sal did the same. The text was funny though: fought all the ninjas on his way, xD
RainbowPearls chapter 23 . 9/23
Oh well, this was deep and why not, interesting too. I liked their talks the most, starring from the got frothy coffee and how careful and amusingly meticulous they were before taking their sips and Nick jumping off and scaring her like that, these two never fail to amuse and give me hilarity every minute. I ship them, heartily xD
Regarding the talks, wow, just wow. Sal nailed it with her perspectives being so right concerned with love, and how its different with different people and then coming to the physical part well. I cant believe there two have such mature talks so openly just between them so easily, and why not, its Nick and Sal after all! XD
But I kinda agree a lot with Sal with this dtatendbt of hers: "Exactly, and you'd do the same for Ruth, or Fay or Adam, so you see, you already love people because you care enough about us all to do something as extreme as 'punch someone's lights out' for us. And as for a life partner, of course, you have to care in a similar same way but I think you have to get on well together too and really like each other and...well also, I think it would be an added bonus if you wanted to rip all their clothes off and ravish them every time you saw them. But that could be just be me," she laughed.

And when Nick just answered back saying he's hooked up for the ripping part, I was so laughing out! XD

But I guess I loved the tension that Sal faced this time and that blush. Damn, how much I enjoyed when Nick saw it and later commented on her. He did it! I always loved to see Nick have an upper hand!
RainbowPearls chapter 22 . 9/23
Hahahaha, seriously? Adam's shorts and some random one night fondled guy's shirt? Nick, you're not at all lucky in this regard! Indeed, Sal is so honest, seriously. And talk about fetish and collection! I laughed so bad at that. And oh Nick, you won't find a jacket. Seriously when Sal wore his shirt and half of her too was peeled off towards her waist and off, that was seriously amusing and NEW. XD
RainbowPearls chapter 21 . 9/23
An ethereal and splendid chapter. The swimming was not much but the fear of wetness was humorous with Sal especially that1,2 and 3 go part! XD
That beautiful intimate hig, felt so deep and meaningful and how generous it was of Nick to ask her if she would want to clothe off, thank God, he didn't ask her if he had the courtesy to undress her. XD Nick admitting his past has deeply touched her and shes grateful that she knows him better now
This chapter was so enjoyable to read and felt so beautiful, really.
RainbowPearls chapter 20 . 9/23
Okay, now this was quite an eventful chapter.
I was kinda waiting for this kind of moment between Nick and Sal. (I can call this ship NiSal, right? ;)
Hearing about Nick's past had me bewildered. I couldn't believe such a cool, happy going awesome guy could have such a teary past of his family. I think I can understand or cant exactly blame why his mom left them, but again, that was a bit selfish of her. Nick taking care of his dad and instead not getting the love he really deserved as a parent should have given him was heart breaking. Poor eight year old Nick.
Seeing Sal was downhearted and guilty feeling like that hearing from Nick was even more emotional of her and at least apart from the physical fun they had, they had said things and like TALKED with each other, that was so satisfying to read.
And oh yes the swimming part, ready to strip, Sal? ;)
RainbowPearls chapter 19 . 9/22
Okay, now this was a slightly a change and emotional chapter. The talk about trust, friendship was quite deep. Yes, Sal was absolutely right. She consider him as a friend and in that case, age expects him to open up to her and know why he moved from UK or what's bothering him then. As a friend or a secret lover, she at least tried to make him happy be it in anyway that night. Sal getting emotional was something that almost shuddered me. And yes, she didn't lie anything. . And that's simply, speak up what's in your mind. That should happen now, please .
RainbowPearls chapter 18 . 9/22
Ah, now Nick can't back off. Protectiveness and possessiveness come hers in picture when someone chases your love interest XD
Boyice in this case. I didn't like that guy, though I enjoyed Nick smacking him out of the Tropez. Geez, that guy was seriously annoying.
Now that Sal has truly admitted she dont like Jen, I was so moved by her honestly, like seriously. And I was more fazed by Nick's reaction to her admission. Now that they've sorted out, I hope they have a peaceful night ahead :)
RainbowPearls chapter 17 . 9/22
The song was the most beautiful and ethereal thing that has happened that night and it was a heart touching dedication to Sal. Nick, Sal is best for you, assured. I heard the song after you wrote the link.
I suggest you to hear this song: Clear by Miles Exede. I was listening it whilst reading it. Yes sometimes it's hard to predict and know what Nick's planning. Sal getting puzzled was so satisfying to read xD
Well, getting a little nervous about your dancing skills could be tad dangerous at times, especially when your partner is 'something or almost everything great' in the universe, lol. Thanks for giving the backstory of Jen and Nick. I don't think Adam will ever leave Fay for Jen.
RainbowPearls chapter 16 . 9/22
An erotic chapter without actually eroric content herexD
The physical intimacy got quite off the line in terms of friendship they are bounded in. Sal is indeed enjoying the most here and Nick is refraining from everything he ardently want to just do then.

"So, where shall we go to next?" she asked him.
To do the most pleasurable things to each other. That was the first thing that had popped into Nick's head.- This had me giggling up badly here.

I think the alcohol has excessively entered in their systems and now its impossible for them to stop. I would be a bit disappointed if he didn't answer her question honestly. Really Nick, go on and tell what's on your mind ;)
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