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RainbowPearls chapter 10 . 9/21/2020
.Adam smiled, and Nick went on, "I wouldn't dare risk your wrath by touching her for more than a few seconds."

Adam nodded. "Wise man.". Lmao. Nick did a good job leaving Fay away because Adam seems so possessive of his girlfriend! By the way it was good to se Adam and Fay meeting Nick, nice friends reunion it was!
Double shifts at airport is scarier. Free beers can be sacrificed probably xD
Lords, who would resist that temptation to such a sensational beauty? Not Nick! XD
And that comment by Adam that he need to put his eyes in sockets just had me laughing! Lol!
I could feel that Nick's heart stopped for a second when she clung to his chest like that,nonetheless he formally kissed back, good.
Well, everyone knows that the comment of Sal looking beautiful was just a understatement. She was stunning, alluring and what not :'D
RainbowPearls chapter 9 . 9/21/2020
Conclusion: Nick is beautifully incorrigible! XD
Ruth is the best landlady of universes, not world xD
God, the lady guessed things about Nick and Sal and the sexual tension between them. That indeed felt like what you mentioned.
"Ah hell. He felt like a kid who'd been caught doing something bad. And damn it, he didn't even have a beer now to focus on."
Now Nick should sort out and uncomplicate things and work out with Jen too. He should confess tonight. That must happen now *nod, nod*
On the other note, seriously how would one feel when the person you trained once begins your boss now? Livid? No, I must say ethereal! Especially when Nick Elliot is super besotted magnetically around Sal! XD
RainbowPearls chapter 8 . 9/21/2020
Little black dress is amusing to read. And with that drop dead sexiness radiating from Sal in that dress and over confident attitude, Nick wouldn't mind giving her hot hickeys heatedly. I'm so intrigued to see his reaction.
That apart, I'm feeling glad for Adam and Fay. Adam seems to have quite of experience with what dresses girls would would wear on such eves. Now it's just Nick who will come dressed up in some semi transparent linen white shirt and hot jeans xD
Plus the city life and people have been so serene and peaceful to read and I liked the desrbition of coastal areas and life.
Nice chapter
RainbowPearls chapter 7 . 9/20/2020
Daringly flirtatious! Huh? What a splendid expression that was! Both Nick and Sal are perfect, hot, and amusing couple to me!
Bobby dies," he announced.~ xD xD

The Mind shattering guy was curious to read, hes more hotter than Mr Senseless. XD
God, they are so in love with each other but they are pretending to be friends. The wheelhouse and the nightlout seems so fun and I'm sure she's gonna rock and hopefully Nick will get to kiss her! XP
The tension between them is si anusing to read and it gives perfect vibes for ahead.
The car scene was fun, especially the ribs getting tickled! Gaah! I'm feeling so tickled already! ;)
RainbowPearls chapter 6 . 9/20/2020
Bobby can't be a better boyfriend than Nick, stay assured Sal! Lol.
I laughed at their conversation. The car ride was something I literally loved the most here, because I seriously miss being on car drives, along the window side being seated, cool breezes ruffling, blowing and giving a serene and relaxed feeling all along. Now I'm locked up in home, thanks to Corona! XD

But on a serious note, Sal was like really cleverly inquiring about Jen. And oh wow, she's gonna be here by weekend. I just hope Nick and Sal get to realize their feelings and of each others and confess before Jen makes her family meet Nick actually!
But really, the CDs bring played all loud, so enthralled I was! I used to play loud music on my headphones on long drives!
RainbowPearls chapter 5 . 9/20/2020
Freeya IS a little minx! She's pervy! Idk why I feel like that, sorry xD
I dont like the way she states like that to Nick. And Sal, shes pretty clueless (I think) about Nick's feeling on her. That comment of Sal being not able to resist him if they stayed together which Nick made had me giggling! XD
Btw it was kind of weird of Freya regarding her character.
Nick is a little hurt right now after bring suddenly excited that probably Sal was admitting that she had a crush on him which turned out wrong, oops!
RainbowPearls chapter 4 . 9/20/2020
That reply of I love you too after she simply said she hates him was so sweet and it made me smile. Sal is surely a good head there and shes handling things properly, and Nick... hes so over confident! He thinks hes the best motorbike rider! How openly he admitted that! Whao, impressive!.
Freedia has caused a great havoc there, but I find her a tad creepy, never mind.
Well, Sal has quite of pride because if which she's hesitated so much asking Nick for help. But Nick was too eager to help. I clearly see that Sal doesn't see him as more than a friend. Shes cheerful and confident and that's where it seems to ends. Does Sal seriously doesn't acknowledge Nick's feels towards her? :P
RainbowPearls chapter 3 . 9/20/2020
Is Sal really so clueless that how much she's attracting Nick toward her to no extend to no ends? XD
He's completely besotted with her! Indeed, shes pretty confident and has good sense of way of dealing things, especially with Nick who's got a huge sex appetite suddenly after seeing her more beautiful and confident. The scene of passing between the wall and him in the little space was impish! Nonetheless I liked it! Cool!
RainbowPearls chapter 2 . 9/20/2020
This chapter was so fun and so good to read, I totally enjoyed it!
God, Nick is totally I incorrigible and naughty!
The moment he was admiring her figure and examining her legs under the skirt, I knew he was badly whipped after Sal. But Sal seems quite clueless of what effect shes having on him despite those feckless on her face.
"taking advantage of the feel of 'Sal curves"- this was amusing dude! I was grinning the whole time he was getting her feels. That was so cute when they first hugged! And the interview part was more amusing, especially that age comment being youthful and experienced in all departments! XD
Finally he got the job and indeed, having Sal as her boss is pretty stimulating haha.
RainbowPearls chapter 1 . 9/19/2020
Adam and Fay sounds cool! And Nick is just too good to be hot! Why was that girl drooling and stunned looking at Nick like that? XD
I was smirking ear to ear when he saw Sal like that in the start of the story (was it the prologue?) Abd yes, Adam has done quite a good job hiring her!
Sal's comment in her drive calling the guy sexy had me laughing and I've to just agree that the girl has got guts and she's stunning. Especially with the amount of focus she puts in the makeup! XD
The best part of the day is dressing up and make up for a girl! Woo! I agree, too! ;)
Nick is already whipped after her lol! I think Jen is not in quite good terms prettily with Nick. Well, I'll see what's next soon ;)
Christina chapter 17 . 7/3/2020
I love watching the tension grow between these two, but I do feel bad for Nick's girlfriend. That could get awkward when she arrives. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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