Reviews for One last chance to reach you
madamasharpless24601 chapter 1 . 5/28
Wow. Well, first I want to say how sorry I am that this happened to you. I think many of us can relate to the feeling of being abandoned by someone who was supposed to care about us. You not only described your own pain in the most realistic and raw way, but also invoked the same pain in your reader with the pure realness of your emotions. The novel I'm currently working on deals with a lot of breakups and family issues, so I thoroughly appreciated how well you depicted those same issues while still remaining realistic.

I especially liked the part where you said "I have to learn to stop depending on other people's respect". It's a hard pill to swallow that the thing you spend so much energy on pursuing isn't something that's healthy to pursue at all, but learning this is also a very important part of growing up. Well done.

I hope you are able to work things out. I really do. But if not just know you touched one person and I wouldn't be surprised if you touched many more. I would honestly be surprised if this letter didn't garner lots of attention.

Looking forward to your other works to come.