Reviews for Little Inquiries
Aviantei chapter 1 . 7/12
First up: nice work on the use of Spare for this. My brain automatically went to the verb, but the noun is just as valid of an interpretation. Doing good!

I also like the nature descriptors in this a lot. I tend to like nature descriptors anyways, so that’s bonus points for me. To me this feels like a rumination on why rush to move through these different sceneries. Is what we need to do so important that we can’t take a little time to appreciate the world around us? Hopefully we can all find these moments to appreciate things.

See you next time I drop off a review!
Chronic Guardian chapter 1 . 6/15
Mmmm... rumblings and grumblings. I take this to be a poem of emptiness and emotional displacement. Like, the feeling when you're somewhere new and it feels empty because even the familiar things ring hollower than they should. There's a funny mix of sharp nostalgia and alien openness. If nothing else, it's certainly something to chew on.

Stand out lines include "Sidewalks never sparkle", and "Have you thought to use your own phone?" as both strike me with that surreal familiarity that gives these passages a kind of dream like quality with how their logic fits together.

Good job on keeping up so far! I'm proud of you Eves. May the Summer treat you well!