Reviews for Ever My Direst
Aviantei chapter 1 . 7/20
I really like the rhythm and energy in this one. There’s this nice liberating sense that gives me the impression of standing outside on a thunderstorm, rain pouring down. Of course, you pull the rug out from underneath everything with the ending, giving it a tragic twist, but I still think the strongest points are in the first stanzas. Good stuff.

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Chronic Guardian chapter 1 . 7/8
Stimulus and Stifling, yes? Aptly captured in this "Hurricane Drunk" style "I never felt so alive, or so dead" paradoxical push through the thrill of a crisis. Something is obviously wrong with the opening imagery, but as the outer pieces are stripped away it's hard not to embrace a certain freedom.

I feel you're often playing two sides in your poetry, one of a stiflingly ordered logic and one of a wild, unbound creative desire. There's an internal, emotionally charged reasoning running adrift of a looming contrary-or perhaps even dangerous-externality that the narrator scolds and pleads with. It's a fascinating set up in that it gives the feel of a soul grappling with a reality found too cold, in the hopes that there is yet some life to stir in it.

But perhaps I make it sound too morose. There's a strange, abstract beauty about it that I don't entirely understand. There seems a riddle to unravel here, or there is at least enough of a trail to start following one. In that respect, it's stimulating enough, eh?

Keep going strong!