Reviews for That Drift Away Feeling
Darcellia Brister chapter 1 . 7/25
First of all I liked this story. And second, the author didn't make ONE SINGLE ERROR in grammer, spelling, or punctuation, that's impressive when auto correct makes so many mistakes.
Now my review. Boy, can I 46 can relate to the song mentioned AND ESPECIALLY the content of this story. Try being a black, unattractive, broke ( living paycheck-to-paycheck ) female who's metabolism disappeared overnight. Yet I don't agree with the author saying that he has nothing to leave. He JUST left words.
Words of encouragement, words of wisdom from his experience, words of caution and instruction of what to do instead. "Do what scares you."
I love to write.
Anything that is in the vein of writing.
Ever since childhood, I have been writing. Only for myself to enjoy.
Like, who else loves signing stuff because it gives them a chance to write something someone else will witness? Me, that's who. This author gets "it."
"IT" is life.
This fleeting experience we still can't understand but can agree that it's a wonderful and a cruel gift. I think that it is, depending on other significant elements. I could go on, but I won't.
empiresofwater chapter 1 . 7/1
I enjoy reading your little essay fics! And I think you’re totally right about having the strength to talk to people and listen to them - sometimes opening up is the hardest thing. I find I can try and help people and give advice...but I’m terrible at listening to my own!