Reviews for Of Men and Boys: Pryor Consideration
AFP chapter 10 . 8/30/2020
Jose de Sangra vs T1000 would be something to witness
SCP Warrior chapter 2 . 8/30/2020
Does RomanCupid95 know you're using his character?
AFP chapter 9 . 8/24/2020
Wonder how you plan to resolve things between Jonathan, Daisy, and Ashley.

Joe actually has over 10 years of boxing experience.
AFP chapter 8 . 8/19/2020
So Jonathan is just an out and out villain in 3.0?

What about Sarah and Daisy?
AFP chapter 7 . 8/15/2020
Did Europeans really steal calculus from the Muslims?

How long does the torture of Keith continue?
AFP chapter 6 . 8/8/2020
What do the vials contain
AFP chapter 5 . 8/6/2020
Even I didn't come up with all the names of those women. Did Keith kill all of them besides Ashley, Mia, Rachel, and Sonya?

Who is Jose Langra?

Who is the emperor?
AFP chapter 4 . 7/19/2020
Did Vince just backflip behind Sonya from a completely prostrate position?

Nero and Jessica go to MT. Olympus Gym?

Is Hercules going to appear soon?
Shaman94 chapter 1 . 7/15/2020
I love the crossover idea! Clever
AFP chapter 3 . 7/14/2020
How did Vince defeat such a seasoned master so easily
AFP chapter 2 . 7/9/2020
Was Master Wilson based off Slade?

What do you have planned for Sonya's mother?

Also, it's worth mentioning that Stein's bodyguard is Anthony, whom everyone is terrified of.
AFP chapter 1 . 7/4/2020
Try not to make it too excessive. But promising so far.

Do Calvin, Oscar, Brian, Melvin, and Ann also appear?

What about the Tango, Jimmy D, Benecio Alvarez, and Harold Stein

Or the bikers of the Axe-Heads or Rock Machine?