Reviews for Another List of wonders
Temple Cloud chapter 1 . 7/8
Poor Ivan! He's clearly having a frustrating time. I'm sorry the rest of the story can't be about him AND about his children (even if we don't see any more of it told directly from his point of view).

I wonder how Ivan's parents feel about him being a roofer, and how well the job pays. In the first story, he seemed a fairly spoilt rich kid (his own private bathroom, indeed!), so if he isn't making a lot of money, this might have taken some getting used to. Also, I can't remember whether the Ivan of this story has a father who is a prominent scientist (you've written a few different versions of Ivan, over the years), but if so, he might feel that Ivan taking a job other than in academia was letting the side down. So these look like interesting areas to explore (possibly the kids hear Granddad grumbling about his life choices).

Thinking back to my own schooldays, getting gum stuck in my hair was generally not the result of me chewing gum (which I didn't), but of other children sticking their well-chewed gum in my hair to annoy me. I was lucky if they just stuck half-sucked and sticky sweets there instead. Possibly Erica is being bullied, and hasn't felt able to explain this to her father? Though she sounds fairly cheerful and untroubled, in this chapter. Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing what happens.