Reviews for 009: Savior
ScottMcKayVA chapter 1 . 8/25
Fantastic story! I love the grim atmosphere and the eminent threat of the Doctor. I really felt for the young boy, and the conflict between him and the Doctor was chilling. The villagers are well portrayed for the time period as ignorant and eager for violence. And I love the Savior as a beautiful, strong woman.

This would make a great chapter 1 to a larger novel. I can just imagine a time skip where the boy is older and finds his Savior once more, seeking to be trained in the deadly art of swordsmanship. Maybe the Doctor would even make a return in some fashion.

The small criticisms I have are just that there are a couple of run-on sentences and lines that are a little confusingly worded, but overall your prose really sets the scene and draws the reader in. Just one thing though, while it looks awesome in The Witcher and Legend of Zelda, in real life it's pretty much physically impossible to draw a sword from your back, unless it's really short, like no longer than your forearm. But it's still something cool that characters in books and movies do. It just depends on how realistic you want your story to be.