Reviews for Night Shadow Classics (Original Series) - Issue 7
Ways chapter 9 . 10/1/2021
A very solid ending to what's now my favorite issue. All of it was so satisfying and I'm really glad to have read this one.
All of the arcs in this came together very well and I loved it. Looking forward to how things move on with the superhero team arc especially. Good work!
Ways chapter 8 . 9/30/2021
This was an interesting chapter.
Right off the bat, I guess I was wrong about who saved Mason. Lol. But nah, Hannah is officially the coolest and I love her. She's a lot of fun to read here and I think that she really did make for the perfect counter to Alonzo.
Bertram going down made for a good scene and I truly believed for a second that maybe you actually took him out of the picture and sort of allowed him to live on through his legacy that is Hannah. I'm happy he's still around and you were able to derive a lot of emotion out of him that had me on the edge of my seat.
Nagini as always truly is the MVP of this issue and I love her. I still feel like she should hate Alonzo but eh, we'll see how that relationship plays out.
And Darla also had two scenes that piqued my interest. The first being the scene right after the battle where she mentioned that she might have to turn them in someday. That's some interesting foreshadowing or at least, I think it's foreshadowing and I'm curious to see what could potentially make the police or just Darla turn against the heroes in the future. And then of course there's whatever Alonzo was alluding to in Darla's past that just makes me wonder how that'll go down, wonder what she's hiding and I wonder if that'll also play into why she seems so extra in how she can do things on her own. Hmmmmmm

Otherwise, good stuff. I'm looking forward to reading more.
Ways chapter 7 . 9/30/2021
Great chapter.
The conversation between Bertram and Alonzo was very chilling and got a lot of good insight on the two characters.
I loved getting to know Hannah a little bit and I'm looking forward to getting to know her more as the story goes on.
And the action was great, I love that everyone's getting in on the fray. If the Void League were here then it'd be Night Shadow Ultimate, EVERYONE IS HERE! haha.
And the ending was a great cliffhanger. I have a good idea as to who saved Mason there.

Nice one, keep it up.
Ways chapter 6 . 9/29/2021
Not too much to say here just awesome job. Seeing the plan go off on the train was great and I absolutely love the tension increasing with the kids being threatened in the real world.
I'm looking forward to more.
Ways chapter 5 . 9/28/2021
Alright, this one was a ton of fun and probably is probably my favorite chapter so far.
Right off the bat, the train fight was so much fun and I got a good kick out of it all. I always say that "Oh yeah, the action in this one was great, you're so good at fights, etc." but honestly, the battle here really was fantastic and I loved reading it. Each individual character had their abilities used in a way that made them stand out and had the combat flows so smoothly. Especially with Alonzo having all the powers, I loved a lot of the combos you rolled with. Again, I always say your battles are great but it's genuinely are and honestly, I hope to match that skill. This was a great fight and definitely one of my favorites in all of Night Shadow.
But enough gushing about battles. Let's talk about other scenes!
First off the one where Darla and Atticus freed Nagini was good. When Nagini suggested that they free her, I was a little worried that she was going back on the whole "Let's team up" thing since I just praised you for not wanting to do that. But I really appreciate the way you were able to reel it back in with her just going to do her own thing and making that clear. Nagini just kinda going and doing her own thing and getting Alonzo herself was awesome and I loved that.
Another great scene was the reveal with Bertram. Finally, we got it and I like how it was a major point of contention for the group even after he explained himself. Night Shadow being in hot water over it really makes me curious about how you're gonna move forward with that. I also got a good laugh at the whole "Why is Nagini here? I assume Night Shadow knows because he likes to know everything." bit.
And finally, the scene with Bertram and Darla was extra fun because I love the idea of gutting a guy in front of kids, builds character. Lmfao. Darla and Bertram's interaction was handled very well and I love that.

All good character and all good action in this one, I greatly enjoyed it. Good work!
Guest chapter 4 . 9/28/2021
Another nice one.
Right off the bat, I do enjoy the inclusion of Darla and Atticus. Forgot to mention them last time, but them being here is cool and definitely adds to the stakes of it all. Nagini was also a very interesting surprise and I feel a little dumb for not making the connection to Alonzo right off the bat with her but yeah, it makes a ton of sense. The flashback was great too and I really enjoyed the fight between Alonzo and Nagini. The history is spoken very clearly here and I couldn't help but wonder where you were gonna go with all of it. The ending to it was especially brutal and I loved it. Also, it's a little refreshing to see someone who doesn't wanna play the team up game right off the bat. It makes sense to the character and is just overall a good call.
The dance scene with Mason and co. also was a lot of fun and I can tell that you had a good time writing that one. Great use of all the characters here, especially Mason and Gavroche.
As for the ending with Sydney though. I gotta admit that I'm feeling mixed on her again. On the one hand as a character she's very emotional and can be extreme when it makes sense. Her conflict of wanting to be there for Mason when she can additionally makes the freak out she had make sense and she's already agitated after losing to Gaige once. On the other hand, it still felt like quite the jump from her being angry to what happened. Its hard to say what issues I have with the scene because I was gonna compare it to the one with Melody back in Nagini the Viper but as I wrote, I realized a lot of the buildup is similar. Maybe it's because Melody is more unhinged and has a lot more going on with her so I bought her having that sort of hallucination more whereas with Sydney, it just kinda left me as confused as the others were. I'm not entirely sure, it honestly might just be me.

Either way, this was a really solid update and I greatly enjoyed it. You're doing some good work here and I look forward to more. Good work.
Ways chapter 3 . 9/27/2021
Another one and I gotta say that I really enjoyed this one.
Right off the bat, I was not expecting thing to escalate with NS like they did but I'm here for it. Added tension is always a good time. Always love Bertram showing up but Gavroche was a nice surprise given the circumstances.
Then of course, I got a good laugh out of Sydney and her martial arts, she certainly tried and that's what's important.
But the highlight of the chapter of course had to be the rest of the squad and their involvement with Billy. I expected him to be the one behind this but then Alonzo showed up so I thought he wasn't gonna be involved. This is a very nice surprise and I'm happy for him being here. Right off the bat, a lot of perspective on him has shifted ad you begin to give us some answers while still leaving a little bit of mystery which is great. His scene where Billy showed the scar also got me as he had all sorts of mixed feelings there. I like that he's a more complicated guy and the idea of him being an antihero or maybe an antivillain in this case is something I'm interested in.
The rest of the gang was fun too and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the journey into the mine as well.
Fun times, can't wait to read more.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/27/2021
Nice one.
The premise with the old western virtual world is a lot of fun and I can't help but wonder where you're going with it.
Alonzo is also a good addition and I really enjoyed the fight with NS. You really used the environment well there and I can't help but laugh at some of the cowboy jokes.
And the end with Sydney is also good. I like that you're looking more into the identity stuff as well as what Mason and Sydney mean to each other.

Good stuff.
Ways chapter 1 . 9/20/2021
Right off the bat, I love the menacing tone you made with this chapter. We haven't had an opening like this since Nagini and I think that you killed it and pulled it off really well here! Probably my favorite opening chapter for this series to date!
Additionally, the crack joke with Alvin got a good laugh out of me. Well played there.

This is probably one of the most excited I've been for the next chapter for this story. Can't wait to read it!
TURNER35 chapter 1 . 4/14/2021
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TGN chapter 9 . 4/7/2021
On the plus side, it's good to hear Gaige accepted Sydney's apology. Afterward, that dogpile on Gwen when she was trying to gain Night Shadow's attention made me laugh. It's also cool to have Nelson brought back to life. His reaction to meeting Hannah must've been a little awkward given his history. Circling back to Sydney, I think she'll find some way to wow Mason with combat and defensive skills to be reliable in future missions. It's only a matter of time until she can achieve her goal.

The last thing I wanted to touch on was Hannah's approach when she encountered the Dope Squad, as you teased in the previous chapter. Based on context clues, I assume that group consists of Bagbyte, Sagittarius, and Poncho Mom. I wondered what kind of message Monsoon Gal had that she wanted to relay.

Finally done with this issue! Despite taking so long, this had a ton of action and twists, especially when Bertram was revealed to the other heroes that he's changed for the better after leaving Technolocity. Not to mention the sacrifice he initiated when he defended Night Shadow and the others from Alonzo's gun bullet. Whatever you have in store with the entire cast, I'm excited to see more when I get the chance! Catch ya later!

TGN chapter 8 . 4/7/2021
Ah, so it was Hannah who saved Night Shadow's life. Way to go for her coming in the clutch. But truly, the standout moment in this chapter was Bertram taking the bullet in front of the heroes. I truly thought he was going to be dead after his noble efforts to aid NS. To see him in the hospital, I'm relieved to see that he's recovering. It really seems that he's officially done with evil and prefers to be an asset to Night Shadow and the crew. Of course, it's understandable why the others, such as Monsoon Gal, are still a bit skeptical about his intentions.

So, Alonzo's now in the slammer? Conniving as he was in this issue, I have this feeling you got something set up for him in a future arc where he actually executes his revenge. That threat to Darla was concerning, to say the least. It comes with possible consequences that Mason's identity might be revealed to her and Atticus. I must say, that part made my bones chill for a minute! Because I can imagine how shocking the reveal could be - if it takes place in a later issue.

All in all, this was another fantastic chapter here! Great job as always, SpiderDom!

TGN chapter 7 . 4/4/2021
Although Pyro Land and Monsoon Gal were a little reluctant of Bertram's AI creation, mostly the former, it clearly paid dividends for the heroes as Hannah proved her worth on the battlefield. Mason's words to Frosty Beetle also proved how the former enemy has been changed for the better, backing up Bertram by explaining all of those beneficial opportunities. Albeit, Frosty had a reason to be disappointed, thinking Night Shadow trusted him than the people he has known, as well as the thought of not explaining the truth earlier rather than recently.

As the heroes and Hannah continued to take down the drones, Alonzo's ruthless actions brought things to a halt when he was about to shoot Mason down. It's safe to say that he cannot matrix his way out of this one... but the cliffhanger? What in the world could've stopped a bullet?! Was it Hannah? Was it something other force? Someone whom I would least suspect?

Unfortunately, I'll have to see for myself at a later time as I'm exhausted from lifting stuff at home. Plus, I got work tomorrow, so I need to turn in soon. Nevertheless, the suspense continues to build up as Alonzo is seeking abolishment against Night Shadow and his team. Great job with this one!

TGN chapter 6 . 3/24/2021
The high-speed train really set up some thrills and suspense for the heroes to get out of that pickle! Even the scene where Nagini faced her ex up close had me on the edge of my seat. Alonzo sounded very ruthless when he threatened to kill her a second time, but he sounded a lot more intimidating after Mason and the others found themselves out of the Cyber Realm. The new kidnapping situation has increased the pressure and intensity tenfold!

Meanwhile, Sydney opening to Gwen in the final part of this chapter exploits how much she wants to be of value to her boyfriend (without spilling the secret of his hero identity). Gwen's reassuring words seem to make her feel a bit better, and I'm sure Sydney will redeem herself from the accident she caused. But that shady man... why do I have a bad feeling he's linked to Alonzo? Is he going to capture Syd? Oh, boy... The game/story is not over yet!

TheGameNguyener chapter 5 . 3/7/2021
I was way too busy with a group assignment that we needed to finish by midnight of this day (which we finally did). But I told myself I would read another chapter of this when I'm done, then I'm probably going to bed, lol.

Anyway, Alonzo was really close from destroying Night Shadow's allies, but the hero and his squad managed to get there in time to prevent that from happening. However, the beans are spilled with Bertram's appearance and his story to fight for a better cause rather than evil. Unfortunately, he has lost credibility, along with NS for holding that secret from his team members. Still, everyone is trying to fight against Alonzo within the simulator, so they'll have to put aside their concerns and trust issues if they want to get out of there. Yet those dynamite bombs are a sign of foreboding...

I love the dynamic of these characters being here all at once. You also tied the previous issues to reflect what happened leading up to this current section. The action and suspense continues to roll with every chapter I read. As always, when I get the chance, I can't wait to see some more!

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