Reviews for Eternity Unveiled
Moonvibe chapter 1 . 8/2
Finally, a Gary Sanders feature!

This opening chapter was fantastic! The details of his patrol through Savernake were just incredible. The writing of the surrounding forest was both visually and creatively enthralling. It was really cool to experience wolf patrol too.

And what a pissy mood ole Sanders is in. Lol. There's definitely something eating at the Lycan commander, but it hasn't dampened his wit or way with the ladies. Boredom and frustration with life can certainly be cured by the 'right' female. ;)

This is a great start to what promises to be another fun and exciting venture into your Eternity Series and I couldn't be more stoked about a tale featuring a testy, wry Lycan commander. Sanders has been one of my favorite characters since his introduction.

Really impressive writing as always!