Reviews for Foxtails and Fairytales
thejashorrious chapter 8 . 9/8
Waiting for more!
J.Kuzzey chapter 2 . 8/8
I normally review for every chapter but didn't for the first simply because you already had several others up. I'm glad I read the first two chapters before reviewing. The first chapter is very, very melancholy (not in a bad way; it works) and then this chapter had me chuckling a couple of times with the narration (Nipple lady lmao!). Your use of the first person narrator is very well done. It feels authentic, like I'm actually hearing the main character's thoughts. Too many times I read first person stories and the narration is soooo boring and lacking of any character. You nailed it.

As for the story itself, the way you've framed it, caring about the main character is key. Because of your excellent use of the narrator, I'm already down to read the rest of the book. I can't say I relate entirely or even partially thus far, but I WANT to relate to him, and that's entirely because you've made him very likable and interesting.

I'm also a sucker for world building, so I'm excited to explore this new world with our main character. The way you're relying on his perspective to describe it really helps me get involved.

From a technical standpoint, I only noticed one glaring mistake (it was a typo. Harmless - you forget an s in mess) so if there's any other issues they must be so minute I didn't catch them. I'm used to reading either overly flowery pretentious prose BS on this site or absolute bare bones trash with a million errors. You've written this perfectly.

I'll be back to read more. Keep it up.