Reviews for A Shot in the Dark
CovertEyes chapter 4 . 10/18
I had to read through it a second time to grasp where I was. I'm understanding what's going on and looking forward to more.
CovertEyes chapter 3 . 10/5
Hey I'm interested!

I'd like a little clarification about when their fight took place. Was it a week ago? Then why does the last paragraph say a year and a half ago?
CaptainSheridan chapter 3 . 8/28
I find you paint a vivid picture with your words; a lot of time is spent on describing the scene. It might be over the top for me, mostly because I think it creates slow pacing. However, if your intention is to focus most of your writing on describing the environment and character emotions, you have certainly nailed it here.
CaptainSheridan chapter 2 . 8/20
Great job, this is a rather well written chapter. I am only confused by the sentence, "Tears bridling at hers, she had brushed them away." I don't understand this sentence at all or what it is supposed to mean.
CaptainSheridan chapter 1 . 8/13
You're writing is rather descriptive, but I would say on the messy side and sometimes confusing. An example that comes to mind is the line, "she could feel a tear sliver down her cheek". Sliver is being used as an action-verb which grammatically doesn't work. Having the sentence, "She thought to herself" not connected by a comma to an actual thought reads strangely. You also have a few confusing typos at the end of your story such as, "she stride began to quick".

I do like the way you establish this character's feelings and allude to other details we might not directly know about her situation. I say keep it up.