Reviews for My Hurt Diary
conversations-with-the-moon chapter 1 . 15h
Idk, mental disorders are surprisingly common. If you find yourself thinking that often it's worth looking into.
Cynthia Brent chapter 22 . 10/15
You are a talented writer and a wonderful person! Not many people your age even care about their parents or grandparents. I think you will succeed and have a wonderful life! My favorite chapter in this whole journal is chapter 22. I was afraid of my professors when I was young also. Looking back I realize they were being paid to help me and I should have asked them for more. You should read my piece "College Doesn't Work That Way" and it might give you a different perspective. Peace and blessings and keep writing!
Guest chapter 23 . 10/14
I uh did mention that I'm rubbish at giving advice didn't I? Though a reiteration is pointless I can't stop myself from helplessly throwing that fact out... Honestly I sometimes deal bad for reading your entries but I have an extreme curiosity for others thoughts so-o-o... *awkward laughter* in fact thinking about it, it would be entirely pointless for me to try give you advice on anything but they say they thought counts! I wouldn't be able to speak to much about your schooling and college worries, I'm 16 and don't live in America (I might be wrong but you certaintly sound American) so I simply tilt my head in slight confusion and don't say anything...sorry? On the cusp of adulthood does sound to be a hectic undertaking though different from what I know. My parents can't let me be a financial burden, even now if I want certain things I'm told to get it myself and if I don't have the money I must work for it. I don't claim to know how America does things but , and don't take offense and a foreigners confusion, surely college (or what I know if as university) is entirely necessary? There are plenty of other options surely?
Aah well, chemistry can't be for everyone but you can lend your focus elsewhere and just try new things! (Like the hair dye!) What and old and sodden spit of advice that sounds! But that does not detract from its resounding truth. Anything, anything. I've recently started composing music and it wasn't something I'd have ever thought of doing before now, but I'm glad I have. Follow a new line of thought, try an odd sounding book, lie of the floor with your feet in the air! The world has much to offer just let it in and should a door ever shut in your face don't assume that another has not been opened to you.
Perhaps my ramblings show some semblance of sanity or have I just dumped a knotted mess of incoherent chatter into your lap? If the former then thank goodness, if the latter... Then I'm afraid I leave it to you to untangle the knots for if there is one thing I can be sure if predicting truthfully, it's that the world is crazy and life is a labyrinth full of puzzles- there'll be plenty of those ahead.
Guest chapter 16 . 10/2
I'm rubbish at giving advice but I do want to say something, Sylvia Plath (at least I think it was her...) Wrote once "I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: I am, I am, I am"
Take heart for you are here, you live! You are, you are, you are. You'll find you feet, now or later. Things don't always stay bad. I paiia lot, when I begin it seems ugly, the colours seem to stain the canvas and images crawl out and scratch my eyes. Continue. Continue. I tell myself. It improves. The fierce cat of my canvas begins to purr, the once jagged edges begin to soften and the picture, my idea takes shape, sometimes not quite what I had in mind, but it is better than before. It takes time, it takes faith in yourself, it takes patience, it takes the time you put in for yourself. But, it's there! And even if it is different from what I had hoped for I've still done something, and that is better than nothing. That is a metaphor for you here!
You are. You are. You are.
What are you?
You are yourself,what more can someone hope for what you choose to be. You have chosen to be honest with yourself, you have chosen to open yourself on this community to others. You already know who you are, now, who do you want to become?