Reviews for Transcendence Volume 2: Awakening
Kurono Kuro chapter 27 . 7/11
Whoa, this is a real exciting chapter. That's some Ominous stats change. Heck, he'll die? He'll be using Basbatosian Bloodlust and Shade Impulse when necessary, and the goetic corrosion percentage will continue to rise until it reach 100% where he ends up dying and leave the game forever? Like wtf. That's some really cursed item there. His physical attack keeps rising in these latest chapters, but his HP is keeps decreasing. Worst, he can die. His karma dropping to - 1200 also spells bad news.

The one that caught my eye in the last chapter is that they don't have Speed or Agility Stat. And so, Revan being seen as a blur of red, while showing that he's really fast, also makes me think where I can gauge the speed parameter of the players and Inhabitants alike.

Galen seem to not expect Revan to drink the chalice. Was it that he did not know the existence of the Spirit Anguwin? Seems unlikely, so it is probably that he expected Revan to die there, being unable to achieve the chalice? Revan ended up drinking it so now he's achieved a more power up. I assume Galen has many cursed-like status, skills, or conditions too.

And now, with the biggest impact in this chapter is Galen Shroud. He took few minutes or several seconds to arrive to their location by being shrouded with black haze XD. And baam, he came like a badass. Waltzed in, easily dealt with them, then waltzed out. Damn, that was cool.

He is now the first character revealed just how OP he is, I was thinking Revan himself is doing well too but Galen showed me more to expect in their growth. The one whom he mentioned to move in hypervelocity in mere seconds is Juno, but her abilities isn't shown in situation like these yet so I'm looking forward in her OP moments too.

This is a really good chapter with expositions that makes me intrigued with a lot of things. I would have probably read next chapter already though. Welp, now I've finally catched up, I guess.
Kurono Kuro chapter 26 . 7/11
I think I have to change how I see Gemia now. It seems that she has redeeming qualities too. Flying and Teleportation eh. She already succeeded in flying, now only to improve it. Shinn's side seems to be more of mental or something like breakthrough in order to obtain the class, different from how they do it with the Subjugator class. This time, so far, Revan is gaining lead in terms of stats and abilities. He's even battling a boss right now. Shinn, however, might tie with him again once he gets his own class.

It's been a long time since I saw his stats. Yeah, his HP is considerably very low now. He has around 1.5k HP. If he meets some enemy with absurd attack, the there's the possibility he could die in one hit. Didn't happen here but still, the boss is capable of killing him with around 10 hits.

Revan like always, is quite the badass character. Have gotten used to his attitude and personality by now so his actions are within how I always see him. But he's quite cooler or more badass here, I think.
Kurono Kuro chapter 25 . 7/9
What? Shinn also have that conflicted feeling on which he would love? I thought he would sooner or later forget about his feelings for Karen now. So basically:
Shinn Hanamiya and Carin
Carin Revan, and Shinn
Hanamiya Revan, perhaps a little interest to Shinn now.
Revan No one, at least not enough to be called love. Crush on Hanako though.

This is a bit getting messy, aside from Revan. Didn't see him expressing some affection for Carin yet. And there's the school meet coming too. I don't know how far you'll take your story so I can't judge the length now but I suppose there'll be development RL and with Hanako and Karen meeting the two, maybe they'll know their identity in-game too.

In-game stuffs again. So it'll be Yi who's gong to be supporting character for Hanako, as SolarHunter for Carin. I liked Yi way more than SolarHunter when you first introduce them, probably 'cause she's a girl XD. And from what you said, hmm, I can smell a possible ship. Hanako's research is revolutionary, and maybe after she's competed this will she meet Revan in-game.

I wondered about Fafnir and Fenrir, Celestiel/Celestia? Can't remember the name of that one member, we also have an Axe wielding guy there I think, I'll probably remember their name when mentioned again. Anyway, I was thinking that you might make them cooperate with Revan again, but seems that Fafnir, someone quite memorable in the early chapters ended up being hinted to become an enemy. Good going here.
Kurono Kuro chapter 24 . 7/9
So that's how it went. Natsuki's attitude sure suits him, being the someone with sense of justice. And it seems that both Haruka and him have been affected quite severe, it's mostly guilt in Natsuki though.

Fujimoto Yuuto eh, turns out he was more of an asshole than I thought. I assume he won't appear later on, his sister will, perhaps. Dunno what role though. Also, I think it will take several or more chapters to see SolarHunter's side again.
Kurono Kuro chapter 23 . 7/9
Hahahaha. I thought it was just one way Transcendence to Axis, but to think it's back to back. Lissa in Shinn's side, however, doesn't seem to accompany Shinn in a quest or something. Actually, Dawnguard fits her, and for Thomas, Duskwarden. This is a small difference already between them. I'm looking forward on how their path starts to deviate.

But sure, Galen likes torturing Revan, leaving him with Mori knowing what she will do, and now sending him to maze, unlike Shinn who is having a seemingly "proper" training. In regards of sadism and chemistry, Gemia and Shinn pair would not be able to hold a candle against Revan and Mori. In regards to friendship, Revan and Mori wouldn't hold a candle to them either. Not like they're exactly very close friends though.

Juno seems fairly strong. Her attacks seems diverse too. I had the image of her having some attack patterns like Shinn and Revan, focusing more on swordsmanship with magic imbued strikes before. It's a bit surprising that Shinn can't do anything to her.
Kurono Kuro chapter 22 . 7/5
Congratulations to Revan offcialy having a class affiliated to Duskwarden, and being spoofed by Mori. Don't blame me, I ended up picturing that scene not on purpose and it's kinda nice. Mori's appearance is something I forgot already though. Their conversation is quite entertaining too, mainly due to Revan saying ASMR. This made me laugh, due to several reasons.

So I guess Revan was tied to the chair, and when he was blasted by the lighting, he was freed caused the chair got destroyed or something. I haven't such details, you see. Eos will surely get mad at Mori for doing this, but Revan immediately gave her some payback already. It was getting good already, too bad, Galen interrupted them.
Kurono Kuro chapter 21 . 7/4
I actually thought you wouldn't make the Thunderbird to return the favor to SolarHunter, at least not this early. Also, since you're at it, make it able to change into human form too, a loli one. Just kidding of course, though I won't mind if it actually happened. Now he is off to somewhere, don't know when he will appear again. My expectation went wrong, seems like they won't go to Noxamir after all.

Finally some interaction in-game between Carin and Shinn, Revan would not probably write to Hanamiya though. I had laughed a little when Karin was trying to deny her feelings for Revan, more so when she said that he might be some old man XD
Kurono Kuro chapter 20 . 7/4
Sure that explains it. Although he would gain infamy to the others who worships the Stomrbringer or other saints or associates, he would also be famed as the Indrian Thunderbird Slayer. Although it's infamy, it can also seen as act boasting the country's military power, though in reality it was SolarHunter who contributed the most. The main thing, still, is that he is just a narcissistic king who have absolute confidence in his abilities.

Kinda expected SolarHunter to free the bird though. Good thing he didn't die there, he was impaled by a spear after all, and should the soldiers were in frenzy, they might have ended his life there and made a cover up story after. I was hit with the sudden surprise when I read that part, thinking that I might see a supporting char marked one to die and be erased in Zerundus, kinda disappointed and not at the same time. Welp, I'm pretty sure this will happen in the future chapters though, perhaps Carin or Hanamiya, and maybe even Revan will die in-game.

Going by the events, SolarHunter will go to another country, he implied so. It's a bit amusing that he was aware that he is bascilaly a criminal in two countries now. Carin and co, are going to be dragged in as well. So don't tell they're all heading towards Noxamir now, right?

Btw, the first paragraph in this chapter is the same with Chapter 17.
Kurono Kuro chapter 19 . 7/3
Yeah, this makes SolarHunter more interesting than before. He and 4-Gren are the first supporting characters from one incident to appear in another incident. Honestly speaking, while he seems the lively type even before, not sure but he became more likable now. One reason is his crimes. Also, he is more powerful than I expected with that trump card. It is akin to Bloodlust in that regard.

That Huntress AnriMyzu seems some kind of big shot too. Her name is good, feminine and kinda mysterious. Not sure if you made it purposely sound like that Avenger dude in FGO.

Apostate, usage of Blood Runes makes one seems like a heretic? It does seem a pretty bad magic though, makes sense. Now AnriMyzu, formerly keeping that Sanguinomicon makes me more curious about her. And since it isn't illegal in Noxamir, maybe we could see this girl in Revan's side too.

Now on the current thing on hand, sure didn't expect what the king said. I actually thought he would want to tame the Thunderbird too. Instead of gaining fame from other country, killing the sacred beast seems to make him gain infamy instead. Yep, can't see his objective at all. Hahaha.
Kurono Kuro chapter 18 . 7/3
So they're to hunt that Indian Thunderbird due to the King's order, and it is apparently a trap. Can't exactly figure out 4-Gren's motive for this operation. SolarHunter on the other hand, in quite a lively, yet entertaining person, seems a likeable character.

4-Gren as the boss, likely have more things going on inside, Arash44, seems like a pervert, haha, and Carin, tries to contact Revan everynight that is even noticeable to the other people around. If this is not affection, then I don't know what is XD. Kinda funny how both Revan and Carin doesn't know what their make signify though.

Anyway, Imma go to the next chapter. This hunt seems interesting after all.
Kurono Kuro chapter 17 . 4/7
This is another meaty chapter. I'll be stating them one by one.

What's with the Nevermore and Demon, I would like to ask but as mentioned in the latter parts of the chapter, the term "Demon" doesn't seems to exist inside Gaia Battlefront. It's amusing that Uriah couldn't pronounce the word though.

In the developer part. We got a term like Seeker, one who seeks those who have the potential to transcend, I'd say. Also, I guess Juno did take the job of Paladin by her own abilities. Though I'd say that the devs still have advantage in terms of information about the events in-game. I dunno if Manaka has the same access as Kenji have though, probably yes.

It's a bit surprising that VEX couldn't lead the game to the direction they want though. I guess Gaia Battlefront is something like Infinite Dendrogram, a server that had been created long ago before the official launch of the game, which explains why they have history as well. But like Dendro, the devs still has the reigns over the system, which means drop rate algorithm of items, resources, and monster spawns etc. They can't directly do it, but they could still influence the game.

Some are also aiming for super soldiers and now some conspiracy is happening. There seems to be some faction between the seekers as well since there's the question "If they have the same goal of pushing humanity to the next stage, why wouldn't cooperate?"

Anyway, Manaka takes Natsuki, and Haruka goes to Kenji. Two factions, and also the two former friends. Man, now their conflict won't just be settled inside the game. The premise of Transcendence is really grand when we combine the reality and in-game events.

I think I mentioned it already but, still can't get over it. I still can't figure out why Revan would want to become am acolyte of the Dusk warden. Normally, there would be no people who would go for hardships for nothing. And Revan, has no reason, except his interest with Duskwarden—which is somehow insufficient though. Or have I forgot something again?
Kurono Kuro chapter 16 . 4/4
And here we go with the Cocytus trial. I must say, like Juno had said, the trial is harder here. Heck, this is the first round and Revan is already burned out. He even lost one limb and his body damaged all over. He has that last potion which healed him but yeah, figured that won't be enough.

I have been reminded again that Bloodlust really makes the battle bloody and grotesque. Hye Revan, why do you have to pick gauntlet and punch Anastasia's face!? She seemed to be a beauty after all.

About the blood, if the icetalon's ability is to freeze blood, they won't take the form of a blade or spikes. But I guess if they become ice, they basically over the domain of ice talon already and the dorm can be altered. In that case, it makes sense. Welp, aside that I guess I don't have a lot to say in this chapter.
Kurono Kuro chapter 15 . 4/1
Cocytus Trials, welp, I should've figured it out when I saw Empyrean on Shinn's side. Anyway, this seems to be the most meatiest chapter among these chapters I've read yet.

Whoa, hey. The Ziggurat somehow, or should I say the setting of the Duskwarden gives more vibes than with the Dawnguard. It seems more mysterious.

It's been so long since Revan encountered Transcendent Dawn again. It took me few seconds to recall who they are haha, and am still unsure if I'm correct. Well, when they mentioned Eos, it was confirmed though. I don't know how this group/ cult/ religion is moving as well. I think they were mentioned a little while ago. Dunno what chapter anymore, maybe it's even in the volume 1.

Back to Eos. Good to see her name again. Still can't over there, man, I want her to meet Revan again, and maybe if it weren't for her, maybe Revan didn't even traveled with Carin. It's not weird for them to be angry when Revan rejected her, but holy, Transcendent Dawn members sure a dedicated to their leaders, and religion. I really liked how Revan exchange with Mori when he said about the corpse though. It made him like he was clueless while a bit admitting that he did eat some after all.

And also, The Day the Stars Fell term? Is this the first time, I encountered it? I think so. Maybe some meteors fell? Wait had that already happened? XD No good. Please do answer this question. Anyway, it seems that it'll also be a part of plot so I'll it in mind.

Hmmm. I dunno. It seems that Shinn's side will always fall on short on Revan's. Maybe it would not hurt sometimes to make Shinn one-up Revan, in terms of connection, power, girls. Anything, just give him some advantage that will make things interesting. What Revan has right now, is Mori. Gemika didn't really bother interacting with Shinn after all.

- At the very start, [Uriel] Btw, sorry, I am not stating the typos and errors as much. Guess I'll try mentioning them again. And also, do you still write in your phone?

- saw Revan who had finally finished cleaning up [Revan's home] with a sigh.

And also, though I said I would read it in one go, sorry. Seems like I can't do it after all. I'll probably read few more tomorrow.
Kurono Kuro chapter 14 . 4/1
It's interesting that Revan picked the shortest option, but if this were to play like what you said, he may have chosen wrong since his current choice will probably take longer than the other.

I have some things to say in RL happenings. First, is that Hanako. I'm thinking on how people see her when she is obviously gunning for Haruka. Next,I'm going to move with the presumtion that Hanako will be really paired with Natsumi. And so, this gave me another thing to wonder, up until this volume, Hanako is devoted to Haruka and that her love, yep, let's call it like that, is not decreasing in the slightest. Welp, it might be even rising. And in the end, even Haruka said "things that I like about her." Is this mutual? XD

Now I can only think that something bad will happen to their relationship. Like a Bastard Haruka will hurt Hanako and then in-game Shinn would comfort her? Even I am laughing with my shallow prediction haha
Kurono Kuro chapter 13 . 4/1
They had a similar kind of past. I see. It's rare for Revan to share his past though. Anyway, we're back on Revan, and Shinn's done already so I guess it's safe to assume the next coming chapters will be about Revan, and how he will become a black guard too, or something among those jobs. It's quite careless for Revan charging ahead without thinking though. If Galen hadn't saved him there, I guess his whole Gaia Battlefront life would come to an end XD. Of course, it wouldn't happen, not this early.

I'm Carin's side. The part where "she has Natsuki" bothered me. Really, it bothered me. When she has Revan! Haha. Lol. It seems that things are going well on her side.
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