Reviews for Burning in the Spring
Starart152 chapter 2 . 2/4/2023
This is another interesting chapter where we learn a bit about the two characters. The pacing of the chapter was well done and it ended with another cliffhanger.
It gives me the feeling that the man might be dangerous, but I am not certain. You use the previous cliffhanger with a fake out of something dangerous and you might repeat it again.
Darth Zannacross chapter 1 . 2/3/2023
Well, when you start things off admiring fire then well, only a few ways this can go down without being disturbing but we will see.

Sakura seems ok so far, aside from the major error of climbing a tree while with a skirt lol.

But yah, this would set off like, ALL the alarms but we will see how this story goes.
Starart152 chapter 1 . 2/2/2023
This is an interesting way to start the story. We have Sakura who loves to watch the fire and is also someone who isn't a normal person. Still, she feels like she isn't the type to cause it, but finds it beautiful to watch it.
As for the man, he seems like a pyromaniac who intent to burn Sakura alive for his own pleasure.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 8 . 4/22/2022
You absolute madlad, the whole thing it was Sho! And I'll be honest that took my by surprise until the sudden POV shift. While there are parts that feel forced, I love the ending altogether and while one part of me wants Sakura to Kiss him instead of being friends I think they'll get to that route much more naturally with Sakura helping Sho cope with his mental health issues.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 7 . 4/22/2022
Right Henkou died, I kind of saw that coming ngl probably after reading I want to Eat your Pancreas a part of me went yeah he's either the killer or he'll die but hey at least he died stopping the guy.

I'm more surprised at how Sho decided to burn the Sakura tree, maybe it's his way of revenge on her like 'you took away what was important to me so I'll take away yours' referring to the Tree that's her namesake

actually looking back Sho's already developing signs of either a Psychopath or a Sociopath with his Pyromania cause I feel like this is the equivalent of killing small animals which itself are a telltale sign of one.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 6 . 4/22/2022
I'll be honest with you, between Ghost Girl and this I'd safely say you're at your best when writing psychological stories cause hoo boy those were some emotions. I'm not surprised that's how Sho's parents reacted, they tend to get extreme just to cope with loss and Sho and Sakura's survivor's guilt are honestly spot on that I'm not surprised if both just decide to commit a double suicide in the end.

If Henkou didn't appear then it's possible that he could have died by the stranger or just out there trying to prey on someone.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 5 . 4/22/2022
Finally have the time to catch up with this series, and honestly Sakura is in quite the pinch alright on one hand she and Sho have a good thing going and if she told him the truth then it's goodbye to that friendship but one another it's not really good on her mental health to be hiding all of that baggage on her.

As for Sho, to be honest I never once considered him to be mentally unstable unless you count his Pyromania as a mental health issue but then again mentally unstable people tend to be unpredictable.

I'm still betting that Henkou is the criminal.
TheMulchmeister chapter 7 . 12/21/2021
You might wanna go back and check Sho's little brother's name in the previous chapter. I think there's a little misconsistency there.

But apart from that, I really enjoyed this and read it all in one sitting. I'm guessing you must live or have lived in Japan to be able to describe the Japanese country village scenery so beautifully. The name Henkou sounds a little strange but I think I know the meaning you were trying to go with that name. Anyway I hope you can make the final chapter as you've left us on a bit of a cliffly here.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 4 . 6/15/2021
So that's the first twist I see, to think she was partly responsible for a murder and arson.

The ending of the chapter leaves one in suspense as it seems open ended to make us think who heard the whole thing. But what catches my interest is how Sho would react, would he still be friends with her? And considering his mental state he'd end up going 'Oh I forgive you, once you're dead. A life for a life, that sounds fair right?'
Grimnir Esjay chapter 3 . 4/19/2021
I mean I never considered a reverse Harem to be honest, especially in this work so you're safe with me haha.

Now I'm still not ruling out Henkou and Sho as one of the serial killers (and given my suddenly strange morbid curiosity on Saw I would not be surprised that the two could be connected with one another) though I would also not rule out a possibility of a third possible suspect with your oddly specific disclaimer that this isn't a reverse harem. In fact I'd theorize that one of the two had finished dealing with someone and just split before they can get caught.

Now as for Sho's Pyrophilia I'd guess that has something to do with Trauma, like it reminds him of something and someone. Meanwhile Sakura's own growing curiosity is also a red flag.

I'll definitely look forward to the next chapter.
ACrossDressedWithLillies chapter 2 . 3/27/2021
Anyway, greetings again! It hasn't been that long since my previous written review. This is more just going to get so over-analytical that I'm just obsessed. For starters though, if there's anything I could recommend doing, look back through what you're writing more carefully. There's a lot of simple grammatical errors being made that are easy fixes, but otherwise make some situations look more awkward than they ever should be. I'm a victim of it too. Now then...
Sho is an interesting case. There's a lot you could say about him already. I think it's not even implied that he had something to do with the fire. I'm sure it's not your intention to leave it ambiguous, or perhaps it is. But this seems like a case of dramatic irony for those paying attention; The fact that he's burning old memories of himself four years ago, when the tragedy happened four years ago, and how upon doing so, the embers struck him. That could signify how he hasn't let go of the trauma of the tragedy, and how much it pains him. Furthermore, his first name, Sho, COULD stand for Commander, as well as Prize/Reward. That makes it obvious. Finally, his addiction to fire has two explanations. First, he's acting based off of trauma. Secondly, perhaps he had a fascination, and so he went through with it. I'm heavily leaning toward the latter, though I wouldn't be against it ending up as something else. How will Sakura be able to take the news, either way?
Speaking of Sakura, wow. Placing Sakura next to cherry blossoms. Original. Looking into her name however, I do have a connection with hers and Sho's, which perhaps further strengthens my argument above. Mainly her surname, Kawada; Kawa itself stands for a river or stream, while da is a field. Meanwhile, Kitahara for stands for North Field. Given Sakura's acquaintanceship with Sho and her witnessing the house fire four years ago, I can only imagine that Sakura herself is the river, a flood of rushing water coming into Sho's life, which didn't have any water to extinguish the flames. Not talking about romance, but maybe something to do with Sho's recovery of the tragedy, whether he executed it or not? And about cherry blossoms... I shouldn't have to tell you what that symbolizes, so I'll simply inform you that I understand the connection there.
Let's see if I'm right about all of this... or perhaps overthinking? The question though... yuh-oh.
ACrossDressedWithLillies chapter 1 . 3/27/2021
Greetings! I haven't posted any reviews in awhile, but your story intrigued me. I know in your profile description you stated that you could bear any criticisms, but I'm not in a super critical mood. Anyway, besides a few grammatical errors, I really enjoyed this chapter. The premise, as seemingly simplistic as it is, is clearly handled perfectly here. It didn't feel terribly paced throughout, and kept me engaged. Especially with the equilibrium between description and dialogue, I could already visualize everything happening (enough to where I've thought up a suitable opening and ending sequence, if this was an anime. Don't question me). I'm glad I took the time to read through this, I'm excited for more. Onto Chapter 2. Oh, and by the way, I'm calling it now, the guy that Sakura encountered is totally playing a joke at the end there. I saw the date, April 1st. It's an April Fool's joke. Even after just one read, you can't get away that easily.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 2 . 3/26/2021
I will admit, this chapter was less about making the story into a Psychological Thriller but more of a Tragedy. From what I understood Sho seemed to have a tragic past that he wants to forget and the only way for him to cope or forget is to burn away his past, it's tragic but I guess for him there was no other choice. As for Sakura's Fascination to him and the fire that's a whole different story.

To be honest the mention of a Serial Killer/Rapist would bring some interesting twist later on like a correlation to him (unless you're pulling an 'I Want to Eat your Pancreas' twist) and I can't help but wonder if the guy at the end was him.
Grimnir Esjay chapter 1 . 12/6/2020
Alright this year's Halloween Story seems promising with the premise alone seem to surpass the premise of Ghost Girl both in the plot and the Protagonist, where in Ghost Girl we're introduced to the Amnesiac Reiji here we're thrust into the shoes of Sakura who seems to be airheaded but shows hints of a strange pyrophilia. As for the Premise, Ghost Girl seems to have similarities with The Ring and Shutter, BitS seems to be more about someone's involvement with a possible Arsonist.

Though I'm more curious about the Arsonist in general, is he just an arsonist that probably burned down his family's home for some twisted curiosity or perhaps there's more to it. His interaction with Sakura too raises some questions, is his sudden want to burn Sakura simply to satiate his own pyrophilia or is he making sure no eyewitness of him burning down the house three years ago, as implied that it was the one Sakura saw in the prologue and is possibly the cause of her own pyrophilia.

Eitherway like many of your stories, I'll be looking forward to it.