Reviews for Their Knight In Silent and Snarky Armor
noveltealover chapter 1 . 10/2
Hii! Just dropping in to leave a review. Oof, I know all about rewriting the same story so many times so hopefully you're satisfied with this third version of your work. :) Ooh, Man In The Mirror is a classic song and The Mirror of Suitors is a cool concept in finding your soulmate! It's giving me fairytale-esque vibes like from Snow White and like the magic mirror. So the mirror was crafted by magicians. Did they craft more than one or do only royalty have access to the mirror? I wonder how Princess Bella and her family acquired the mirror. Is magic common among the people in the kingdom? Rayvenfall is such a pretty name for a kingdom too. Ooh and it sounds like the suitors of Bella's older siblings have some sort of unique skill/talent? So Bella's suitor, Liam is a hitboy and I wonder if he'll align with Bella's hopes for someone with 'massive intellect, good heart and a good spirit'? :o From your blurb, it says he's introverted so I'm def curious to see what he's like when he makes the appearance ahah and if Bella will tell Liam that he's her suitor. Sorry for all the questions lol but great intro and looking forward to reading more! Till then :)
Unbreakable Ark chapter 3 . 2/2
Great chapter as always: You really left us on a cliffhanger didn't you?
First of all, you write your characters so well- It feels like all of them have a uniqueness even in their dialogue and way of speaking that sets them apart. How they play off each other is great too (Liam and Bella have some very cute moments in this chapter).
I have a lot of questions, which is always good: I'm wondering how Troy was able to tell Liam had a knife on him- I guess maybe we'll find out? And of course there's also the big mystery at the end of the chapter, which I'm guessing will play a part in the wider story.
One tiny criticism is that you use "the former" and "the latter" a lot sometimes. It's fine when you use them once in a while, but sometimes you go a little overboard and use them a few times in the space of a couple of lines/sentences. Not necessarily a bad thing, but slightly jarring at times when used repeatedly and maybe something to consider. At the end of the day, your style is your style so write however you want.
Great work as always though, keep it up! Looking forward to more :)
Unbreakable Ark chapter 2 . 1/13
This was another great chapter. I really like how you conveyed some of Liam's mannerisms and the way he talks, it really sets him apart and creates a good contrast with the royals he is now among. Also, I'm interested to eventually find out why he became an assassin- I'm sure he'll be able to hide his past for only so long. Looking forward to the next chapter where I'm assuming we'll see the party (By the way, naming the chapters after song lyrics is a very cool idea).
Unbreakable Ark chapter 1 . 1/13
This is a pretty interesting-looking story you've got here. Your descriptions are really good and I'm interesting to see what Liam has to say about this whole suitor business. I like it so far!
Ceramicmrno0b chapter 1 . 12/23/2020
Love it, great writing and plot. Keep it up and you should have a great story.