Reviews for The Bottom of the World
D. M. Robb chapter 16 . 7/31
I also enjoyed the extension of Chapter 14 and this chapter as well. It's nice to see Ruha growing both physically and mentally during her stay at the school, even if she isn't good at everything. The story of the Ayan boy waking the god Naru is certainly ominous, especially since there are strong hints that such an event is going to occur again very soon. Hopefully Ruha can find a way to prevent this.

Keep up the good work!
JaveHarron chapter 16 . 7/31
I enjoyed the extension to Chap 14, as well as the new one here. You added some solid worldbuilding details as to the nature and manifestation of different magic schools. From the magical Skype call to the more ominous Ayan Boy, good to see divination getting a practical use. Looking forward to more.
JaveHarron chapter 15 . 6/28
Hell yeah! A nice epic naval battle chapter. You've got good details on how the magic, crews, and artillery work together. We check back on Yannsen and their ship's POV. I think this chapter might've been spiced up with some creative language though. Stuff like foaming waves, embers of burning ships, and how your spells look (aside from the boarding one and wavecallers). Looking forward to more!
The Youngest Mistress chapter 1 . 6/27
Interesting start; this prologue is much like the ones from the two versions of my story, 'The Boy With The Green Eyes'. I'll be sure to read what comes after this!
D. M. Robb chapter 15 . 6/27
This was an excellent depiction of a sea battle! Once again, your details paint a vivid picture. The Wavecalmers appear to have a powerful gift, even if it didn’t work out so well for those on the Andosan side.

I’m looking forward to more. :o)
JaveHarron chapter 14 . 4/17
Another update with a lot of meat in here! The cityscape was nice, reminded me of the Uru people and their floating islands. I am curious where things will go with Nali and Ruha, especially with an over-arching threat (which has not yet reached the Cocha kingdoms). A bit of a class divide between them, at least at first. I think perhaps a bit of metaphor or allusion might help highlight the Academy's location. You have an academy of magic in a unique setting, so adding to the physicality (the rooms, the architecture, the layout, etc.) can make it seem more authentic. Looking forward to next chapter.
D. M. Robb chapter 14 . 4/14
It’s nice to see Ruha again. I love the details in this chapter, how Mata Ro and its wonders are described through her eyes. Her fascination with everything is charming and shows just how primitive her previous lifestyle was. I also really like Nali. Even though the girls just met, I can see her taking on the role of Ruha’s “big sister” at this school.

As always, I’m looking forward to more.
JaveHarron chapter 13 . 4/6
An intense scene of what's happening back in my favorite part of this world so far, and how the invaders are running it into the ground. I would've loved to see the epic battle that preceded this scene, since you've already set up some details there. A setting question, though: Did the Yarlish set up the sugar cane plantations, or did they seize existing ones (perhaps converting from paid labor to slave labor)? Either way, we see a fantasy analog of blackbirding, something I wish received a bit more attention due to its relative obscurity in the Atlantic world.
D. M. Robb chapter 13 . 3/30
Wow, even though this chapter is short, it is intense. I hope Pataku and Kikomo can successfully escape, even though their situation looks hopeless!

Keep up the wonderful work. :o)
D. M. Robb chapter 12 . 3/23
Your worldbuilding continues to be excellent as you describe the clashes between the different cultures that, in some ways, mirror our world’s. I also like the interaction between Shan and Chillari. Her Fleshblasting talent is definitely a scary one: formidable in war, but I can see how it would be emotionally traumatic to use. I’m looking forward to seeing where you go from here.
JaveHarron chapter 12 . 3/23
Definitely enjoyed the worldbuilding here. I like the Zenghese ships, possibly inspired by Zheng He's fleet. The dark Fleshblasting magic is something I am hoping we get to see in action, since it sounds like something delightfully horrific. Weaponizing the inverse of magical healing is an underused concept in fantasy, I think. The interaction between Chillari and Shan seemed nice and tense, as a long-time separation would induce. Some scenes from Asghar Farhadi's 'A Separation' came to mind. Since the two have been reunited, eager to see where things go from here.
JaveHarron chapter 11 . 2/14
Glad to finally see Cocha territory. I enjoyed the worldbuilding, detailing the city and its sites. The Inca had great bridge building and architecture, which reflected the fantasy counterparts. Shan's background and familiarity with the city helps center the narrative here, although I am curious how he first met Chillari in the first place. I am a little curious about relationships between Cocha kingdoms, though... Looking forward to next chapter, though.
D. M. Robb chapter 11 . 2/13
As always, I love your descriptions, and the unique names you keep coming up with. It’s nice that Fei Shan was able to catch a brief respite with Chillari’s extended family, even though he brought bad news. I’m wondering how the fates of all the different characters we’ve met in these chapters will tie together and looking forward it.

Keep writing! :o)
D. M. Robb chapter 10 . 1/17
This is a lovely bonding scene between Ruha and Umacha, two youngsters who have suffered similar hardships in their short lives. I wonder what the prediction was involving Umacha and a Cochan woman. It sounds ominous.

Excellent worldbuilding as always. I’m looking forward to more. :o)
Jave Harron chapter 10 . 1/16
I'm imagining that Tarra de Fernan is your world's analog to Tierra del Fuego, far more barren and terrifying. We get some good bonding between Umacha and Ruha, plus some foreshadowing. Looking forward to their next destination.
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