Reviews for The Slicer of Souls
Pevitagrace chapter 1 . 1/16
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MA Frio chapter 1 . 4/26/2021
Good writing with just a couple lapses in grammar and spelling. I can tell there’s a richer background about the house than is mentioned in the story. It would’ve been nice to hear more of that, as sort of a build up to the big reveal about Luke’s character. I’m also wondering why exactly it was Christine and Luke who were chosen by the siblings—it would be good to get a backstory on that. Was it simply because they wandered into the house? Is it because they’re young? I’m also not certain what exactly the slicer of souls wants, what it’s main motivation is for its actions. Despite all this, I appreciate the writing style—very straightforward yet also pleasant to read.
Mislav chapter 1 . 4/11/2021
Very creepy, dark and interesting story. I liked how you started out with describing Christina's fear and confusion, then went on to provide some basic information about the house owner and how he died, only to reveal the rest of the backstory inside the house, with Luke gradually acting more and more creepy. This read like a combination of Lovecraft and Stephen King story. I especially liked this description: "Years passed and the house still stood, a hulking testament to one man's obsession with his own power and ego. No one lived there, no one wanted to; it was a looming derelict from a bygone era, a time that was stained by the man who built it." Chilling. Good-and gruesome-reveal about the house being built with blood and human body parts, as a sacrifice to a certain supernatural being. Nice touch with Ferris Melvindale's ghost causing the websites about the house to crash so nobody could inform themselves properly.

You did a great job describing how Christina was growing more and more wary of Luke, and the house, eventually losing her crush on Luke and just wanting to get out of there. Poor girl. At first, I thought Luke was being possessed by Ferris Melvindale's spirit. But it was actually Ferris Melvindale's ghost taking up Luke's form. Good foreshadowing with the ambulance and police cars at the beginning. I knew that something bad happened and would come into play later, I just wasn't sure what. Pretty disturbing how Luke fully turned into Ferris at the end, and Christina into Gia. I didn't expect The Slicer of Souls to decapicate them both.

I liked the reveal at the end, where it turns out the whole thing was a nightmare, except of the events that actually happened, And the girl having it was compelled to go outside at night (presumably to that same house). I definitely didn't expect that. Chilling final line. Keep up the great work. I will definitely read your other stories.