Reviews for Michael: Relations
Random Hero Fan chapter 4 . 6/9
Blue! It is so good to see her again, and to see her doing so well. I’m glad that she and Michael have a healthy relationship going. I love the part where she slaps the water to get his attention. Nice detail!

As fir the rest, I like seeing the crew grow and mature, Michael included. I feel bad for him right now, but being older myself, I know he’ll get through it. ;)

Anticipating the next update!
~ rhf
Random Hero Fan chapter 3 . 5/19
A most excellent continuation, imo! I could just picture being back in school, being part of the group, and how it would all go down if two of my friends were acting so strangely.

Although it's sad, I think Andrea and Michael did make the right decision. I'm happy that it turned out to be a false alarm. It was nice to see Mandy back, although, heh, she was far flirtier than usual! I can't say I really blame her. But I hope she remembers how much Michael is hurting right now. ;)

LMAO and I will now tell my mom side to shut it!

Love this: [my nerves climb my backbone like a ladder] Very cool.

~ rhf
Random Hero Fan chapter 2 . 3/20
What a good chapter this is! It brings back all my love of Mandy. Michael is a good kid. I truly hope that he and Andrea come out of this okay. I see some hints in Mandy's words, though, that worry me. I truly hope she is okay too.

[the butts of my palms] ~ Interesting choice here. I am wondering if "heels" isn't more appropriate though?

~ rhf
Random Hero Fan chapter 1 . 3/8

Well, you already know how much of a fan I am of thiws series, and I am so excited that you are finally embarking on the third book! This is amazing! Congrats!

I really did like this chapter. Michael is growing up, I can tell. He's smoothing out a bit, but we all know that high school is tumultuous right through to the end, so I know he's going to have some trials to face down. I'm rooting for ya, kid!

I just have to say that the opening was so vivid I was sweltering in that lifeguard station right along with him, thank you very much. X3

All that being said, if I may offer a couple of points of more serious feedback:

["They'd have been stupid to hold that against you," Andrea quips.] ~ Teeny tiny thing here, but this doesn't sound quite sympatico to me. To quip means to make a witty remark. ;3

Next, I like the graceful way Michael bows out of giving us full details on his time with Andrea . . . but maybe it's not quite enough the way it is. I think maybe I'd like to hear more about what he thinks of this very big step they take (maybe half a sentence, how he's feeling, I'm not asking for a soliloquy). Also, I would suggest giving the scene a hard break to indicate the time that passes in a more definite way, so we readers can readjust our thinking. What do you think?

As for the introduction of the tequila where it is, I'm fine with it. It's cute to watch Andrea flounder like that, and Michael turning it down makes perfect sense. The buildup to the intimate moment was enough for me to believe they didn't need to be uninhibited in a drunk way to pull it off.

I really feel like Michael's car privileges are going to play a big part in the story, haha.

Hope that helps! Good luck with the rest of the story!
~ rhf