Reviews for The Tale of Two Humanimals
aviick chapter 41 . 9/25
I really liked the "ending" (which is just really a beginning) to Bumble's story. As I noted in last chapter's review, it seems that the Mizzer/Humanimal world is historic in your imagination and that you are finally getting to telling these stories in more intricate ways. I look forward to seeing Bumble, Squeeks, Derek and the evil rulers again in another segment!
aviick chapter 40 . 9/25
Well, that was a surprising end to Clem! Thanks for sharing the background on Derek, as that brings a whole new dimension to just how historic the concepts/characters/Mizzer really are. Now that the story is complete, I wonder if you will go back and re-visit some of the chapters and tease out some details; or do you feel it is "complete" or will you explore the details by creating additional story lines where we get a glimpse back into this story. Exciting to see where this goes!
aviick chapter 39 . 7/1
I think it was great placement for this chapter! I think the tension building between characters is good here and that you continue to describe more of the setting in which the story takes place (characters and places); I hope to see a tie-in with other storylines (maybe like a cross-story event in addition to arrival of the Wranglers). I can see you are building quite an extensive world here and its great to see the enthusiasm in it!
aviick chapter 38 . 7/1
It's been a while but it is great to catch up with these characters and this storyline!
aviick chapter 37 . 4/8
I'd say good choice of song for this chapter! It does fit very well with a message that is pretty clear even if the audience doesn't catch on. Sometimes, that is the power of an almost secret message. I like the use of a song here to illustrate that.
aviick chapter 36 . 4/1
Yes, foreshadowing is good! Provides a good hook for the reader and builds the anticipation of what may follow. 36 chapters in and you find good ways of not only adding excitement but also details that give your characters a way to be remembered. Continue on!
aviick chapter 35 . 4/1
Whoa! That was a serious turn of events! And quite a descriptive one! A rather exciting turn of events and one that hopefully will lead to more action!
Sir Scott chapter 36 . 3/21
Cool chapter. I'm glad Gordon was able to defeat his nightmare.
~Sir Scott
Sir Scott chapter 35 . 3/12
It's look like Bumble has his hands full with upcoming battle.
~Sir Scott
Sir Scott chapter 34 . 3/6
That's pretty clever. Being a singer is better than being a waiter.
~Sir Scott
Sir Scott chapter 33 . 3/6
Good update. Slim Pickens uttered that line in Blazing Saddles. Maybe, Bumble will get a better job.
~Sir Scott
aviick chapter 34 . 3/4
I like that the Humanimals are able to thwart their masters and that artistry can survive even in the most darkest of places. But I really appreciated the references to the Automat and food delivery systems. There is often a lack of attention to such things that require a bit of genius to make work. It made me think of more common dining experiences in old school places.
aviick chapter 33 . 3/4
Thanks for the song in my head.. It's been playing a lot on the radio lately and so I already sing along to it as it is! LOL... But it is interesting to see Bumble be picked out for his musical talent (while a slave) and so the direction this story goes again takes a turn. It was not uncommon for slaves to be used as entertainment and so it makes sense. And what an odd position to find yourself in.
aviick chapter 32 . 2/25
Very amusing chapter and thanks for clarifying the inside joke for me! My headspace is elsewhere today so I didn't catch it. I enjoy the details you are providing to build the characters up and how you reference things that are familiar so there is a bit of an edge to the story. Good stuff!
Sir Scott chapter 32 . 2/19
I feel sorry for Gordon. It's cool to learn the name of Bumble's dad.
~Sir Scott
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