Reviews for Night Shadow Classics (Original Series) - Issue 8
TGN chapter 14 . 2/1/2022
Finally finished the issue! And I gotta say, there were a lot of positives for the good guys in this section. Valentine and the others get to form what seems to be a permanent alliance now that they're conjoined with the Seattle Strikers! Plus, Frosty Beetle formally apologized for her prior actions. Darla gained a little trust in the superheroes after what they've done to save the city this time. Although she's still not 100% okay with it, to have her change perspective a little was a great step for her character development. And of course, to that shady son of a bitch stalking Amber and trying to abduct her, he totally got what he deserved! Yet I can't help but think, what was his true purpose? I'm not sure if I missed an important detail about his intentions. Either way, I'm glad Mason and the gang came up with a foolproof plan to shove karma down his throat. All in all, this was a fitting end to this story! Awesome work once again, man!

TGN chapter 13 . 2/1/2022
As the building was collapsing, it goes to show that Night Shadow and his allies have heart to not only save Technolocity's partners but to also have their enemy realize their true intentions. Even after all the hardships and battles they've come across, Techno also found out the consequences that took place after he tried to fulfill his destiny. Not only did it backfire, but he seemed to take full accountability for the error of his ways. And now, he somewhat paid the price from an abrupt collision that rendered him unconscious. But I gotta say, I really loved how you depicted his feelings from beginning to end! I'll see you in the finale of this issue!

TGN chapter 12 . 1/14/2022
Valentine gets her redemption! Standing up for herself and facing against Astryd/Nagini was really impactful as she didn't let the truth slip away. Although she did enjoy some memories with Astryd, it was true how the latter didn't stop Alonzo from testing her as some sort of experiment mixed with physical cruelty. Swooping in to help the Strikers with Night Shadow really showed her true intentions to Frosty Beetle.

I am shocked Technolocity somehow wants to reattempt their previous project when it nearly backfired. Maybe he still has some regret teaming up with Appleseed/Titanium Rabbit, but part of it seemed clear that he wants nothing more than the Elementals to vanish. But the sudden malfunction after Titanium triggered the portal was not what I expected. If it does a number on both the heroes and the villains, then I guess Titanium got what he desired. But it can't end on that note, can it?

What an intense, emotional chapter here! Valentine definitely earned some justice here and I'm so glad it happened after the breakdown. I'll see you in the next one!

TGN chapter 11 . 12/30/2021
Back then, I was thinking about other factors that might tarnish the Dope Squad's reputation. But it turns out Valentine's history was the true secret that was hidden to begin with. I never thought her childhood would be so tragic after her birth parents were lost from the accident. I actually shed some tears because the imagery was so vivid to imagine. And when it comes to a horrifying scene like that, I felt so bad for Valentine.

Once I learned more about her backstory, the more I resented Alonzo for his selfish and arrogant personality. To berate and punish her physically made my own blood boil. I was surprised how Astryd was more endearing before the whole Nagini fiasco. Plus, I now see why Valentine got along well with Bertram, so the fact they reunited briefly before this chapter was a beautiful touch. He's been a positive influence in her life, and his case is a bit stronger since he's on good terms with Night Shadow. Mason's kind words were also cogent to let his friend realize the person she currently is. With that in mind, it's time for Valentine to prove her worth and show what's the best for not only herself, but the world around her. And I'm all for it!

Getting closer to the end of this issue, as well as the end of the 2021 year! I'll see you later!

TGN chapter 10 . 12/28/2021
Shit... I had NO idea Valentine was related to some of Night Shadow's enemies. Even if she wasn't part of the Alonzos' blood family, but the revelation really didn't bode well. I feel so bad for her. Frosty really needs to keep her anger and accusations in check. With the other heroes immobile, it looks like it's up to Valentine and Night Shadow to restore the situation.

Sydney really showed patience and respect to not only listen to Amber, but to also not retaliate back when her sister is stuck in distress. She was also the kind of sisterly figure to support her, letting her know that she isn't alone.

I had a feeling that meetup with Bertram was significant somehow, and that's really cool how Valentine apparently related to him as well. In this sense, it's a great reveal given his change of nature. But now I'm curious about her previous life. I wonder what backstories she has from her mind powers.

Closing in on 2021, and I figured to read another chapter! I'll try to see if I can get more progress before the actual end of the year! Later, SpiderDom!

TGN chapter 9 . 12/23/2021
Ay, man. I gotta try some of that SpiderDom's pizza. (Any way to get a discount as well?)

Those Money Dawgs continue to get away with the crimes, and that scene with the store manager really broke Valentine's confidence. Poncho Mom flipping the bird at him made me laugh despite the heated tension after that disaster. After the Dope Squad rounded up with Seattle Strikers, it was nice to see them exchange conversations with each other. It's still a peculiar mystery to explain all of the events they encountered at once. While Techno is their top suspect, part of me believes he might not be leading the crimes. But I also have no clue on who's taking charge.

As for poor Amber, all those memories of being stalked are haunting her again. Whoever that creep was must know something about her if he was trying to take her away or whatever his intentions were. Sydney was pretty badass to defend her sister, but not even her heroics could resolve Amber's rejuvenated anxiety.

Sorry for taking so long to back on this story. Had a lot of work and stress to deal with, including a slight breakdown. But I'm back and well enough to sit down, relax, and catch up on another chapter. I'll check out your new animation soon! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

TGN chapter 8 . 11/30/2021
More action takes place here, and I'm all for it! After Nagini nearly killed Darla, it was heroic of MG to swoop into to save her. Is this the turning point where the officer might change her views on the superheroes? Maybe, maybe not.

It must've been rough for MG to also fight against Pyro Lad under the force of Nagini's powers. There was so much intensity building up as one went off uncontrollably while the other is doing everything in her power to stop the madness. In the end, I'm glad Pyro Lad is back to normal even if he feels guilty about the situation.

I'm just as curious as Mason when it comes the Money Dawgs. If Technolocity is still is usual, villainous self, is there a different or new antagonist out there leading the crimes? Or am I missing something obvious that it went over my head? Although I still have a ways to go, the action packed up in this chapter was really captivating to read! Good work again, SpiderDom!

Guest chapter 7 . 10/17/2021
Despite all of the scares and creepy moments that Amber has faced, it was nice of Sydney to bring her and their other friends out and about to have some fun with various activities and food. It was cool to see their strong, dynamic sisterhood, and it was fun to catch some subtle hints of Sydney talking about Night Shadow/Mason. But the mystery still lingers as to *who* has been stalking Amber, and what he wants with not just her, but Sydney as well.

And hey, there's the Void League! Glad to see them back in action even though the heroes aren't excited about it. Techno and Night Shadow's banter never fails to entertain as I like to correlate it with Sonic poking fun at Eggman or his enemies. But as for the Dope Squad, I wonder if they're backed up with something or worse. Either way, I'm glad to get back into this story! Sorry for the long delay!

Ways chapter 14 . 10/14/2021
All's well that ends well and I gotta say I enjoyed the ending that this story got.
I think it's officially my new favorite after all is said and done, it was really good.

With that said, I'm happy to see this new team come together. Got a good laugh out of the name jokes and all especially at the end.
I also really enjoyed the conversation between Gavroche and Turbine at the end there. Can't help but wonder where both of their stories are headed. Possible death flags for Turbine? Hmmmm... Either way, you did a great job of shifting the tone here to being more tense.
And I really enjoyed the ending with Sydney and Amber. Getting jumped by the heroes had to suck. Haha.

As always, good work!
Ways chapter 13 . 10/13/2021
Oh, this was fantastic.
Right off the bat, I really loved the way you were able to convey the sense of urgency both through the setting and the characters emotions. Everything from the building literally being knocked down to all the interactions and tension was just remarkable.
But the real MVP of the chapter had to be good 'ol Techy. Everything that I said about him in the last chapter was amplified here and I really loved that about him here. His emotions were so raw and I loved things like his slowly rising from the rubble into his full out sprint. With this Issue you have successfully made me take him more and more seriously and have presented an interesting moral dilemma with his character. The talk between him and Night Shadow at the end especially is great and I can see him as a lot more genuine despite him being misguided. I can somewhat agree with him, honestly. Somewhat though, not completely. I am now on team Technolocity Redemption and no one can stop me. I want good things for him.

This was great. I really enjoyed it. Fantastic work!
Guest chapter 12 . 10/12/2021
Great chapter, man. I greatly enjoyed this one.
Right off the bat, seeing the Void League and co. fall to Valentine's powers was really funny. I got a good laugh out of that one.
Battles were also a fun ride. I love the chaos you brought to the table with just everybody running around and doing their thing. made for a great read.
But two of the highlights for all of this had to be both Technolocity and Valentine.
For Technolocity, I'm starting to really enjoy his character more. I mean, I always loved him because he was genuinely a ton of fun but this brings a lot of new perspective to him that I can't help but enjoy. I always knew his intentions and how he wants to do things because he believes he's right. But learning about his former associate and how he had to end him puts so much perspective on him that wasn't there before and I genuinely really like that. I can't help but hope even more for a redemption for his character now considering what he's been through.
And then there's Valentine. Not much to say but I enjoyed her speech and I really liked that Frosty was able to come around.

And with the ending looking like all hell is breaking loose, I'm greatly looking forward to reading the next one. Good work.
Ways chapter 11 . 10/11/2021
This was a good chapter.
I do have one issue though. The humor at the beginning was fine, but ultimately I felt that it broke immersion a bit when it came to this chapter, especially when it came to reusing a joke you already had with different characters. It's not bad it's just we already know that we're going to get serious going into it and then rolling with jokes to start with just felt a tad jarring and out off place. I feel like the Mason joke with traffic worked a little better especially since it explains mechanics of the memory flashes but you didn't need to double down here since it just kinda gave the impression that this was meant to be more comical than it was. That feeling didn't last, but I felt that it was something that should be noted.

As far as the rest goes though, it was fantastic. I really enjoyed Valentine's backstory and it gave a lot of good context to her and Alonzo as characters. It was really well done!
Also I really like that you're slowly feeding us bits and pieces of what exactly went down with Project Eifel. A lot is starting to make more and more sense there and I think you're handling the holding off on the backstory well.

This is definitely my favorite chapter of this issue so far, man. Nice work!
Ways chapter 10 . 10/8/2021
A lot of complex emotions going through this one but I think you handled it like a champ.
To start with, I deadass was not considering Appleseed Johnny. I figured it was gonna be somebody else but nah, you went there. Admittedly, that does make the bunny costume make a lot more sense. Seeing that he's gone off the actual deep end makes sense since he was already well off his rocker when we first met him but yeah, I really wasn't expecting to even hear from him again lmfao. I'll have to wait longer for my thoughts on him as I see him continue to do his thing, but you set a very good twist that threw me for a loop.
As for Valentine's reveal, wow. I was honestly expecting her to have a connection to techno directly but definitely not those two. I loved watching Lyra lose it over that reveal. A lot of trust feels like it's been broken and I felt she played through the motions really well. I'm also glad you picked Lyra especially here since we haven't really seen that side of her since Nagini. I'm now starting to see that Trust especially is a big thing for her.
As for Amber and Sydney, I appreciate this tender sister moment a lot. It's nice just to see this family dynamic explored more and I also enjoyed seeing Gram again.
And as for the ending, the reveal with Uncle Bertram made a ton of sense and was played well. It's nice to see Valentine a little more vulnerable and open up to someone about all of this. More connections I didn't expect, but I think that this one is my favorite. Actually, Bertram in general is just great but this isn't about him as much as it is Valentine. Haha. I really enjoyed their chat and despite my memes in DMs, it really was sweet.
And the ending chat between Mason and Val has got me excited for what's to come with the backstory stuff.

Good job!
Ways chapter 9 . 10/8/2021
Good stuff here. You did an amazing job at setting the calm before the storm for a lot of the characters here.
Stuff like the debriefing and just talking and singing along in the car was really wholesome but as a reader, I also can't help but feel a level of unease with what's to come. You did a great job with the characters both emotionally and I love that.
The scene with Amber and Sydney as well was really good and I'm glad that Sydney is looking out for her. Now again, the tension in the scene was really well done. Great job.
Ways chapter 8 . 10/8/2021
Tom of fun.
There were some great battles here and I greatly enjoyed it.
Technolocity still feels great here and you've only left more intrigue here with all these villains coming together.
And I also am a sucker for the drama with Steven being hypnotized here.
Good work!
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