Reviews for Jay Sawyer, Northbrook- Free College Edu makes Students Feel Motivated
Grimalkin Tam chapter 1 . 8/13
I disagree.
Price acts as a way of showing people how valuable the product they are purchasing is. I think paying for your own education keeps you motivated to do well in class because if you fail it is your own money and time you are wasting. It isn't hurting everyone else in society through higher taxes. From the stories I've heard from people in my life, lot's of people spend a lot of their time in college partying and they used student loan money to pay for it; I don't think that's something that should be happening. I also wonder if the ability of people to attend universities, solely because of student loans actually drives prices up. I should research that. :)
That said, I do think that the price of education is too high. The price of education should never be higher than the rewards of the career that is gained by that education nor should it force people into debt that they will carry for the rest of their lives. It is up to each person to make up their minds if they are willing to pay the price for jobs that require higher education. Are the benefits of the job worth the price of the education?
If there is a high enough demand for people in jobs that require Bachelor's degrees, Master's degrees, and PhD's and not enough people are willing to pay the outrageous prices, then the prices will drop.
I also object to government having control over who has access to education although I'm not sure this objection is really that much of a problem. Education is pretty much free in the Netherlands and I don't think it has caused too many problems.